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Why allow any mental or behavioral health issue to impact your life satisfaction, performance and life potential when effective, specialized help exists?
Specialties include individual & family work on * Clinical Assessments & Brief Treatment * Anxiety & Depression * Crisis, Stress, Trauma * Marital Counseling * Positive Relationships * Healthy Life Boundaries * Relapse Prevention & Addictions * Whole Person / Family Resiliency * Performance Coaching * Employee Assistance * Expatriate/ Repatriation Success * Transition & Retirement Success * Issues non-responsive to treatments * Seminars * Clinical Supervision * E-Counseling


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Ilana Zieg

9 July 2019

Very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Michael Hack to anyone that is looking for a greatly experienced therapist.


Steve Singer

9 July 2019

Dr. Hack has been instrumental in helping my family deal with very difficult issues. He is very knowledgeable & professional. Dr. Hack presented practical & effective solutions & exercises to deal with the issues we were addressing. We would highly recommend Dr. Hack to families & individuals dealing with life’s issues & challenges. He is through & readily available. We appreciate Dr.Hack’s commitment to us as his patients. More...


Patti Flowers

30 June 2019

Michael Hack is responsive, flexible, and one of the nicest people I've ever met. He quickly determined what my son needed and personalized his sessions, giving him strategies to help him be successful. He puts the patient first and is more than willing to adjust his schedule and make himself available. His goal is to help his patients grow and improve, and he did exactly that for my son. More...


Michael Paolercio

30 June 2019

I have been extremely fortunate to know Michael Hack as a friend, colleague, consultant, educator,confidant, & entrepreneur...he is brilliant, one of the top experts in his fields...his experience is expansive, communication skills are nonpareil, and his ability to assess a problem & evaluate the most expeditious & productive resolution is well known...his respectful, humble approach is not only indicative of his spirit & dedication to his work, it perfectly describes the reasons for his successful practice...if you have the opportunity to obtain this gentleman's expertise---don't blow it!! More...


Marvan Pilgrim

5 May 2019

I’ve never been to any counseling or coaching before, but my Type A personality /anxiety was approaching a level which was interrupting everything else in my life. I felt vey comfortable speaking to Michael about my situation. He provided me with tools and exercises to help alleviate my stress levels and anxiety. To this day the tools prescribed to me by Micheal has become a daily routine in my every day life. I totally enjoy the breathing exercises which calms me down total and allows me to refocus and sleep peacefully at night. I can always hear his voice when I start to over think certain situations that triggers my anexity saying " there’s no reason to suffer unnecessarily". More...


Michelle Spearing

26 April 2019

Michael Hack presented to our organization. He is extremely professional and understands the corporate culture. His presentation was excellent!



21 March 2019

Dr. Michael Hack has been and continues to be exceptional in the counseling services and guidance he offers. In just a few visits to his office, I can already see the tremendous progress I'm making in my personal and professional life. The skills and techniques he provides for overcoming my daily challenges are a must have to anyone who's looking to make a very positive change in their marriage, parenthood, professional careers, and/or social lives. Look forward to my continued visits at Corporate & Family Counseling. With absolute no reservation, I highly recommend Dr. Hack with Corporate & Family Counseling, PLLC to anyone. More...



20 March 2019

CFC was helpful as a whole, but Michael and Jane were true experts at job transition and supporting my mental health in the process. Together, they helped me to manage my job transition and establish my "new normal" and better than ever! I am a very happy guy and my anxiety is gone as there is some direction in life again- Thanks More...


Matt J

18 March 2019

Corporate & Family Counseling, PLLC creates an environment that is a safe space for clients to express themselves honestly, get to understand their true feelings, and work with the Michael and his team to figure out how to use that information in their journey toward healing. I have referred several clients to Michael's team. More...


Dustin S

16 March 2019

Michael is amazing! He is knowledgeable, easy to talk to, does not judge, and provides practical advice to make your life better. Regardless of your issues, Michael can help. I value his perspective and insight. His counsel has changed my life. More...


Mandy S

13 March 2019

I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone in need of counseling! They have been very accommodating to our schedule. Michael Hack has truly been wonderful. Very easy to talk to and great to work with. With all things considered given our circumstances, we have had and will continue to have an amazing experience with this company. More...


April S

12 March 2019

Michael is a fantastic counselor and has become one of the most trusted people I can talk to about a variety of things I have been struggling with. His sincerity and dedication to those seeking guidance is admirable and appreciated, and makes him a great mentor. Would not hesitate to recommend. More...


averett barksdale

28 October 2018

Very pleased with the customer service.



26 May 2018

Helpful tips and great guidance on how to handle struggles in life and conflict in the workplace. Michael Hack is an excellent counselor and listener!


Michael Klaybor

26 May 2018

Michael is a compassionate, thoughtful and experienced clinician well versed in the corporate environment. He knows about work culture and how to enhance leadership, productivity and communication.


Mecca Miles

26 May 2018

It is very evident that Dr. Michael Hack adheres to a rigorous, statistically-substantive, therapeutic method. It is a method that has helped me enormously. As a sufferer from bipolar disorder, I have been given an increasing number of tools to take control of my mind, and, by implication, my life. More...


Patrick Duncan

26 May 2018

Michael Hack was a good friend before I became a patient. His ability to separate the two without losing his compassion was commendable. He is highly professional and very good at getting to the matter in a relaxed manner. In the end, I'm not the same person that walked into his office before we began. More...


Lee Brunell

26 May 2018

My son has been seeing Michael for four months now. In his words, "unlike other doctors we have seen, he really listens to me, and is very patient." We have noticed a consistent improvement in the areas that Michael is working on with our son, and we are totally pleased, and intend to continue this therapy as long as our son feels he is gaining valuable instruction and guidance. The family moments at the end of each appointment serve to unite all of us as a team dealing with our son's issues. More...


Shawn Fry

26 May 2018

Both professionally and personally, Michael is a good counselor and good man. Being in healthcare, I am discriminating with patient referrals and Michael has earned my trust, based on his outcomes with patients in several areas of conflict. If you are struggling with an issue, he is a great starting point to turn the tide of your life in a positive direction. More...


Alec Sanchez

26 May 2018

I found the therapy a positive force in my life that helped me help myself. I came out of my experience with new skills and looking forward to what awaits.


Chad Jude

24 January 2018

Very Professional- Great Communication & Counseling Services

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5. Removing barriers to excellent behavioral health care and well-being. 4. Measuring progress and outcomes for my clients with current available tools. 3. Working with individuals & couples who have been in counseling before but did not experience substantive, lasting, positive change. 2. Working with patients & clients who have never considered counseling before because they thought it unscientific. 1. Helping others to think, feel and be their best!

Paucity of high-quality, business-minded, medical practices that cater to executives, doctors, attorneys, engineers, aviation professionals, and other safety-sensitive professionals who expect the best. Providing this excellent service to all of my clients.

Michael has 20+ years of behavioral health experience and serves individuals, couples & families, and global corporate environments. His experience includes CEO, Supervisor of other therapists, and Global Corporate Health Manager. Michael works to ensure your best health, safety, productivity and life satisfaction. His specialized clinical work, global travel, life experience, communication and relationship building are powerfully leveraged to your advantage. Your confidentiality is assured. Fee's are covered by most group medical insurance plans and are tax deductible.