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Cornerstone Mobile Counseling

Herkimer, New York, Herkimer

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Cornerstone Mobile Counseling

Herkimer, New York, Herkimer


Cornerstone rapidly connects individuals and families in Central New York with qualified, licensed mobile counselors, usually within a few hours, especially if people have Fidelis and Fidelis/Medicaid insurance!

The mission of Cornerstone is to support, enrich, and guide individuals and families as they undertake major life changes, while delivering caring, person-centered evidence-based professional case management, medical services, and clinical solutions to those in the greater community.


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We connect those in need with excellent, licensed professional clinicians, who are both mobile and comfortable with electronic communication.

We want to end cyclical poverty through wrap-around encapsulation and an integrated community approach, built ultimately on wellness-based preventative thinking, connectivity, and immediacy.

Cornerstone was originally a joint venture between two seasoned Central New York clinicians, and is now dozens of energetic and highly-qualified licensed area clinicians, working closely within the community itself. We share a common pride in what we do and our commitment to providing excellent service to area individuals and families. Our specialties include:

Respond rapidly to individuals and families who request counseling of any kind, generally connecting to a licensed clinician within 4 hours and an initial appointment within 48 hours
Comfort with texting, IM’ing, Skype, Facetime, and other emerging technologies for service coordination and, when possible and necessary, telepsychiatry
Absolute willingness to meet with families in their homes or within the community nearby, as well as our various area offices, in order to address common problems with transportation and issues related to leaving the house.
An emphasis – when authorized by the patient – on coordination with hundreds of area resources, along with case management, job support, school assistance, advocating, preventive care, support groups, or whatever families may need.

Many families across Central New York struggle with the Opioid epidemic, addiction, systemic poverty, patterns of under-employment, chronic domestic violence, difficulty finding stable employment, and lack of affordable housing. More and more area residents are at risk of family conflict, extended hopelessness, unnecessary anxiety, homelessness, or worse. Meanwhile, traditional agencies and practices designed to address this problem are often overwhelmed, underfunded, and unable to adapt – employing last century’s solutions to this century’s problems, an unworkable solution. DRN-Cornerstone can handle step in using our unique model.

We are a local for-profit group of licensed social workers using a transformative approach to mental health treatment: to expand and reshape the delivery model, based on 21st-century-specific needs. Cornerstone plans to end cyclical poverty through wrap-around encapsulation, an integrated community approach, mobile staff using texting and technology. We are focused on wellness-based preventative thinking, connectivity, and immediacy. In addition, DRN-Cornerstone is a Service-Disabled Veterans-Owned Business that meets NYS minority-owned business criteria with regard to federal and state funding set-asides.

Cornerstone envisions a new and transformative approach to mental health treatment in New York state: to expand and reshape the delivery model based on 21st-century-specific needs – and the extraordinary capacity – of our region. We're doing that by bringing the best clinicians directly into the home (when families have Fidelis insurance) or making other connections as needed.


DRN-Cornerstone connects directly into people's home within our service area, if their insurance company provides that option.