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Pet Photographer. Various print and digital packages, various individual priced items, personalised Gift Certificates, Commercial Photography on quote, limited edition digital images, "Family on the Beach" photoshoots


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The Secret to taking a great photograph is to be ready to capture that one single shot of the day. To be at the right place at the right time with camera all set to go. Patience and more patience.

What type of photographs do you want? What is the end goal of taking the photograph? Where would you like to have the photograph taken?

I just LOVE capturing precious moments with my camera. It is a joy to capture the character of an animal with a photo. Lasting memories are created with photographs. To celebrate the relationship between human and their beloved pet. To celebrate the relationship between people.

I am forever taking photographs of my Yorkshire Terrier. I have discovered I LOVE taking photographs of pets exposing their character.

I love to develop a personal relationship with my client and their pets BEFORE I start a photo shoot. It is so important to have a connection from the start and to understand a bit about the pet's behaviour and character. I want to honour you and your loved ones with my camera. I can only do that if I have established a relationship with you and your pet