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We do custom furniture design and manufacturing from cabinetry to upholstery and all in between, specializing in modern, mid-century modern, industrial, urban, and re-purposed designs.

We are not a licensed interior design company, but have a great sense of space and proportion and have designed pieces for stores, restaurants, and homes all over the country and beyond.



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Unlike many designers, we start by listening. We want to learn as much as we can about you and your style beyond the basics and the obvious. We like to see pictures of what inspires you and the ideas you have. Once we get the overall story of who you that gives us the direction to go. Then we will start planning with storyboards and rough sketch ideas to share with you. From there, we will work with you and give design/material options that will all work together no matter which ones you pick. You are in control but with guidance to stay on the right path to get to your best destination possible. We consider you a partner, not just another client.

We specialize in modern, mid-century modern, industrial, urban, and re-purposed designs. With a background as antique dealers/pickers we are inspired by history and can also move to farmhouse and shabby-chic.

We focus on the specific function of the piece or the room first and then design around that. We feel that it's easy to design a cool looking chair, but if it doesn't function well as a comfortable chair does the design really matter? Our designs are cool and unexpected but still comfortable and functional. We strive for an uncommon familiarity in every design, pulling from the past to create the future!

Meeting new and diverse creative people. It's a blast to work with someone who doesn't think they have any creativity and pulling that out of them. Creativity drives us and we just think of design as the lack of fear and overcoming challenges. We get to do that everyday ;)

My Grandfather owned his own grocery store and I grew up serving the customers. Being self employed and responsible for your path in life is in my blood. I've owned several businesses over the last 30 years and loved all of them. The creativity often keeps me up at night so there had to be an outlet for it. I found music at a young age and after playing for decades, moved that creativity into design. I think of design as music. I can't imagine a day without creativity so making a living from it and shipping our work all over world is a dream come true!

You've heard the saying Outside-the-Box?
I always say, "If you never create a box around yourself in the first place, then you never need to think outside of it"!
If you are looking for the mundane, and designs that you can find everywhere else, I am not the designer for you.
That said, we always strive for that idea of - "I've never seen that before, but there's something familiar there".
We want you to smile when you walk in the room :)