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Connie Toms

23 April 2019



Kim Jackson

23 July 2018

Corine's work is so amazing and is always a lot better than expected �


Louis Daniel Jordaan

8 July 2018

Corine is an excellent and artistic photographer always producing top quality work. She is a very good mentor to beginners and advanced photographers.


Cathleen van Staden

7 July 2018

Best photographer �with a unique personality. Always thinking out of the box


Natasha Du Bruyn

7 July 2018

Best photographer & teacher I know! Always challenging herself and others to do beter and more, thinking out of the box and being creative.


Sabrina Mostert

7 July 2018

From me to say best Mom and Photographer that anyone can ask for. I love her work. Her creativity and perfection is neverending. Would love to be able to be as good as her one day. More...

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The secret to taking a great photograph is to know the technical side of things. I do not depend on an expensive camera to give me a good image. I studied and obtained the knowledge and the experience required to produce the photograph I need to produce, irrelevant of the equipment available to me.

I ask the client to explain to me what it is that they have in mind to do. Very often with commercial work for advertising I find that the clients have an idea of what they want, but don't always know what is the best to do and for what reason. Once I have analyzed for myself their need I often make suggestions as to what I believe we should do and so far that has been what we do on each project. I have many years experience in marketing and graphics design and I find it helps me to identify the need of my clients. For recreational projects I always ask my client what would they like to do that is outside of the box or complicated and what other photographers do not want to do. I love conceptual projects as well as trick photography and I love bringing my clients' ideas to reality.

That is simple. To see the satisfaction and very often the amazement on my client's face when they receive their Photographs or Artworks.

If you dare to be different, I am the photographer for you. If it is a unique artwork you want, I am also the photographer for you. I consider myself an artist first and I take pride in all the projects I complete. My work is technically sound and correct and I never try and Photoshop a poor image to make it look good. I believe in being unique instead of just doing the same thing over and over again because it worked once.