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Jerink Top

6 February 2019

You 're amazing photographer bro!!!!


Yuri Mercedes

6 February 2019

Sooks!!! You're an Amazing photographer! I love how you capture the essence of people... really really beautiful!!! & Thank you for... your beautiful pictures


Arielle Boulanger-Houde

6 February 2019

When I was a little girl, I absolutely loved being on camera. I would always put on a show and make everybody laugh. I loved posing and being silly. However, as I grew older and started dealing with actual photographers (as opposed to patient parents), that ease I used to feel started to disipate. The poses I was asked to do often felt uncomfortable, unnatural, inauthentic and that left my hamster mind wondering whether or not the pictures would come out great during the entire duration of the shoot. The pictures often did look good, but they didn't look like me. The experience with Conscious Flow Photography was completely different. I felt at ease throughout the entire shoot and was fully engaged in the present moment instead of thinking about the result of the photoshoot. Moreover, I did not feel like I had to pose in any specific way and everything flowed naturally as conversations led to inspiration which led to amazing photos that really captured my essence and my passion. At the end of the day, I think we all yearn to find our own beauty and connect with our unique brand of awesome. Conscious Flow Photography really tapped into that little girl in me that just loves to smile and be silly and is so thrilled to be alive and to experience everything life has to offer. ♡ More...


Stephen Chimdindu Ngoka

6 February 2019

Sookz has an eye for art, be it music, photography, film, etc. His ability to channel all these artistic mediums stems from his ability to derive meaning in life. He is a soul searcher and his art is a reflection of that. As such, he is able to capture you in your essence and show you in your true raw nature. More...

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