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Tom Malone

26 May 2018

I’ve been training with Conor for almost 6 years now, and believe he is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around.


Mary Parry

26 May 2018

I’ve been transformed. Conor has helped me gain strength and bone mass. Initially I signed up for six weeks, which was a resounding success. I have now been a client for seven years. Conor is always professional and friendly. He suffers my ups and downs in enthusiasm and energy without complaint. His depth of knowledge about training, muscles, nutrition,etc is excellent and he keeps up to date with developments in training ideas. In addition, he can keep up interesting conversations on serious issues and still count my reps!I wholeheartedly recommend Conor to anyone looking for an effective, professional approach to making the most of their time spent at the gym. More...


Sasha Gnjatovic

26 May 2018

I have been working out steadily for 12 years while still not seeing the results I wanted. Despite my dedication, all that did was lead to minimal gains, injury and frustration. With Conor’s guidance, expertise and unrelenting support, I got more than I could have imagined! In my 3-year physique journey so far with Conor as my guide, my body has transformed in ways that were unimaginable to me before. I have never looked and felt better or had a more positive outlook on life. Conor will help you become the best you. More...


Hedie Williams

26 May 2018

Conor is a very patient and caring trainer, the best I have ever had. . He pushes me to my limits yet always takes into consideration what I am able to do with my injuries. He is committed to me during the hour he trains me and never seizes to amaze me in the variety of the workouts, his knowledge and research. He is one of a kind! More...


Joe Fidilio

26 May 2018

I’ve been a client of Conor’s for over three years. I’m just an average working guy in my 40s who’s goals are just to look and feel good. I had had several personal trainers before stumbling onto Conor, none of which I found particularly helpful. I really appreciated that on our first meeting there were no high pressure sales tactics. He presented what he had to offer, we discussed cost, and then he left it up to me to decide if I wanted to sign on. In terms of the training itself, Conor tailors the workouts to me. His program is truly tailored to my goals, my abilities, my limitations, and he knows when and where to push me to work harder. He listens to what’s going on with me and adapts to my needs (as opposed to requiring me to adapt to his). Previous trainers I’ve had have basically had an off-the-shelf program that they used for all their clients. That’s not Conor. The programs are challenging and achieve results. I am motivated to work. Conor is always professional, and genuinely a nice guy. I have never felt judged. Conor knows how to use his tremendous knowledge of health and fitness to his clients’ benefit. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Conor to anyone. More...