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Shannon Fischer

16 July 2019

Kjell is spectacular..I had gut issues and with continued attention, he was able to treat and RESOLVE it. I had gone to my internal Med physician and they just wanted to bandaid the issue.. He also was able to help my husband.And accidentally helping my sister!I recommend him over and over.. More...


Shayne B.

10 May 2019

I see Claire for massage therapy semi-regularly and I cannot recommend her enough. I see her primarily to work through a couple of problem spots, so I can't speak as much for those looking for an overall relaxing or stress-relief massage, but I can speak to her incredible abilities to work on specific problem areas, aches, tightness, or pains. She does an amazing job talking through what she's doing, and always checks in, asks permission for certain moves, etc. Her care and compassion is evident in every move she makes. Not only that, but she is an extremely effective massage therapist! I always leave feeling like I've really worked on my problem areas, and I can feel the lasting effects of that. I can't recommend Confluence and Claire enough! More...


jim h.

4 February 2019

I've been seeing Kjell for 5 years. I think that pretty much says it all. I've seen my fair share of acupuncturists and Kjell is by far the best I've ever been too. I appreciate his humor and his dedication. In a sea of woo woo b.s. he's a true medical practitioner. More...


Zhi L.

24 September 2018

I went to see Kjell for my right shoulder injury based on recommendation from a friend. And I am so glad I did!. After 4 sessions of acupunture, I went from barely able to raise my right arm straight up becasue of the pain, to almost a full recovery.  Kjell is very warm, attentive, and a very good listener. The treatment process is very relaxed and comfortable, almost like a SPA treatment. More...


Faith W.

17 June 2016

Honestly the best service you could imagine. Kjell is a magical healer. Thank you for the opportunity to sleep again. Not once but twice. So it wasn't a fluke. When life gets stressful and keeps your brain churning at all hours. Your healing needles and herbs put me into a deep REM sleep. Allowing me to be alert and completely present for work and all my relationships. More...


Joey Dussel

29 August 2015

Great work on my shoulder and Kjell did the right thing to provide superior customer service after a payment hiccup.


Amber F.

3 November 2014

I loved my treatment with Kjell. He has a wonderful bedside manner and is great at what he does. My only regret is that I haven't made time to get another treatment. Ashley is an amazing masseuse. I was so impressed with her strength and gentleness all in one. Amazing wellness center. Everyone here is so pleasant and down to earth. They have truly created a tranquil place filled with good energy. More...


Tracey Dunlap

31 October 2014

Struggling with back pain all week that reached a boiling point on Friday afternoon, I was incredibly grateful that Kjell would see me on such short notice. After the first treatment with Kjell I felt immediate relief! I had an awesome weekend because of Kjell's understanding and expertise! More...


Mikalina W.

24 July 2014

Working with Confluence Clinic to reclaim my health and well being has been one of the best experiences of my life. I first came in a little over a year ago with chronic pain and discomfort, anxiety and overall poor health. Kjell's work with acupuncture and herbs and Teresa's work with massage, reiki, and nutritional counseling have helped me reclaim health, vitality, well being and peace of mind. This is a gem of a clinic with talented and dedicated healers who will help you on your journey. More...


Ariana O.

18 September 2012

I have been to see Kjell Moline for chinese herbal medicine many times, and I bring my family members to him as well. Every time we see him, he manages to hone in on the issue and come up with exactly the right formula for us, to get us feeling better quickly. His acupuncture is gentle and effective, his personality is professional yet warm, he brings humor in to put my kids (and me) at ease...He has helped us with sleeping issues, and a nasty flu, and chronic pain, to name just a few of the problems we walked in with. We are feeling much better now. So will you. Go see Kjell. More...


gwendolyn b.

26 May 2012

After suffering from painful Barbie neck for about a week, I made an appointment for a massage with Ashley, which was probably the best decision I've made in months (I don't know that that means much coming from me, but still). She was super thorough in asking questions to determine how to give me the best experience possible, and it was obvious from the massage that she had paid attention. Ashley has lovely energy, open and friendly, and so competent and in charge of her technique. This was my first time getting a hot stone massage, and it was amazing. The atmosphere is lovely too, clean and pretty, and she put on some cool Japanese music that kind of made me feel like I was starring in a Tarantino movie.You like feeling really really good? You go. More...


K. H.

10 February 2012

I've had acupuncture from Kjell and a massage from Ashley and both were wonderful. I like their balance of physical and spiritual. How do I say this? They're not kooks. They're very professional and will make you feel relaxed. More...


Stefan P.

20 December 2011

As an experienced recipient of professional massages, I have certainly had my share of amazing, mediocre, and terrible massages.  Ashley Powell's work is on the amazing spectrum.  Intuitive and a good listener, she knows her stuff, and now my muscles know her stuff too. More...


Flavia A.

29 January 2010

I have been getting massages from Amber Spradlin now for over a year and a half, who is amazing. She is truly the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. She has a wonderful intuitive sense about the body, understands anatomy, and listens to her clients. I always feel like a million dollars whenever I leave a session. One of the other things I love about Amber is that she offers a holistic approach to her therapy; she suggests stretching exercises to ease muscle tension and reminds me to drink water, etc.Amber specializes in injury therapy. More...

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