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Garden City, New York, Nassau



Concierge 360 provides personal assistant services to individuals, families, and busy professionals who need a little more time and less stress in their lives. We are a lifestyle management service taking care of errands, household chores, gift shopping, event planning assistance, senior companions, meal prep, waiting for contractors in your home, housesitting, returns/pickups and other services.

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Lee C.

28 December 2017

My aunt in NY suffered a stroke and returned home after a stay at a subacute care facility. As I work full-time,, it was very hard for me to get over to her home and go thru her mail (lots of junk mail of course!), water her plants and take her grocery shopping. I didn't know anything about them, but thankfully Concierge 360 came to our rescue. I used the Senior Concierge package and the personal assistant even gift wrapped the presents she purchased for her nieces, nephews and grandkids this holiday! Wow. Luckily, I haven't used this type of service before, but I have to say that it was well worth the money I paid for these services. It appears that they really want to have honest people working for them- which is the main reason I tried them out. More...


George A.

16 November 2017

So I was totally jammed up last week at work. I had back-to-back-to-back meetings on Long Island and I had to run to Brooklyn last minute to pick up something for a client of mine.  It only was it not possible, but I absolutely didn't want to drive to BK in rush hour traffic. I called Concierge 360 and within 30 minutes, somebody was on the road already to pick it up! Best part: I found out while the concierge was on her way there that i couldn't prepay for the item online, so the person picking it up had to pay! This was no problem. They paid and I paid for the item (with no fee) and the hours I spent in the service. TOTALLY worth it. I will use again and again. More...

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We love that we help people enjoy their lives and get more quality time in their day. Life is too short to spend it doing mundane tasks over and over. It should be spent doing what we enjoy with the people we love. It’s very rewarding to be able to offer that to people.

I am a breast cancer survivor and occupational therapist. I’ve been through difficult times and situations and I have spent over 20 years in my career watching people struggle with basic activities. I have a renewed appreciation for life since my diagnosis 3 years ago. There are many ways to earn money and many options for the type of business I could have started, but this option allows me to help more people through my employees than I could on my own.

I will personally guarantee your satisfaction with our service. We consult with every client before you sign up. If we can’t provide what you need I will tell you and point you in the right direction. And if we are able to assist you, together we will design a custom plan to meet your needs.



Why waste precious time waiting for a contractor or repair person? Or are you nervous about being home alone with a contractor? Your personal assistant will wait at your home and oversee all work being completed. We can send photos of the completed work prior to the contractor leaving the premises. If you are getting estimates for a new project we can explain the scope of the job, ask the questions you provide and collect estimates for your review.

Do you always ask neighbors or family to check on your house or bring in your mail while you’re away? Now you don’t have to. We will check in at your house daily, bring in the mail, put out trash and recycling, water your plants, feed cats, birds and fish, and re-stock groceries for your return.

Laundry can be done in your own home, under your supervision, or can be taken out to a laundromat and returned to you clean and folded. You can either provide the products you prefer for your laundry or we can purchase them on your behalf.

Do you have difficulty finding things in your home? Is there no rhyme or reason as to where things go? We can assist with setting up systems to automate organization, de-clutter, and sort all items in the designated areas. Spend less time looking for things and more time enjoying them!

Moving and home renovations can be stressful. Let us get you settled quickly and take the burden of packing or unpacking off of you and your family. We can provide materials/boxes, wrap, pack and label, and stack the boxes neatly in the requested area. When unpacking we will break down all boxes and ready them for pick up for you.

Your personal assistant will return unwanted items or pick up items on hold for you at a store, UPS or Fedex location, and deliver it to the location of your choice. There are some items that we just don’t trust to the postal services. Or perhaps you have an item that needs to be picked up during a specific timeframe and you are not available. Your personal assistant can pick up or deliver packages or letters and obtain confirmation signatures.

Perhaps you are incredibly busy with work and your personal obligations. Maybe you’re older and it’s difficult to get to the store or carry the bags. Or, if you’re like many people, you want a stocked refrigerator but you don’t want to do the shopping. We will go to the store or stores of your choice, choose the highest quality items of your preferred brands, deliver them to your home in our coolers and put them away for you.

You provide us with a budget, information on the recipient and occasion, and our creative assistants will search for the perfect gift on your behalf. You can approve the gift prior to purchase through pictures or website links. We will ensure the gift is packaged to your liking.

Are you concerned about an elderly family member? If you can't get there due to time or distance, we can help. These services include checking in at the home, medication reminders, light housekeeping, assist with bill paying and reports to family. Check in can be daily, or at the frequency of your choosing.

While we do not provide transportation, we are willing and able to accompany you via car service to a medical appointment or on errands. We can take notes for you during doctor visits and carry bags while running errands. Why struggle alone – let us help!

If you’re new to computers, or it was just never your thing, we can help. Assistance is available to set up a new computer, a new cell phone, connect devices (such as printers), set up email, or any other technology issue you may be struggling with.

The comforts of home or a meal from a favorite restaurant can help make a hospital stay more tolerable. We are able to bring to you any items from home, a store, or a friend’s house. Take the burden of running around off of friends and family and let us bring what you need. We can also be your point of contact for family and friends. Let us keep them updated while you focus on getting well.

Do you have a family member who struggles to keep track of their bills and checkbook, yet they may not yet be willing to hand this task over to someone else entirely? Are there constantly funds that are unaccounted for? Let us assist them with writing checks, paying bills online or via the telephone, entering the payments into the register, marking bills paid with confirmation numbers, and balancing the checkbook. They stay involved in their finances and are able to keep track of every dollar.

Food delivery is great but there’s nothing like a home cooked meal. We can even pick up the groceries if necessary. Your meals will be prepped to your liking, in your kitchen. We will place meals in separate containers and label them for you. We adhere to your dietary restrictions, such as low sodium.

Do you have a favorite restaurant but they don’t deliver? Has a friend or family member prepared food for you but is unable to bring it to you? We can deliver for you! We will ensure that food remains at the appropriate temperature until delivery. Cold foods stay cold and hot food will be hot upon delivery.

Whether you are having a small, intimate dinner party at your home or a large, elaborate celebration, our assistants are available to make sure everything looks perfect and runs smoothly. We can assist with decorating, re-stocking items throughout event, and complete clean up afterward. You get to enjoy yourself and be a guest at your own party!

Do you have a great idea for a party but don’t have time to organize it? We will work with your party planner to make sure your vision is executed. Don’t have a planner? We can gather quotes from various vendors (planners, photographers, caterers) for your review and selection. Sometimes we all need an extra set of hands to take care of the little things that add up to make your event fabulous! We can provide servers, dishwashers, restroom attendants, and you can have your own personal attendant throughout the event.

Holiday time can be exhausting, especially if you’re hosting family and friends. Your personal assistant will help with preparing the house, planning the meals and shopping.

The joy of holidays and special occasions can be diminished by having to spend time wrapping and hiding gifts. Avoid spoiling the surprise! Our expert gift wrappers will beautifully package all of your gifts and deliver them to place of your choosing, at your specified time.

Do you want to send out invitations or hand-written thank you notes but you don’t have the time or desire to write them or address the envelopes? Your personal assistant can write the notes, assemble the invitations, address and stamp the envelopes and deliver them to the post office.

Your personal assistant can make reservations at restaurants, spas, for automobile maintenance, pet care, the theater, or any other appointment you may need.

Let us take care of travel arrangements online, redeeming your reward points for a product or service, placing online orders or sending emails on your behalf. Our product research service is perfect for the person who wants to purchase a quality product at a competitive price but does not have the time, or prefers not to spend time, researching online or over the phone. We can gather the information for any product or service and present it to you for your comparison.

Finding the best price for the trip you want to take can be time consuming. We can research flights, accomodations, rental vehicles, ground transportation, travel packages, cruises, or any other travel related service you need. Once you decide on the plans we can book it for you. Perhaps you need certain items upon arrival at your place of lodging. We can arrange to have whatever you may need available to you. This service requires a credit card in your name for all bookings. We ask that you be available via phone or email during the research period due to the need to lock in rates within a short timeframe in many instances.

Small business owners often need extra help around the office or home office but are not interested in hiring an employee. Our personal assistants are available to support you and your business. Speak with us to find out if we are a good fit for your business.