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1 to 1 private personal fitness training. Specialists in funtional work to increase dynamic power and achieve weight loss.

1 to 1 private boxing/kickboxing tuition. Specialists in combat training as a means to achieve effective weight management.


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16 January 2019

Good quality training and professional trainer.


What ever the goal is whether it be weight loss, change in body composition or an increase is dynamic power we use the same principle of interval max training. This means that the work is dosed in timed sequences. As the client gets fitter the does is increased by changing the work to rest ratios. This principle is known as DUP ( directed underlying progression)

There is no secret or magic bullet. The formula is as follows. Work x Time = Success.

There is no greater feeling of satisfaction than taking a client from the original starting point to achieving the targets.
It is very rewarding to be able to help clients not just change physically but also experience a shift in mindset regarding attitudes to fitness and nutrition.

As a former professional athlete I have always been passionate about sports, exercise science and human physiology.
I always felt that the most effective way for me to bring my ideas and methods to benefit of clients was to have the freedom and control that being my own boss affords me.

Simply because I get results. Also because my style is friendly, holistic and based on building a relationship with the client that makes them feel supported and inspired.

Anything is possible 'the only thing you cannot change is your height' - Chiemeka Eribenne.