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Serena S.

21 August 2018

Douglas and Irene are true professionals and can be trusted for your home or office. They work at my office in downtown SF and show up everyday with the utmost attention and care for our space. Not only do they do an amazing job of thoroughly cleaning and organizing the office space, but they've become an extension of our work family and are truly a joy to have around. They offer a wide range of services so I highly highly recommend that you consider supporting them when you're in need of professional cleaning help. More...


Maggie B.

21 August 2018

Douglas and Irene are wonderful cleaners and very accountable. They worked in my office for quite some time and always took care of the dishes and kept the kitchen and space very clean. They ensure to take the burden of cleaning out of your hands and are quick and mindful of the space. They are hard working and leave everything spotless! I highly recommend hiring them for your cleaning needs. More...


Elissa R.

21 August 2018

Douglas and Irene are true professionals when it comes to cleaning. They have serviced our office since I started at my job over a year and a half ago. Everything is always spotless and organized on behalf of their efforts. Not only are they  cleaning professionals, they are kind and genuine people who bring positivity to your day to day. I would highly recommend the both of them for any cleaning service and promise you won't be disappointed. More...



24 June 2018

I just wanted to post a quick update to my initial review, because I am still having a great time with this company. CCP initially came on my radar after one of our employees recommended them, and that recommendation has led to more than two years of outstanding service! We first hired their team to do a deep cleaning of our office space, and we had a fantastic experience. Punctual, thorough, hard working, pleasant - everything you could ask for and more. We wanted our building manager to retain CCP for routine cleaning services of the entire premises, but apparently the building was already under contract with a far less impressive service. Fast forward two years, and my business has settled into a new office space. One of the first things I did upon moving in was meet with the building management and see if they could get CCP to come in on a regular basis. They agreed to a trial period, and after everything went perfectly, the building manager hired them full time. Everyone could not be happier! There is just something satisfying about working in a space where you can focus on the task at hand without being distracted by untidy conditions. CCP pays attention to the details and cleans areas that I would not even think to clean - like the side vents on our computer towers! If your office needs the best cleaning service, I could not offer a higher recommendation. They are awesome in all that they do!Our receptionist recommended Commercial Cleaning Pros when I was in search of a detailed office cleaning service. The janitorial company hired by our building management does a very superficial job, but it's part of the lease agreement so we are stuck with them for daily janitorial services. When the crew arrived on the day of the big cleaning they were right on time, worked very hard, did an excellent job and were a good value. Great customer service and excellent quality of work. I couldn't ask for more. We are happy to recommend! More...


Chantel Y.

21 April 2018

I work inside of a warehouse and you can only imagine how dusty it can get in here... we were adamantly looking for detail oriented cleaners as our previous cleaners were lacking this. I contacted CCP via the e-mail listed on their website (info@commercialcleaningp…) and was able to get in touch with someone within a few minutes of my inquiry! I spoke with my (now) account manager Michaela who sent Juan to check out our warehouse to see what the quote would be. Both Michaela + Juan were very professional and I was already impressed with the initial interactions.The prices are also SUPER reasonable - the attention to detail and hard work of the cleaners never goes unnoticed here! They'll let you know when you're about to run about of supplies (like paper towels. FYI CCP brings their own cleaning supplies + devices etc) ahead of time and are very professional with all matters.We also needed some deep cleaning before an event (pretty last minute) and Michaela was able to find me someone to come within 2 hours, same day. We are so grateful to be working with people who truly care about their clients. I had to go upstairs to a meeting while the two cleaners were there, so before the cleaners left Michaela sent me an e-mail to ask me to check up on the cleaning to ensure nothing was missed. I ran downstairs to check and of course it was SPOTLESS. Now that's what I call excellent service! They really, really care!I am effin' THRILLED to have found CCP!! More...


Tecsia E.

17 April 2017

Team #2 which is Marisol and Socorro always do an excellent job cleaning my house (they come once a month). They arrive on time, clean everything very well in 2 hours and have no problem going back over something if I point it out (which is rare if I have to). They are great to work with and would strongly recommend this team to anyone. More...


Gabriela Zavala

14 March 2017

Supporting small business in the Bay Area is really important to me especially when that business provides a great service at a fair price. Why I like this company: 1. They are locally owned 2. Their pricing is competitive 3. Their staff is skilled and friendly 4. Nice bunch of people who donate house cleaning services to cancer patient​s. More...


Sam M.

20 October 2016

Commercial Cleaning Pros carried out a full office deep clean (carpet, floor polishing and side walk pressure washing) They provided an excellent service and were friendly and professional; the staff did more than we were quoted for. A job well done and on time, we would definitely use again. More...


Brittany Moore

28 May 2016

They work fast and are efficient and what I love most, is that they are family owned and operated, which gives them that comfortable "family" feel with their customers.


Kit Martsolf

12 April 2016

That you staff is regularly trained certainly shows in their performance.


Kit M.

9 April 2016

I own a spa in Lafayette I have had several different cleaning services in the past 25 years...that is, until I heard about The Commercial Cleaning Pros from another Salon owner.  I finally found a cleaning service that is thorough.  As you may all be aware, we spa and salon owners have very strict cleaning guidelines.  State Board, as well as our clients want our spas and salons to be impeccable.  The Commercial Cleaning Pros do an extraordinary job always.  They are also very honest.  We have so many expensive products...and we sometimes leave cash in the drawer and we do not have to worry about these cleaners.  I am not sure if they do residential cleaning too...but I will be calling them to find out on Monday.  My cleaning lady is going on vacation and I will be needing someone to clean my house. More...


M P.

19 July 2015

I highly recommend The Commercial Cleaning Pros - they are hands down the best carpet cleaners we've ever used. We were very impressed by the service, and it was a great price too! We needed our carpet to be cleaned as soon as possible, so I called in to book the service on a Friday thinking that it would take a couple of days for them to send someone, but they were able to schedule the appointment for the next day. The next day the cleaner arrived early to set up his equipment and helped us move some furniture around so we could get as much of the carpet cleaned as possible. Now our carpet looks and feels like new! We were impressed with the results and their customer service. More...