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Commence Massage

Southington, CT


Commence Massage

Southington, CT



"A massage or stretching session from Southington Sports Massage is far more than your average bodywork session! By using various techniques from massage therapy, exercise physiology, and yoga, our treatment plans address clients' issues by taking a holistic approach that is both unique and effective.


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Sandy P.

17 August 2019

I bought a Groupon for Commence Fitness with the intention of using it for a nice relaxing Swedish Massage. Prior to arriving at my appointment I suffered from a sacroiliac injury from lifting my grandson's stroller. After weeks of rest, 10 days of an anti-inflammatory, and a cortisone shot I arrived at Commence Fitness in considerable pain. After speaking with Jeff, my relaxation massage went to a therapeutic massage concentrating on my shoulders, neck and SI area. Jeff was absolutely fantastic as he explained what his background was as an exercise physiologist and then becoming a massage therapist also. I could totally see the difference in his techniques in not only the amount of pressure he applied but also in his stretching techniques and his explanation of what he was doing and why. Although I did not feel immediate relief in my SI joint, I do feel a tremendous difference in my shoulders and am practicing better posture after his explanation on how he could see and feel rounding in my upper back. I already booked 5 more sessions with Jeff which I generally do not do after purchasing a Groupon. In my opinion Jeff is not only the consummate professional but generally really cared about helping me to feel better. I do believe with his help, I will be successful in not only alleviating this pain, but will learn how to protect myself from future injury. More...


Nikki Nikki

28 July 2019

I had a wonderful experience and highly recommend this place.


Elizabeth Marquez

10 July 2019

Love this place, always walk out feeling relaxed and brand new after a massage. Therapist is amazing and attentive with magic hands. I definitely recommend. E.M


Christina Carrah

8 July 2019

I have been going to Commence Fitness for a few months now and I can’t stress enough how great it has been. The trainers are terrific and motivating, there has been a noticeable improvement in my physical and mental health. Thanks to Alexis and Commence Fitness I was able to hike the Grand Canyon and experience something bigger than me and I couldn’t have done that without these great people. I whole heartedly recommend Commence Fitness and Commence Kitchen to anyone and everyone. 5 stars ⭐️! More...


Clare Marie

7 July 2019

I have been going to Commence Fitness for a few months now. I have neck/back pain and have been searching for relief for some time. Jeff is amazing! Not only do I get a deep tissue massage, but he also assists with stretching as well. He even showed me some stretches I can do at home. I highly reccomend! More...


Benjamin F Rhodes

1 July 2019

The massage therapist, Jeff Payne, is next level. I continually had lower back issues due to my workout regimen but since Jeff has been treating me over the past 6 months I haven't had any issues whatsoever!


Timothy J. Budris

27 June 2019

Just go! You’ll love it.


Ann Whalen- Swan

12 June 2019

Jeff and Alexis are awesome ! I've had massages from Jeff and he has relieved my tight hips and shoulders so much! Alexis is extremely knowledgeable with nutrition and personal training! Highly recommend Commence Fitness!!! More...


Chris Affie

4 June 2019

I have been to 2 massage sessions with Jeff and he is great. He listened to my needs and focused on them 100% recommend him.


Bob Bachman Jr

18 May 2019

Personal training in a small, quieter setting.


Holly Dutton Camp

16 May 2019

I have had Massages and assisted Stretching sessions with Both Jeff and Alexis !!! I really felt relief after all my sessions...I suffer from chronic pain and they have helped tremendously!! I HIGHLY recommend them both!! More...


Donna Lebel

6 March 2019

Alexis is great! Highly recommend.


Marie Sanders

20 March 2018

If I could give Commence Fitness 10 stars, I would! I’ve been training with Jeff, and now Alexis, for over a year. They have helped me lose weight and feel better than I have in years!


Mike Malinics

5 October 2015

Jeff has trained me for several months. In that time, he has helped me to lose over 20 pounds, build muscle, and gain flexibility. His workouts are fun and help me to work on my weak areas (stomach and legs) while burning maximum calories. I highly recommend him to anyone needing weight loss advice as well as personal training. More...

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