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Penny Fox

12 August 2018

Great venue and comedy'


Kevin Brown

12 August 2018

More fun than a trip to the dentist.


Michael L Yergin

12 August 2018

Tony is part of the valleys best and brightest comedians


Diane Miner

12 August 2018

The best comedy experience fast paced spot on. Tony Vitich is a very focused class act and comedian a pro... Great teacher owner of the school.
TCA is a beautiful venue.


Alexis Grossman

12 August 2018

I don't know where I would be with out tony, I was running around doing shows not even know what I'm doing until I started, tony puts everything in perspective for you and really shows you the concepts for writing jokes! And you build such a great support system with the other comics as well! More...


Kirsten Alberts

12 August 2018

Tony is awesome. I was so scared to start stand up, it's very intimidating. But this is an environment where you're not the only one starting off, so you have a cool circle of supportive people and it's so much fun.

Tony's honest and real and is great with helping you find out what you find funny in your life. I recommend his class for sure. It's also a great way to meet people, I had been living out here in Arizona for a year and still didn't know people. When I took his stand up class I started meeting so many people and we're all good friends!


comedyschools.com is where it's at!

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