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Phyllis Shearin

17 August 2019

Awesome photographer.


Erik Lococo

3 May 2019

Collin and Aron are truly wonderful people running an amazing portrait studio! One of a kind. I would highly recommend them to anyone!


Jennifer Wise

22 August 2018

Collin and Aron are amazing with children! They have an eye for photography that I definitely don't have. Their pictures are amazing quality! They are just as amazing this year as they were 6 years ago when I first used them. They photograph in the studio and on location. More...


Christina Decker

3 June 2018

True professionals!


Kristine Varner

17 June 2017

Awesome to work with and the photos are amazing!


Jamie Curley Dyce

2 December 2015

At Tanglewood Plantation we are lucky to get to enjoy lots of photographers and see lots of images of our guests and property--BUT Collin Smith and his team are the Crème de la Crème of this group. His shots are PERFECT, his demeanor is easy and makes people feel instantly comfortable, and he captures the SOUL of the moment (which is his real skill!). We look forward to seeing a lot more of Collin at Tanglewood! More...


Traci Richards Moore

31 October 2015

Collin and Erin capture the best moments and the personalities shine through!


Ashley Isom Edwards

13 August 2015

Fabulous! Collin's work speaks for itself...it's AMAZING! Not to mention what an incredible couple these two individuals are! We love Collin and Aron!


Erin Baxley Britt

17 April 2015

super friendly and genuine.. very hard working and obviously loves his career and does a wonderful job! we enjoyed our session!


Lisa Powell Kemmerlin

17 April 2015

Collin and Aron took all the time we needed without rushing us. Payton was working on Payton time. Thank y'all for all of the patience and laughter. Now some sneak peeks please.


Alicia Parizeau Jones

26 December 2014

I can't say enough wonderful things about Collin and Aron's passion for what they do.... This couple is commited to capturing the tender moments we would have all forgotten... Precious memories caught and frozen in time, and preserved for a lifetime. More...


Ginger Sullivan Adeimy-Benson

17 October 2014

Collin and Aron are amazing! They go above and beyond to get that perfect picture...and the out come is always beautiful....


Deborah Schafer Hilbourn

17 September 2014

Collin has been blessed with the gift of seeing the inner self through photos. My beautiful daughter is even more beautiful in the photos Collin took because her joy can be seen through his lens . Thank you so much Collin!


Haylea Jordan

12 September 2014

Always go above and beyond to get the best pictures. I think my girls would move in with y'all!


Paula Hutchinson

5 September 2014

Some of my greatest memories have been spent with this photographer and his family!!! For the past four years, they have gone to great lengths to ensure the "perfect picture" and memories!!!!


Mica Thomas

5 September 2014

Best photographer around! Thanks a bunch!


Hayley Poston

1 July 2014

Great experience && they did a wonderful job with making my little one smile!


Jessica Shelton Alley

3 May 2014

Fun, professional, talented...the best!


Misty Rabon

14 January 2014

She takes amazing pictures; and I can't wait for her to take pictures of my children; if anyone is looking for a wonderful person take pictures of your family I strongly recommend that you have her to take them


Buffie Kasler

19 December 2013

The best pictures I have ever seen!!


Debra Lane

30 November 2013

The best!


Mel Scarborough

29 November 2013

Collin and Aron are a GREAT team and do some extraordinary work!


Paul Norman

23 November 2013

The best in the business! Collin and Aron captured all 4 of our kids personalities perfectly. Outstanding!


Lee Herron

22 November 2013

Best known photographer in this area for a reason... Works great with kids and makes your whole family feel at home