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I’ve been building extensions and alterations for 18 years. I do all aspects of brickwork, plastering, carpentry and roofing. I’m time served in all departments of these trades and have excellent reviews on other sites from previous customers of whom many still keep in contact to return to do many other works.


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The footings need to be both deep enough and wide enough if they wish to build higher of add a cavity wall, the floor construction needs to be checked for thickness of base.

1 architect to draw up plans
2 builder to quote on works accordingly
3 consider planning consent
4 comply with building regs
5 builder to follow drawings and spec
And comply with building regs through out the build.

Joist thickness needs to be strong enough for taking extra loads and the loft space needs adequate head room height.

1. Architects drawings
2. Planning
3 builder to quote
4 comply with building regs

18 years, started 2001 as a self employed general builder and formed my company in 2014

Depends on what works I’m doing, so all quotes will state the guarantee terms.

It’s always a different situation on every job which always keeps things interesting, although the fundamentals of every aspect of work stays the same you always have to think on your feet to achieve the objectives.

I learnt everything the tough way, and I became good at what I do through hard work, and many happy customers encouraged me to think about starting up a company and so I did and looking back from where I started to where o am now keeps me inspired.

I just love what I do. I feel it’s no good getting someone in if they only interested in the money as they’ll do a shoddy job and run away with your money, I believe you have to do it because you love it and the money will always take care of it’s self. Yes I do do it for a living but I always tell myself the most important thing is that by the time the work is complete, will my client be happy with this work I produce.