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Colin Browning PT

Eaton, Norfolk, Norfolk

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Colin Browning PT logo

Colin Browning PT

Eaton, Norfolk, Norfolk

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Personal training, Strength and conditioning, Private PT studio in Eaton, Norwich. Specialising in 1-2-1 PT.

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Jacqui H

30 June 2019

My daughter has been training with Colin after an illness. She is not particularly sporty so this was an unknown leap for her. I cannot praise Colin highly enough. He is putting her through her paces but really motivating her and making her think in a holistic way about her health. More...


Richard Goodwin

14 August 2011

I went to Colin having seen the transformation of my wife under his supervision. Not only have I lost the weight I aspired to but I have entirely changed my outlook on diet and exercise for the better. So it's not just the physical improvements (fantastic though they are!) but also the lasting shift in mindset that training with Colin brings. More...


Janet Steed

13 August 2011

I started working with Colin a year ago. I wanted to lose a little weight, but primarily wanted to get fitter and stronger and rediscover the waistline I thought I might have lost forever. I knew from experience, I probably wouldn't achieve the results I wanted by 'going it alone'. From the beginning, Colin has been encouraging and motivating, without ever making me feel bad when I struggled a<span id="moreReview238925" class="hide"> little. One year on, I am leaner, fitter and stronger. Yes, it's hard work, but the training sessions are fun and varied, so never boring. Colin's enthusiasm and focus are contagious, and I think he could motivate even the most reluctant 'couch potato' to adopt a healthier lifestyle . I am delighted with the results he has helped me to achieve, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone. Whatever their personal goals might be.</span> More...


Winkie Goodwin

15 April 2011

I started training with Colin in January and had done very little proper exercise for a few years. I have had 2 c-sections so was not in shape and lacked confidence. Now, 4 months on, I feel like a totally different person. This is due to Colin's motivation and persistence. He has encouraged me and pushed me further than I thought I could go and, so far, I have not had the same workout twice<span id="moreReview202926" class="hide"> which always makes it a challenge. At the end of the day I keep going back for more and the results are speaking for themselves. I would very highly recommend Colin.</span> More...


Lesley Torun

3 February 2011

I first asked Colin to help me train for the Norwich 1/2 Marathon as, although I have been running on my own for some years I wasn't happy with my performance and needed a boost. Colin certainly did that! He has been tireless in his encouragement and enthusiasm, slowly increasing the targets in both running and resistance training, making the sessions both fun and varied. I'm now on my way to<span id="moreReview182031" class="hide"> running my first Marathon in London this April and am confident I will manage it in my target time. Thanks Colin!</span> More...


Ian Moore

5 December 2010

Colin is a personal trainer that backs you to the hilt. Provides motivation through the week enabling you to smash targets.<br /><br />I've been with Colin since the 4th October (currently 5th December) and have lost in excess of 2 stone. It first seemed a daunting task to lose 12kg before Christmas but I've smashed that and well on the way to losing another 3 stone by the time of my first marathon.<span id="moreReview166961" class="hide"> Colin ticks all the boxes, works you hard but then you get to enjoy the benefits. I've started to enjoy the pain... <br />:-)<br />Colins sessions are varied to keep you bouyant and interesting to maintain your focus<br /><br />I feel fantastic, have seen stunning results and love Colins sessions. Here is to many more</span> More...


A. Henson

29 November 2010

Colin has worked with my son who has a long term injury with permanent nerve damage and muscle wastage. Colin has achieved better results in 12 weeks than previous years of physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Colin is knowledgeable in his field and is imaginative in devising suitable regimes to ensure the exercise programmes are suitable for his injury and target the right areas. My sons<span id="moreReview165369" class="hide"> posture has improved dramatically along with his overall strength and stamina. My son finds Colin encouraging, supportive and enjoys his sessions. Thank you!</span> More...


Rebecca Woodcock

5 November 2010

I would not hestiate in recommending Colin. I am now on my second 12-week programme and all the sweat & hard work is worth it! Colin has a great way of motivating you and making the workouts enjoyable. I have lost almost a stone in weight and my fitness level has increased considerably. Thanks! More...


Julie Bromfield

7 September 2010

i would fully recommend colin as a PT, hes friendly, encouraging motivational...ive gone from not being able to run for 1min without being worn out to running 5k and now im training with him to do norwich 1/2 marathon


Sharon Cook

27 August 2010

In 12 weeks, Colin has been able to take me from not being able to run 5k without stopping on more than one occasion, to running 10k in under and hour and also compete in my first 10k race. So I would highly recommend Colin as an exceptional Personal Trainer and it's also Colin's tireless enthusiasm and motivation, which has inspired me to enter the Norwich Half Marathon and I am looking<span id="moreReview143562" class="hide"> forward to starting our training next week.......watch this space!!!</span> More...


Roddy Herbert

31 May 2010

My goal was to improve fitness and lose weight. Having at the outset suffered an achilles injury due to using old trainers Colin set up a specialised workout routine, and general dietry advice. In less than 2 months I really notice the difference in my fitness,10kgs lost and trouser belt easily up 1 notch! He is a fun enthusiastic personal trainer who motivates and works you far harder than you<span id="moreReview122937" class="hide"> would by working out yourself.</span> More...


Dudley Garner

21 March 2010

I have been having personal training with Colin to help with my rehabilitation following a serious car accident. I have so far had 6 personal training sessions out in the fresh air up the local park and the sessions have done wonders for kickstarting my personal fitness and mood, after having spent the best part of 12 months on a sofa or in bed and suffering with physical/mental injuries and<span id="moreReview108419" class="hide"> PTSD I with Colins help am edging ever closer to returning to football and am able to sleep much better as well as starting to regain my confidence and balance. Thoroughly recommended.</span>


Linda Thursby

28 February 2010

I have been using Personal Trainers for a few years now.. but when I started training with Colin... my level of fitness and endurance was stepped up several gears... I am now able to run further and my strength levels have increased. I would recommend Colin to anyone who is wanting to acheive short or long term fitness goals. More...


Amanda Dudley

22 February 2010

Colin is an excellent personal trainer, his sessions are motivational, extremely client focused and great value for money. Colin has a wealth knowledge and expertise and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness and general well being. More...