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We offer criminal defense and immigration legal services.

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Susana Martins

25 September 2019

So glad I hired Colavecchio & Colavecchio ! It was great to work with them, Chris is terrific and knowledgeable about all sort of applications . Above all he’s approachable and available for he’s clients when needed. More...


Jessica Chan

8 September 2019

Chris Colavecchio represented me for my PR immigration. He and his team have been diligent and professional in their work. Not to mention, he himself personally follow up closely to every questions that I have (I have A LOT). Never once he made me feel like I am annoying with my constant concerns throughout the process. In fact, he and his team treated us like family. Thank you for being there for the husband and I!The husband and I consider him as our to-go lawyer for any future cases if needed. All the best for him and the team :) More...


Mark Teply

24 July 2019

I have recently been awarded with a approval to become a US. citizen. Its been in the process for a long time indeed. I am very grateful to my attorney Chris for helping me to achieve just that.He is very knowledgeable about latest of immigration policy and laws.Always answering my call and always ready to help me and talk if i had a question or concern. This is someone you need if you want to go through the journey and see it ending in success. Immigration laws are extremely difficult to navigate and understand for people who are not trained in the discipline of law. Sincerely thank you again. More...


Sapana Hinkle

17 July 2019

He so nice help me without charge I highly appreciate


Pedro Moran

30 June 2019

A very kind person, professional from beginning to end. Answered all of our questions. Great office location, always felt comfortable. Already referred to all of my friends in need of an immigration lawyer. 100% More...


GG gasana

8 March 2019

You are so professional guys.


innocent gasana

1 March 2019

You are so professional guys.


Adrian Omeljancuk

12 February 2019

Highly recommended firm. Handled all of my immigration paperwork in timely manner, answered all of my questions and made the process very easy and accessible. Thank you for your hard work.


Josh Muroe

2 February 2019

I had a question about my green card that I needed answered urgently. All attorneys I called wanted $100 for an hour of consultation which they would schedule a week later. What I wanted was someone to spend 5 minutes answering my question when I needed it answered, not a week later. This was the only firm that connected me to a lawyer right away. He answered my question and didn't charge me a dime. Next time I need help filing any immigration paperwork, this is where I am going. Thank you, Mr. Colavecchio! More...


Latoya Antoinette Munoz

28 August 2018

If anyone is looking for a lawyer. This firm right here is the best. We had Christopher but at times talked with his secretary and his father and I am telling you! You couldn't ask for better people to represent you and to be by your side. They really do have your best interest at heart. I know their are many people struggling or know someone that is struggling to go through the process legally to become a United States Citizen or even just an Permanent Resident or working on having a family member become legal. Don't give up hope. Christopher is the man to see. It may seem like a long process but really its not. But now is the time to take care of the situation. Laws are changing and its going to become more difficult to become legal in the United States. Colavecchio & Colavechio Law office can get you started down the right path. The office here deals with way more than just immigration law so let them be your voice. Our experience was amazing and I am sure this will not be the last time we use them. They will be the first person we call when anything else comes up they have definitely earned our trust and out friendship. So make sure you give them a call. Thankyou Colavecchio & Colavecchio Law office for all that you have done for my family and I we really do appreciate it and will never forget what you have helped us accomplish! More...


Bobby Flynn

8 June 2018

Thank you!


Phyllis Foster

7 March 2017

The staff and attorneys at this law firm are amazing! They were all very courteous and took time to explain answers to me on any questions I had. I can not say enough good things about them! Thank you all!! More...


Gerardo Perez

31 March 2016

The best lawyer in Nashville! Felt like a friend more than just a person with a case, explained everything related to my case thoroughly, always kept me updated, the respect, the quality, and the profession was at an A+.


Justin Delp

8 June 2015

I was in the process of starting a new business and had a lot of questions. A friend referred me to Chris at the law firm. He was very patient with me even though I had what felt like hundreds of questions. He helped me work through all the forms required and even told me what to expect in the future. More...


Christian Davillier

8 June 2015

Mr. Colavecchio and staff are the best in the business. They will take the hassle out of legal matters and navigate the system on your behalf. Very professional.Very prompt.I would recommend anyone to seek their services on legal matters. More...


Javed Ayube

11 May 2015

Awesome,and the best person who understand what each individual is going thru.


Jennifer Smith Clay

30 March 2015

Hands down Michael is the best criminal defense lawyer representing Davidson, Robertson and sumner county!


Olly Vergun

3 February 2014

In 2012 I needed help with Green Card application process. On the first consultation me and my husband received brief information about entire process, and what will be needed from us. After that it was very easy, I just had to gather all of the required documents and bring it to the Law Office, from there on they handled everything. During the process I had questions and requests - in no time they took care of everything.

Just want to thank you guys for a great experience I had !

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