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Our Brighton-based team has many years' experience delivering great web and mobile applications across a wide range of industries, employing the most appropriate tools and technologies to best meet our customer's needs.

Customers have included entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises within retail, telecoms, transport, media, gaming, and finance - often with tight budgets and challenging timescales.


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Masha Parfenova

11 August 2018

CLAC is like my family, everyone is kind and clac staff always takes care of us, I love this place and want to come back to CLAC every summer


Carlos Gutierrez

11 August 2018

Best summers of my life as student... and of course, best summers of my life as Social Leader at CLAC ! Thanks for everything and.. see you next summer #CLAC2019


Jem Burton

11 August 2018

Having worked as an English teacher for ten years, I can honestly say that CLAC is by far THE BEST summer programme to send your children to! The special CLAC atmosphere welcomes every child and makes them feel part of the family from day 1. The dedicated and experienced staff work tirelessly every day to provide the perfect experience- from English classes to social activities. However, what really makes CLAC stand out is the diverse mix of nationalities amongst the students which ensures English is spoken all day, every day! I can't wait for summer 2019! #clacfriendsarefriendsforever More...


Carlota Ríos

11 August 2018

I think that it's a great place if you want to make tons of friends and have fun everyday. So I recommend everything about it, because staying there has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.


Carlos Fernandez Fernandez

8 August 2018

After two years working with them I can consider CLAC as my second family. Joining CLAC feels like being in a bubble for one month where everyone is the same no matter your nationality, culture, religion... Both the students and the staff come together to make an unforgettable experience out of it. It is incredible watching how after few days all the students are bound to each other and how they improve in communicating in English. I believe that every kid should experience CLAC. Now I wish I had come as a student when I was younger too! More...


Deborah Kaloudi

15 February 2018

I taught at CLAC in 2016. I somehow knew on meeting Anne, the Director, at my interview, that CLAC would be a positive experience. And I was absolutely right. The atmosphere is amazing, it's great fun for students and staff, and it feels like a great big family gathering. I went back in 2017 and had an even better time. The students make lifelong friends and there are lots of tears when the summer school is over. It is unique as a summer school and the setting is great. It is a great experience for any kid to have. I can't wait for summer 2018! More...


Tom Hollett

8 September 2017

I was a student at CLAC in the 1990's and then returned as a teacher in 2017. The atmosphere, social programme and all-round level of fun was every bit as brilliant as I remembered it and I have some fabulous memories!


Sofya Kings

26 February 2017

One of the BEST schols for Juniors EVER!


Tann Ma

4 October 2016

I was a student at Clac when I was about 12/13 years old that was in 2009/2010 I think... it was a amazing experience, I stayed there for 2 weeks barely speak a words of english then but now I live in the uk for 7 years which is a big improvement made so many friends there from all around the worlds, learned many different culture and languages I remember we use to go swimming in the afternoon and play football and stuff it was a good fun. If anyone was there in the year of 2009/2010 (summer) holla at me on fb because I've lost the CD which contain photos really wish I still have them ;P More...


Anna Marcin Gorscy

17 August 2016

Great summer school with safe family environment for children :-) :-) :-)


Junko Okura

11 August 2016

We sent our daughter this year as well as last year hoping that attractive experiences of CLAC would be the confidence and assets of her. She is now full of satisfaction having so many friends all over the world!! More...


Mandy Dunkle Unbunte Vielleichtfarbe

11 August 2016

If you want to get to know people and cultures from all over the world, learn a lesson about tolerance as well as improve your English, CLAC is the place to go to!:) I have been a staff member for two years and I wished I would have been a student at CLAC!!! More...


Sanela Tasic

10 August 2016

My son absolutely loved CLAC experience and is already looking forward to 2017!!


Margherita Bielli

10 August 2016

I was a student at CLAC for five years and a staff member for three. It has been one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I learned so much and made friendships that will last a lifetime! More...


Amar Tasic

10 August 2016

It was my second year at CLAC and I made so many friends from all around the world. When I came my English was not very good and after four weeks I progressed to high level which I am really proud and happy about. Really can't wait 2017 to come back :-) More...


Aingeal Bertrand Desmond

10 August 2016

This year was my first year teaching at CLAC and I absolutely loved it!!! Outdoor activities, games, classes and excursions - all in relaxed, fun atmosphere that encourages students to grow in confidence and encourages them to use English both inside and outside the classroom! Best summer school ever! Highly recommended!! More...


Adnan Tasic

10 August 2016

From day one when we made a reservation at CLAC for our son, we were really happy to see him progress and learn English as well as make so many friends from around the world.


Holly Ryan

10 August 2016

CLAC is such a welcome and caring environment for everyone. It is inclusive of all nationalities and I have made many great friends over my years at CLAC. Not only are the people fantastic, you learn languages and skills to help you in life! CLAC friends are truely the best friends you'll ever make! More...


Georgina Dimopoulou

6 November 2015

be a member of clac family is sth that difine you for tour whole family!!! it is a lifetime experience and a lifechanging opportunity !!!! being at clac for 5 continious years ... i realized it was that thing , that people i have been dreaming and expecting the whole year!!!! those 4/5 months that i spend there was then the purpose of the year and now the purpose of sharing those expirience!!!!! its actually a part of our lifes!!! of all of us ❤️ More...


Vittoria Gallo

21 July 2015

It is the best place in the world the only thing that can make you feel bad is that you have to live it after the end of your holiday


Mohamed Amr

24 August 2014

Thank you so much clac family for these 2 weeks , i had so much fun , and as you guys say ( clac friends are friends forever )


Giuseppe Romano

15 August 2014

As the parents of Gianluca Romano, student at Great Ballard in July 2014 we would like sincerely to thank the management, the teachers, the tutors and all the staff and all students for the wonderful experience of living of our son in the four weeks course. Gianluca had an unforgettable experience of study, fun, sociality that will contribute not only to improve his english but also his personality . It was a fantastic time that we hope Gianluca will repeat next summer again. Mille grazie :) :) Giuseppe and Alexandra Romano More...


Coco Littletree

4 August 2014

Thank you, my 'CLAC-family', for an amazing and unforgettable time with you!!!


Olzhas Amirov

25 July 2014


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