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Tempe, AZ, United States

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Cobb CPA

Tempe, AZ, United States



We enjoy working with people who value what we do and expect more from an accountant than once-a year meetings. We use forecasts, benchmarks & metrics that support your business and create a 12-18 month plan to keep you on track. Together, we create a plan that integrates accounting, tax and smart business solutions with your goals.

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Horizon Auto Sales

26 April 2019

Tracy and Debbie have been preparing our business and personal taxes for over twenty years. In all those years there have been no issues. I would advise any business to give them a chance. John and Pete. More...


matt jones

27 March 2019

I have been a client of Cobb CPA for over 20 years and would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of world class personal customer service. Whether it is at tax time or anytime throughout the year I am confident I am receiving the best advice for my small business. More...


Julie C

26 May 2016

Before Cobb Accounting found us, we were on the hunt to find a firm that acted with integrity, was current on tax law and could guide us as our business was growing faster than we could keep up. We have been working with them for 15 years and are pleased with the willingness to assist in many ways such as tax audits, business strategies, business planning and management issues. They put that info in formats that make the information understandable and usable via newsletters and workshops and one on one meetings. Other firms we have worked with were only concerned with reports and tax deadlines, not the health and wealth of our business. They are an asset that contributes greatly to our peace of mind and supports our business philosophy. I highly recommend Cobb CPA PC! More...


Katie Sprouls

27 May 2015

We have worked with Cobb for 6 years and I feel that our business has been greatly improved just be working with them. They are fantastic!


Dori Eden

27 May 2015

I have used Cobb CPA for several years for business tax preparation and planning, business payroll and individual tax preparation and planning. All questions are quickly answered and everyone is extremely prompt and professional in the office. The office contacts me to review my business tax planning on a quarterly basis and regularly invites me to presentations that target the small business owner. I highly recommend Cobb CPA. More...


Ted Rohde

27 May 2015

Not your mother's CPA!!! Cobb CPA has helped my small business become a thriving organization where people love to come to work. They have helped with management, leadership, tax questions and issues as well as growing the business. I'm not sure where we would be without them. These guys are AWESOME! More...


Nicole Zyla-Herrera

27 May 2012

I have used Cobb CPA for the past few years for both personal and professional tax services. Everyone at Cobb is extremely nice and helpful. I always have my questions answered in a timely fashion. I have also used their bookkeeping services and used them to run my payroll. I highly recommend Cobb CPA as a small business owner. I feel confident having them on my side and I do believe that they go above and beyond the normal duties of a CPA. I use them to consult about financial decisions within my business just like if I had a CFO. More...

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We are passionate about helping small business people accomplish their goals. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than watching a small business owner become more successful than they thought possible. It can affect everything, their family, team, customers and community. Making a substantial, positive difference is the best that we can give back!