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Planning, calculating and paying income tax can be complicated.

The professional tax, accounting, payroll and bookkeeping services provided by “Coast Island Accounting” can ease the stress with comprehensive personal and business income tax preparation and planning services.



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Complete full cycle accounting. I do full bookkeeping for some clients and for others I do what I call partial bookkeeping. That is to say I can help set up and oversee you and/or your employee who does most of the leg work.
I prepare tax returns for all types of businesses including sole props, corporations and partnerships.
Payroll services, GST and PST filing, worksafe BC, I will have you covered!

Like any member of your team the right person to do your books is very important. You have a business to run. So many clients I have dealt with have spent so much time in doing their own books, to varying degrees of success, only to be unsure of the final result. Isn't your time more valuable than that? I have run many businesses myself as well as having done the books and taxes for hundreds of other businesses. My goal with my clients is for them to know that I have their back!

I have always been a puzzle solver. I love to put that final piece in! Even as a kid I always wanted my cheque book to balance and so it is today. Doing books and taxes is like solving a puzzle. But perhaps most of all I derive a great pleasure in helping people navigate tax law, getting their books in order and relieving the pressure so many people feel when they have to think about books and taxes.

I started up on my own because I realized that I could offer a service to people that is difficult to find elsewhere. I also feel that a smaller business is sometimes best in dealing with other small businesses.

I always tell my clients that I have their back. So many people I meet look either confused or just plain tired of dealing with taxes and accounting. I will take that load off your shoulders in a way that will leave you feeling confident. I want you to be able to concentrate on what you do best, running your business.


Full or partial bookkeeping services.

Corporate and personal tax prep.

Full payroll services. This includes ensuring you are compliant with all labour regulation as it pertains to payroll

All filing services.