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At Coachman Training Systems, we are creating a community of individuals committed to living a healthy lifestyle. We bring over 18 years of experience building custom fitness plans for hundreds of clients to maximize results. Our goal is to help each client achieve fast and, more importantly, sustainable results for a lifetime of wellness.


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Tracy Potts Naklizki

23 January 2019

My son started working out with Brad in his Athletic classes for teens. Brad came highly recommended to us when we were looking for someone to train my son who is coming back from an injury. Brad's expertise, commitment and knowledge is amazing! My son loves his trainings with Brad(even though he says it's harder than any workout he's ever done in football) and has improved in flexibility in just a few short weeks. We are excited to see the results over the next few months! More...


Linda Procter

10 December 2018

My daughter does his sports conditioning and absolutely loves the individual training she receives vs. the generic training thru school. Brad focuses on her weak points and adjusts as necessary. More...


Kevin Koetsier

27 November 2018

Great facility!


Nadine Lehmann Schut

25 August 2018

The app is easy to use and track workouts. Training with Brad Koetsier has increased my knowledge of proper form and my strength and flexibility have increased. I am a fan!


Abby Lininger

25 August 2018

Working with Brad has been a fantastic experience. He strikes a great balance between pushing me to reach my goals, yet structuring my workouts around my knee problems. He’s very encouraging and accessible if you have questions. Between the nutrition and exercise plan he has provided I’m getting stronger and skinnier every day without injuring myself in the process. You will not be disappointed. More...


David Dykstra

25 August 2018

I started training with Brad a little over a year ago. He is great at tailoring the workouts based on what you are training for. He also as the knowledge and the flexibility to change things up quickly based on how your body is reacting. Had a couple of injuries and he quickly modified the workouts to help the healing and still maintain fitness levels. On top of all that he just works your tail off, really thought he was trying to kill me and I believe I told him that on more than one occasion. Great trainer and highly recommend him for any training needs. More...


Caitlin Grant

25 August 2018

I trained with Brad for over a year and trained with (and alongside) Jackie intermittently during that timeframe. I highly, HIGHLY recommend these guys.

Brad is the perfect mix of encouraging and challenging. He pushed me to new levels and helped me fall in love with working out & lifting again. He is TOUGH and definitely makes you want to swear at him sometimes, but you’ll thank him for it in the end. He’s honest, professional, fun and incredibly knowledgeable! My experience training with Brad changed my relationship with the gym for the better.

Jackie is one of the most dedicated athletes I’ve ever known. She’s an awesome team mate and a kick ass trainer. She is REAL, always positive and helps you recognize your abilities & truly believe in yourself.


Devon Ward-Stubblefield

25 August 2018

I love my small group sessions with Brad -- He is very motivating, encouraging and fun but at the same time makes you work H•A•R•D! He tailors workouts specific for my needs (shoulder/knee pain). He is knowledgeable and makes sure my technique is correct every time to avoid injury. Brad is focused on helping me achieve realistic goals through both diet and exercise. Hands down, one of the best trainers out there. I highly recommend him! More...


Kirby Shotwell

25 August 2018

Turning 30 was a rude awakening... even with the warnings from friends & family that "everything changes after 30" I thought I was blessed with good genetics or something and I'd be a size 6 and rock a 2 piece swimsuit for years to come. NOPE! Not even close. It was time for a change and I met Brad, the fantastic human that has made my life so much better in such a short time. I'm fitter, trimmer, happier, and stronger than I have been in years. I am loving the time I spend with him and my workout buddies each week. He's attentive, patient, mixes up all his workouts so I'm never bored, he's not intimidating and totally worth every single penny. I say save your pennies from joining any old gym and HIRE BRAD INSTEAD! At first, I teased I didn't need a trainer so much as I needed him to just follow me around and smack the bad food out of my hands instead. Well, you kind of start mentally hearing his voice do that for you, too! It's awesome! I'm conscious of things I eat, dropping weight and toning muscles I haven't uncovered in years. I feel like I have better form in his gym and frankly I'm just feeling awesome!!!

Go see Brad. You won't be disappointed.
#KirbyStampOfApproval #ForRealThough


Aimee Altoft-Davis

25 August 2018

I trained with Brad Koetsier for over a year. Over that time, he taught me the importance of strength training and good form. He knew how to motivate me and push me to do more than I ever thought I could do. I use the skills and workouts that he has given me on a daily basis and I am the strongest I have ever been. I would highly recommend Brad to anyone looking for an amazing trainer. More...


Karla Weilbacher

25 August 2018

I’ve worked with both Brad & Jackie, both are awesome. Jackie has been my trainer for quite some time and also trained me through my entire pregnancy - which I truly believe helped me in so many different ways, from having a healthy pregnancy, to helping me feel back to myself quickly after the baby was born. Just take one look at her and you know she knows how to achieve results! Yet, she’s not intimidating at all, has tons or knowledge to share - from working out, eating healthy, etc. I highly recommend working with her! More...


Samantha Bennett

25 August 2018

I did small group training with Brad for just under a year and learned a TON about how important it is to incorporate strength training into your fitness routine- even as a female . I never "bulked up" but I felt stronger and had more confidence when hitting the gym. I run a few long distance races a year and I never thought heavy weight training/speed endurance could help me shave so much time off of my average PR, but I never ran better or faster than when I trained with Brad. I have been able to take what I have learned into this year's training to stay strong and injury free. Even though most of the workouts seemed insane or hurt a lot Brad always pushed us to go past those limits and I have never felt better with my fitness and overall health. More...


Mark Magyar

25 August 2018

I can literally and without a doubt say that Brad’s training changed my life. I joined MVP in July 2014 as a 34-year-old as part of a mission to get healthy and fit after being very unhealthy, unfit, and heavy for the previous few years. I began the process by getting involved with running on my own. But running alone was not changing my body very much and I knew I needed to get active in lifting weights. Through Brad’s training, mentorship and guidance, I quickly realized that I didn’t know the first thing about weight training. At the beginning, I would only do a handful of the same glamour exercises (bench press, arm curl, etc.) with horrible form, and so, predictably, I was not seeing the changes I hoped for. I learned how to weight train through Brad, first through his leadership of weight training group exercise classes, and then, more importantly, through small group personal training.

In February 2016, I entered a 13-week training program, with Brad as my trainer. I quickly realized gains and goals that I didn’t even think possible. I became stronger than I ever have been in my life. My body fat got down to single digits during the training. I became lean and strong, and those changes immediately translated to unthinkable improvements in my running times. It was directly due to the added strength in my whole body, particularly legs and core, from training with Brad.

Brad didn’t just train me on the days we met. He provided me with spreadsheets of workout routines that I still use today. And I didn’t lose my gains or strength, or gain a bunch of weight, after our 13-week program. Rather, Brad’s training taught me how to make a complete lifestyle change that I’m happy to say I still enjoy. Because of the life changes I made, I have continued setting new personal bests in running and, most recently, I realized my goal of qualifying and getting into the Boston Marathon.

One of the things that makes Brad such an effective trainer is that, even though he is larger and stronger than basically everyone, he doesn’t make anyone feel lesser than him or intimated (he’s not a “meat head”). He understands that everyone’s goals and physical abilities are different, he applauds the people – no matter who they are – for being motivated to make healthy decisions and improve themselves, and he maximizes the potential for his individual clients, helping them reach places they didn’t think they could reach on their own (like he did for me). He motivates his clients with toughness (I never work as hard or sweat as much as when I’m being trained by Brad in a session), and he teaches clients the right ways to work out to avoid injury and see the changes they are seeking.

I cannot overstate the real impact Brad had on my life and my commitment to a healthy lifestyle, which I look forward to sharing with my kids as they grow up.


Magnus Carlgren

25 August 2018

After decades of doing martial arts my right knee was in pretty bad shape. Quickly identified and resolved!

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We start with an evaluation to make sure we are on the same page. We then custom create a plan that will make your time with us the most efficient and effective time possible!

There is no secret. There is hard work and willingness to change. We will hold you accountable and inform you of ways or different avenues to take to make sure you get there as fast and as healthy as possible!

We love being able to see people happy with their body! Seeing a client smile and talk about how they feel better and how their clothes fit differently is one of the most rewarding things a trainer can hear!

This journey started when we realized there were people out there that needed our help! Our scope of practice was small in what we were doing before and now we are excited to be able to branch out and help as many people as possible!

We believe that we are very good at what we do, not because we have huge egos, but because we have achieved results with our clients and have a high retention rate with our clients.