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I offer coaching that helps men over 40 find and keep the love they desire. The results you'll get with our work together are:

* Confidence approaching awesome women
* More dates = more opportunity to meet the woman of your dreams
* Learn the skills of how to attract, seduce and finally secure the relationship you want



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I love seeing people people have a deep insight that creates a profound shift in their knowing of who they are. And through that, a whole new empowered way of being comes through. Dare I say the true self emerges and creating the life you love becomes a natural byproduct of who you are now being. I love holding up a mirror so that someone can see what a hot hero they truly are.

I am deeply passionate about helping others and helping them wake up to their deep potential. After spending time on dating sites, I realized that there are a lot of great guys out there that might be missing out on love because they don't know how to best present themselves and communicate with women. Who better to get that guidance from than a woman who cares about men?

I have been in the healing arts for about 12 years. The foundation of my work is that nothing is wrong with you and we all have innate well being. We just have to clear whatever is in the way of you accessing that well being state.

Beginning as a massage therapist, I learned to listen deeply to non verbal cues and the energy of a person.In that listening, I am able to sense the core issue or challenge and work with the energy to clear it. Change the energy, change your life! Over the years, I have added several tools and modalities, including coaching, energy work, shamanic healing and breathwork. I weave this skill set to create our sessions unique to you and your needs that meet you where you are. I also give you simple yet powerful tools that you can use on a daily basis as needed to integrate the shifts that you experience in our sessions.