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Co explore is designed for people who feel there must be more to life but unsure how to develop a new way of living. It provides an opportunity for people to stop, reflect, prioritise, plan and move in new directions.

Is it life coaching? Well, in a broad sense, yes



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I love helping, and this is one of the primary motivations for setting up Co-explore. I have learnt that helping is a way of receiving, if you can help somebody it brings satisfaction and a sense of belonging. It also reduces anxiety and stress as it takes attention away from our own problems.

I have recently re-ordered my life and Co explore is one part of a business I have set up with my brother. I wanted a working lifestyle that includes doing different things. So, I also work with my brother in furniture restoration and finishing www.pierreanddom.com and work as a consultant in international development. I am lucky to have been able to create the flexibility to balance all of these exciting ventures.

I am honest and have a genuine desire to help. My fees are flexible - I aim to be inclusive. The important thing for me is to create trust and respect in order to enable you to make the change you want.