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I help people and organizations to achieve more in life and business through forming tangible action plans that are truly customized to their goals, and - more importantly - committing to these plans.
With 19 years of experience, I can be a Consultant to give solutions, a Coach to raise empowering and revealing questions, and a Catalyst to keep you committed to your journey.


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The chance to work close with people and be part of their journey. It enriches my own story and allows me to bring life(s) experiences to my partners.

I built my experience within complex organizations where I've witnessed how coaching, consulting and behavioral assessments brings magnitude and stability to people and businesses, I believe that these tools can be as (if not more) valuable to small businesses and individuals - so I decided to give it a chance and try to work on my own and make it easier and more affordable to introduce my expertise.

Educated Flexibility!
I believe clients should choose a coach or a consultant who matches their needs and nature, I can't be that for all clients, so I never embark a commitment unless my partners have sufficient awareness of what to expect from our relation, and the freedom to choose the extent of commitment that works for them.


strong science-based tools that provide self-awareness. You can use these to support your coaching and/or business solutions to reveal the ambiguity of the human-factor

For goals and transformation in Life, Leadership, career, work-life balance, relationships and more - I step in to help you and /or your people to Define goals, Realize opportunities and Reality, form an action plan and commit to your goals.

Organizational Excellence interventions: Change management, Restructuring, processes streamlining and HR maturity