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Dan ''Spiffy'' Neuman

26 April 2019

A band I occasionally rehearse with rents this space. It is beautiful and well equipped. The sound stage is big and clean enough to film a music video. They have excellent backline for guitar and bass. I am not sure if the drums belong to the studio or the drummer. When I have interacted with the staff, they have been friendly and helpful. Parking is ample. Make sure someone knows to let you in after hours, as the doors lock from the outside.I've never been the one to rent the space myself but I believe the rates are reasonable. I will keep them in mind for my own uses. More...


Jim Smith

28 September 2018

Great rehearsal space!


Nella Citino

26 May 2018

Always fun to see Brian! (And Biff)


Derrick Patterson

26 May 2017

This used to be the location of Butch Vig's Smart Studios. Some of the greatest rock bands and albums in history were recorded here. Nirvana came to this place in 1990 to record. Vig is one of the most important and talented producers ever. More...


Biff Blumfumgagnge

27 May 2015

Brian, Meghan & crew @ Clutch went out of their way to make the "Are We Delicious" rehearsals a complete success. So nice to see the old Smart re-purposed into a multi-use space that really works in many ways. I'll be back!


Sam verdecchia

27 May 2015

I recommend this place for recording. Brian and Meghan are very personable. They are knowledgeable like sages with the equipment, instruments, recording, engineering and mixing. They are intuitive.They get in your head and pull out the desired effect. They work efficiently paying attention to detail. This was the most relaxing, enjoyable studio time I've spent yet.In the midst of recording we managed to have a lot of laughs and moments of awe. I just picked up my finished recording and it sounds miles better than what I heard all along during the process of recording, quick rough mix downs, etc. For not having it mastered. It sounds like it was. I peed my pants the first time I heard it. Clutch is a very relaxed and homey studio. The building has a lot of history too as it use to be Smart Studios. More...


Brian Liston

27 May 2015

This is my favorite place to bring bands in and record their albums. Comfortable, affordable and spacious. This place rocks!

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