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25 February 2019

This place is amazing! The studio is clean and the instructor I had was very specific. However, she did not show us how to do moves only told us, which made it hard to complete some of the movements. Will not be back to the studio because of that. More...


smart teacher

30 July 2018

I love this place! My fibromyalgia has improved, my sleep has improved, and my strength has improved. I’ve been hiking for the first time in years, not just once, but 4 times this week. My recovery time was excellent and I was back in Pilates the next day! What they say is true for me. Do Pilates. Do Life. More...


Amanda Kuhns

26 May 2018

As an instructor I actually really like Club Pilates and how they run their classes. There is a method to the madness that makes this Pilates plus fitness and not the other way around. Levels are designed to support the "earning of progression." This keeps a class of up to 12 people on reformers Safe. Also; I'm not a beginner and I can take the level 1 and get an adequate workout! If pilates ever seems easy-the chances you are not using the right muscles etc is extremely high! More...


Angela Toone

26 May 2018

Reasonable prices. Cool atmosphere. Many convenient classes, superb instructors who were sensitive to my back pain, one even had experienced back issues herself! They really work with you!


Dina Freedman

26 May 2018

Solid joint but only four stars because classes are 50 minutes!!!! It will be great when they add more rigorous classs. The Pilates at 1 to 1.5 levels are great for beginners. If you have never worked out with a reformer, this is an excellent place to learn. Clean studio and very friendly staff. More...

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