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Paul Street, London, London

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Paul Street, London, London

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


We provide IT business solutions and services by consulting, implementing and supporting your business requirements

 Cloud based Business telephony solutions (VOIP)
 Internet connectivity (Fibre, ADSL,Leased Lines)
 Business continuity and disaster recovery planning


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16 April 2017

Cloudingen setup our Office 365 & VoIP Phones - has really helped our Business, we are 24/7 and cannot afford to miss a call. Voicemail to Email is our favourite feature! More...


Graeme Hedley

7 April 2017

Cloudingen provide us with all of our IT and network services including VOIP, lease line, IT Support and web/email hosting servers. We have always received excellent service and support at a very competitive price and would highly recommend them. More...


James Watkins

6 April 2017

The guys at cloudingen have been instrumental in getting me to think differently about how to organise my business. With the advantages of low startup investment and running costs of moving our telephony requirements and storage and email into private and public cloud. We are not bound by physical locations anymore. Good luck cloudingen team! More...



6 April 2017

Sam has been very helpful designing and implementing our Hyper-V Server environment as well as offering on-going Azure support.


Dwayne Mcpherson

6 April 2017

I manage a few offices in the south west and I needed help sorting out remote connection, business email and VOIP. I called Cloudingen and they not only showed me whats available, but they also educated me to fully understand all the ins and outs. When it was all finished I had total control over the offices, everything was monitored with alerts and control on my phone and the price was very reasonable. After-sales was good too when I had a couple issues they instructed me in what to do and it was resolved in minutes actually cannot recommend them enough!! More...

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Advising people on how technology and processes can bring improvements to their productivity and Business. seeing the results and the benefits of our support and guidance for Businesses. Showing people on how making tweaks to their businesses through tweaks such as automation and reducing the risk exposure can make them operate more efficiently.

Seeing the lack of expertise and know how on how to make use of the advancements in technology for small to medium businesses. Having worked with only enterprise clients it dawned on us that small to medium businesses no longer need the same budgets and resources to compete to operate in the same fashion.
Over and over again we saw the same mistakes being made within SME businesses on not really understanding the businesses benefits of operating smarter and reducing their exposure to risk. you just need to know how to work smarter and make full use of the innovations of cloud technologies without breaking the bank. 99% of 4.9 Million businesses in the UK are SME's, thats a lot of business owners that could do with assistance and guidance!

We have over 18 years experience in the IT industry and have worked with and advised some very large organisations globally along the way we have learnt a lot of best practice approaches and what works and does not work. We hate to be labelled the same as other Service providers and we see ourselves as a new breed from the traditional break fix IT and Comms suppliers. If we you can find out what breaks and put something in place that breaks less or does not break then you have taken some of the headache away from your business. We teach and empower businesses to have things in place that allow them to manage themselves where we can.