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Gerry Mills

4 February 2019

Had everything I needed


Marc Window

26 June 2015

Offered this to Alan, my greyhound, who doesn't do breakfast. It all disappeared - a true first. Now to test him on the others! Thoroughly recommended over all the others! More...


Simon Jordan

25 June 2015

turned up on time, dog loves it, now on my third bag



25 June 2015

Could not ask for better service and fast efficient delivery , good communication My dog is not a fussy boy but other dog food brings him out in a very itchy rash . So far Simons food seems to helping with rash almost completely gone . Thank you More...



28 May 2015

my greyhound has always been a fussy eater, so i have always ended up with half eaten bags of different brands of dry dog food with the rest going to waste. with Simon's there is never any left in the bowl and i dont even have to add anything to it. my greyhound scoffs it all down within minutes. needless to say, Simon's it is all the way. More...



9 May 2015

Ordered some simon's fish treats to try out for the first time. The response from our dog couldn't have been better! She loves them, in fact, we haven't used any other treats since the simon's arrived and we'll be purchasing some of the food varieties to try shortly. I assumed the fish treats would be quite smelly (to human noses!) but they smell rather pleasant! Perfect size as a training treat too. Will be recommending them to my friends and buying some for other dogs in the wider family. More...


Adam Knight

22 April 2015

We turned to Simons food following problematic issues with other brands. Olly thoroughly enjoys Simons food and we have seen a dramatic improvement in him.


Tracy Liggins

20 April 2015

We started with some samples which went down well. Have been feeding it now for a few weeks, and are very happy. The bowl is always emptied, and Lola is thriving. Delivery is fast, and well packaged. Impressed by the ingredients,and it is really good value compared to similar high quality products. The fish treats are a big hit too. We also love that a donation goes to a lovely charity every time we order. More...


Amanda Palmer

19 April 2015

Fast delivery and a top quality product, my greyhounds love it and now our daughter's Westie has switched to it from wet food.


Annette Smith

19 April 2015

Really happy with the dog food and service. Would definitely recommend this company


Carly Adams

1 April 2015

Very pleased with the product. All our rescue hounds are fed on this and all lick the bowl clean.I have now even started feeding this to my own hounds. Lots of different flavours so your dogs will never get bored! More...


Jane Epsom

28 February 2015

My older greyhound had stopped eating kibble. I decided to try this. She loves it, the lamb variety. It is a good size and as it has the benefit of being grain free, is not too hard. Definitely recommend.


Janet Griffith

17 February 2015

I ordered the turkey flavour dog meal on Friday and it arrived the following Monday. No extra charge for delivery. My 5 month old yorkie loves the food I previously fed him on Royal canine for puppies but Simons meal seems to suit him better. Alfie had the lamb flavour last time so I am trying the Turkey for a change. Very happy with the product and the service. More...


Miss Rosie Holloway

12 February 2015

Our Bulldog Rex has a very sensitive stomach and we tried him on various dog foods for a year and then we heard about Simon's grain free food. We were advised by our dog walker that this would be great for Rex as he gets bouts of diarrhoea and we don't give him any human food like ham or scraps from dinner. He has a very strict diet. We have had Rex on Simon's Pork flavoured food for a few weeks and he loves it! It's small enough for Rex to swallow and digest properly (bulldogs have a tennancey not to chew food) and he hasn't been sick or had an upset tummy once since he has had this food. We ended up buying a 15kg bag because it's excellent! I would advise everyone to buy this for their dogs! It's nutritional value is the best I've seen too! Rosie, Dan & Rex More...


Clare Anderson

21 January 2015

Love the sound of my westie and grey licking their bowls clean without anything added to the foodHappy hounds and after lots of other brands happy human


Michelle Giddons

19 January 2015

I have only been using Simon's Pet Food for one week but in that time the dogs have cleared every bowl, thoroughly enjoying it. One of my dogs has a delicate stomach which sometimes leads to loose stools, but I can honestly say, everything is perfectly formed which makes for a happier dog and things much easier for me to pick up More...


Ann Hills

18 January 2015

Have tried all 4 flavours and my very fussy, sensitive greyhound loves them all. Clean bowls and a settled stomach every time.Also excellent customer service and very quick delivery. More...


Pamela Sands

17 January 2015

Having a greyhound I am used to upset stomachs caused by grain and artificial additives in dog food so I thought I would give simon's lamb a try. Clean bowls and no upset stomachs. They loved it and so did I. More...


Ian E Roberts

17 January 2015

Will be ordering large bags as a replacement for their normal diet once the transition is complete.


Claire Reilly

16 January 2015

Both my Greyhound and my Lurcher love Simon's Petfood. We will definitely be using it from now on and I would recommend it to anyone


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