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Build your integrated app for cloud computing with the Salesforce platform in USA. Customize your analytic data with clicks and stay protected your app security by using powerful APIs with the help of certified Salesforce developer and consultant in any leading-edge web framework

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KeTan BarvaLiya

1 December 2018

#*cloud analogy#india dreamin#learnowx


Amar Kumar Dubedy

16 October 2017

Excellent people providing amazing service, they always fulfill their commitments and follow up on each and every detail. Their dedication to customers is their biggest plus-point. They are a big supporter of Salesforce in India and have sponsored many Salesforce meets and events. More...


Sarthak Saxena

20 August 2017

It is a place where you get 100% opportunity not just because being a employee I am writing this but sharing my last 8 months experience.


Suneel Singh Patel

20 August 2017

Cloud Analogy is the best platform to learn new things and amazing company to work for. I am an employee in this company and never feel like an employee because company behaviour like a family and I am thankful to all my seniors who are always ready to help each other.


Deepak Singh

3 August 2017

It is the place where you can enhance your knowledge and explore your idea.