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Lakewood, Ohio

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Lakewood, Ohio


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19 May 2019

I'm not a vegan or vegetarian but I went here because it was near my job. I had the green machine smoothie and it was the best smoothie I've ever had. The Cleveland Vegan is also one of the very few places where you can have a decent warm cookie with ice cream on top. The dessert is marvelous there as well. I've had food here as well but my favorite food here is definitely the smoothies and the desserts. More...


Dmitriy Y

12 May 2019

I am not a vegan or vegetarian and I enjoyed my food immensely. Everything on the menu is vegan, but there are plenty of protein options. We had the "experience," which was a choice of three dishes from the menu columns available. It was a lot of food for two people, but allowed a nice sampling of the menu.The carrot cake pancakes were delicious. We could not tell they were vegan. The loaded nachos as expected, crispy and full of toppings. The Irish Benedict was a good surprise. Good flavors and textures.There are plenty of bakery items available, as well as coffee drinks. The service was good as well, attentive yet not too attentive. Come earlier in the day if you want brunch without a wait. More...



5 May 2019

Been there a number of times and the experience is always great. The food is delicious and the staff is super friendly. The buffalo cauliflower tacos and the half stack are my two favorites, but everything is awesome!


Michelle Zkiab

26 April 2019

Never disappointed. From their coffee menu to their grab and go, everything is spot on. My favorite is the carrot lox bagel and the short stack. I also always add a side of tempeh bacon as it is cheap, filling and flavorful! More...


Bette Hicks

26 April 2019

BEST PLACE TO EAT!! Whether you are vegan or not this place is bomb!! Everything is cooked to perfection and tastes amazing. As a vegan I especially love this place because I get to eat my old favourites like mac and cheese. More...


Melissa Fry

26 April 2019

Great service and great food! I ordered the biscuits and gravy and cheesy potatoes. Both were delicious. The biscuits were soft and buttery and the gravy had the right amount of peppery spice. My friends raved about the ranch dressing, and the carrot cake pancakes -though very sweet- are a perfect morning treat. We will definitely return when we are back in town. More...


Steve Stankiewicz

26 April 2019

I've been here a lot and always have a great experience. I'm not a full vegan just vegetarian and everything tastes astounding. I've brought omnivores here who also enjoy it. Whether vegan conscious or full vegan this place will not disappoint. More...


Jonathan W

27 March 2019

Really friendly staff. Food was AMAZING!! they were quite busy but it was worth the wait. Best vegan food in town in my opinion :)


Chloe WieseYoung

25 February 2019

We purchased our wedding cake and cupcakes from Cleveland Vegan. We were very impressed! Their cupcakes are some of the best I have ever had! We worked with Ashley to place the order. She was very detail oriented and quick to respond. They also accommodated us by making one of the flavors soy free. We received a LOT of compliments on the cupcakes. They were a big hit. I believe most of our guests didn't even realize they were vegan. Our wedding cake was beautiful too! It tasted AMAZING! We highly recommend this baker to any vegans (or omnivores!) who are getting married! More...


Steven Kiel

27 December 2018

Absolutely fantastic. We have been here several times in the past, and they are also crafting our wedding cake. Our last visit, we each went with the "CF Experience." One picks one item from three columns, and it's always a deal or the same price as buying individually. I went with the French Toast, the Loaded Nachos, and the Breakfast Sandwich. We finished it off with three slices of our actual wedding cake, Cookie Dough. Plant based food can be a challenge, and there are two approaches. Load it up with sugar and salt, make a few overpowering flavors, and that is that. The flip side is dynamic, and rich flavors carefully put together. Cleveland Vegan is doing the latter, while also keeping a careful eye on texture. The soft and warm French Toast, with their homemade "butter" is an experience one can't articulate. As you'll see on the attached menu, it can be a bit pricey- but the amount of food is fair, the food is filling, and most importantly, delicious. More...


Paul Ergh

21 May 2018

Food was fantastic and service was good but the kitchen was really slow. I had the Cleveland Vegan Experience with lox bagel, french onion soup, beet burger, and the classic gyro. I also had a peanut butter cookie, which is probably the best I've ever had. More...


Danielle Hayes

16 May 2018

The food is always delicious and the people are warm and kind. I especially appreciated how graceful they are with little ones. Thanks for being so good.


Aubree Bailey

13 May 2018

Everything here is vegan! How awesome is that? It was my first time here, and when we came the place was pretty much full. They have an option to get the CV experience for $21 dollars- youe choice of an appetizer, a side and a main. I went with my boyfriend and it fed both of us. Cauliflower buffalo dip, Mac and cheese & a beet burger. Loved every thing. I was surprised how creamy the Mac and cheese was and the beet burger was a refreshing change from a black bean burger. More...


Emily G

1 May 2018

4 stars because the desserts are out of this world, but the last time I ordered off the menu (fried rice) the food was completely burned. I always want to support local (especially vegan!!) independent businesses so I felt too guilty to mention how blackened it was (though you could tell without tasting it). Still, I was surprised they let it leave the kitchen. More...


Jin Kim

15 April 2018

Some of the best vegan food I've ever had. Really tasty dishes with a relaxing atmosphere. Staff are very friendly and helpful with the menu.


Stacie Naylor

14 April 2018

I tried 6 different dishes here and each one was amazing. The staff was very nice and accommodating. The lox is probably my new favorite meal.


Jeffrey Urbanowicz

13 April 2018

The food is great. I'm not vegan but I still really enjoyed everything they had to offer. Their oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are amazing!


Raul Ramirez

15 March 2018

This restaurant has a nice variety of dishes ranging from burritos, gyros, breakfast, dips, baked goods, etc. In tried a variety of dishes and was pleased with the flavor of each dish.

There seems to be much care taken in the food and overall appearance of the restaurant. It is well decorated. And the staff is friendly.

Overall, a really great place to eat.


Nick Fischer

13 March 2018

I've been vegan for like 6 years now and I'm always looking to try out the vegan restaurants in every city I travel to. This is hands down my favorite vegan restaurant.

There are generally three camps of vegan restaurants:

- Those that try to recreate unhealthy non-vegan food in vegan form
- Those that try to make everything as healthy as possible (often sacrificing taste)
- Those that are very expensive for a small portion of food but unlock flavors you never knew existed.

Cleveland Vegan somehow does all three. They focus on both health and taste avoiding most "fake" meats and cheeses unless they're homemade (which 99% of what they sell is) while also coming up with an end product that seems sophisticated and not something you could make at home. It's very obvious that they put love into every dish on their rotating menu.

They also have themed menus for various holidays, frequent pizza nights, and recently extended their hours.

Oh also their baker is an absolute genius. Everything they make absolutely amazes me with the only exception being the cinnamon roll which wasn't quite as soft an gooey as you'd expect. Everything else is an absolute explosion of flavors in your mouth and I've got to get at least one thing from their bakery every time I'm there.

Finally, they also catered our wedding and veganized our two favorite family recipes. Everyone was super impressed (many non vegans) and we still dream about that food every now and again.


Nicole Karecki

3 March 2018

Stopped in to check it out...I am not a vegan but I try to eat local/humanely/no waste. I had the stroganoff...it was amazing!! I had the Acai smoothie too...also very yummy...nice friendly service More...


Paul Jones

23 February 2018

First time buyer and Olivia was so knowledgeable and nice and pretty too (no disrespect). Prices were reasonable and a very large selection of juices. Over all a very relaxing atmosphere More...


Stephanie Rogers

9 February 2018

Everything vegan and everything delicious! Emma served us today and she is wonderful! Everytime we come we have great food and service! Thank you we will be back!


Kevin Wiggenhorn

7 February 2018

Great food!!! Great service!!! Highly recomend if you haven't been.


susan L

7 January 2018

Friendly service, very helpful in navigating menu, because everything sounded so good. We ordered 2 appetizers(savory & sweet) plus 3 different main dishes ALL were excellent. I highly recommend.


Robert Mitcham

27 December 2017

Absolutely one of the best all-vegan spots in NE Ohio! Atmosphere is always friendly, food is always delicious, and prices are always fair. Really hope to try their catering soon!

For the best experience, go hungry and split the 3 course meal with someone - you get an app, a side (basically a meal on it's own), and an entree for about twenty bucks.


Jennifer H

24 December 2017

So many great gluten-free options and a really cute space. Very friendly service, too!


Michael Kress

7 December 2017

I was so impressed with my shake that I ordered two meals so I could take one home with me too. The biscuits and gravy were from another world, French toast was just as good! I kid you not, I would literally eat it off the ground or share it out of a trash can with a hobo. I live 3 hours a day but still often consider driving out there on weekends so I can reminisce in those amazing tastes. More...



4 November 2017

Great restaurant. We had a great experience here after hearing such good things about it. Everything is vegan and they do almost everything (catering, cakes, takeout, dine-in!).


Reelika Püll

25 October 2017

It was a bit busy when we arrived but so worth the wait. Food was amazing and portions were big and filling. Menu is very creative with many different options and should make even the pickiest eater happy :)


Manuel Alfaro

24 October 2017

Had the Tofu tacos and wife had Quesadillas both amazing on Oct 22. Took the 2 wraps selections and lasagna home. Plus 2 deserts. Food was delicious.


Laura Kretz

1 October 2017

Excellent food and extremely kind staff. Beautiful space as well. An overall great experience!

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