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Crystal Leonard

26 May 2018

My husband got his photos done here for Real estate they turned out amazingAs well as my daughter seinor picturesDan does amazing work! !Highly recommendHim


Lincoln Park Senior Living

26 May 2017

Highly recommend. Photos turned out great and Dan was wonderful to work with throughout the photo shoot!


Brian Abels

26 May 2017

Dan is a great guy and excellent at what he does. The professionalism and creativity he brings to his corporate clients is much appreciated.


Greg Newell

26 May 2017

Dan's office is right next to mine and his work is awesome. I personally do photography as hobby. Compared to what Dan is doing, it's a good thing that what I do is ONLY a hobby. Dan's photography is stunning.


Julie Grice

15 May 2017

If you need a professional Photographer I would highly recommend Dan. He did several photo sessions with local students in Varsity Jackets to help us create a single photo for our Ad that we placed in local high schools. Very Professional - Top Quality. Thanks Dan. - Julie Grice owner Classic Stitch UPDATE: I had one of the senior moms come back for us to put the last patches on her daughters coat and she again thanked us for sending her to Cleary Creative Portraits. She informed me that she LOVES her daughters pictures and that Dan's work was amazing. More...


Allen Nelson

13 May 2017

Dan has taken my picture for my business profile and did an excellent job. He used the proper lighting so that no shadows were on my face. He knows has to tilt your head just right to to get a great finished product. More...


Janice Bretelson

26 May 2016

We chose Dan Cleary of Cleary Creative Photography to photograph our son’s senior pictures. He did such a great job of capturing our son’s personality. The pictures were all so incredible, we had a hard time deciding which ones to have him print. I strongly recommend Dan Cleary if you or someone you know needs professional portrait photography for your business, family, baby or your child's senior pictures. More...


Steve Colletti

26 May 2016

We were honored to assist Mr. Cleary and his family in the purchase of a car. It was one of the most expedient transactions we've had. Mr. Cleary is professional, and honest. I have seen some of his work too, and I couldn't think of anyone I wouldn't recommend. More...


Rebecca Victor

26 May 2016

I would highly recommend Dan Cleary! The photographs he took for me to use in various business applications are great! Not only do I have different poses in different outfits, he has provided me several shots of each photo I selected so the images can be used in various media formats.In addition to the photos that make me look great, if I may say so, the session was fun. Dan's calm demeanor helped me to relax and enjoy the experience.I will be using Dan again. This time for personal photos. More...


Michael Smith

26 May 2016

Dan is the best! I highly recommend him. He photographed the Dayton Chapter of the American Red Cross' Annual meeting earlier this year and his photos were wonderful. I think the thing I appreciate about his talent most of all is his passion. More...


Kevin Conner

26 May 2016

You can't get a better professional photographer than Dan Cleary. Dan did all of the photo work for my firm and the results were great! We used them for our website, promos, advertising, etc. He was patient, worked with us to get what we wanted, and even did some post-work. Highly, highly recommended. More...

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