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Katy, TX, harris

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Clear Choice Consulting INC

Katy, TX, harris



Clear Choice Consulting INC is a technology consulting firm with a primary focus on our clients I.T. needs. Clear Choice Consultants bring a wide variety of skill and experience to recommend the best solution that considers all of our clients unique challenges.


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Peggy Smith

23 August 2018

Outstanding services. Reliable and fast. Had issues with my home network and was unable to troubleshoot the issue myself. Contacted them for free consultation, in the end they were able to resolve my issue as well as set up my in home network. They also gave me recommendation in products to better my network as well as my performance on my pc. Satisfied customer, would use them again. More...


Torey Frazier

21 August 2018

Great service. They performed a free evaluation found the problem, and got my slow computer up and running like new. They walked me thru the entire process from beginning to end. I definitely recommend them.


Cas Wear Rio

23 July 2018

Great!!! Bright...Future, Leaders in the IT world.


Joe Apodaca

25 June 2018

An information technology consulting firm that offers IT services, cloud solutions, and disaster recovery.

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The satisfaction of our customers. They are why we exist and no other reason. We keep the focus on customer satisfaction which is why we stand out from the rest.

Having been in Corporate IT for over 20 years. I wanted to reach a broader audience to display our talents. I knew we could make a difference in the market today.

For peace of mind, Leadership and ownership of your issue. That's what we will provide to our clients.


Can't figure out what hardware or software to buy for your business or personal needs? Inquire about our Technology Consultation. We'll perform a deep dive interview with you to understand your tech needs and match them up with the right hardware and software. We'll setup everything for you and stage your office\work area as well if needed. Never make guesses again on your computer needs.

Do you have a Disaster Recovery plan? No matter how big or small your business is you should have a DR plan. With the number of floods, hurricanes wind storms happening, having a plan that is revised often and tested frequently makes sense. We'll help you develop a written plan with all the steps involved to get your business back up and running in the event of a Disaster. We'll also review and test it as often as quarterly or annually depending on your preference.

Having an up to date backup is critical small business and personal computer users. It's difficult to start over again. We do everything we can to prepare you for the unexpected missing proposal. Using our Partnership with Microsoft, we can provide you a Office 365 account to get your data protected in the cloud. Let us show you how today.

Need help now. Can't bring your computer in? We can help with our remote control services. If your system can still be reached, we'll remote in and fix your issue on the spot. Call us today

We'll remove all viruses, adware, and spyware and advise you on how to prevent attacks in the future.

A new computer isn't always necessary because it runs slow. An SSD (Solid State Drive) upgrade can turn that slow performing desktop or laptop into a lightning fast time saving super machine. See if your computer qualifies for an upgrade today.

Have network jacks in your home but they don't work? We can fix that. We'll trace, patch and test those network jacks and give you wired internet access where you need it most. Nothing beats a wired connection, especially when you've tried every wireless device in the world with little success

Looking to get your computers setup in your office? Give a call and we we'll recommend purchases, configure, and connect your computers for a great price. Call for a quote today