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As a Clean A.F. we go the extra mile to leave your place sparkly clean from drab to fab. You’ll feel an essence of positivity and assurance with our excellent cleaning experience from ceiling to floor.


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Clean AF service officially started in the Summer of 2018.

Clean AF services will use our own environmental products that leaves your place in aroma bliss. We use new products and for our clients and certified cleaning practices.

Clean AF services wants our customers to be happy, and a valued, satisfied customer makes us know our job is being done right.

Our CEO saw a need to help, hard working people who just need a break at home chores. She hopes to fulfill this need by supporting her clients to the best of her capabilities.

Clean AF services ensures that our customers enjoy a pleasant, and stress free cleaning experience.


1. Living room/Dining Removing dander underneath and behind couches and tables. Clean couches. Dust off coffee table, tv stand, surfaces, shelves, windows, blinds, and appliances. Mop under couch, shelves and tables. 2. Kitchen Wipe off counter, in/out/top fridge , in/out stove top, loaded the dishwasher, organize cabinets, and mop floor. 3. Bedrooms Clean all surfaces with dust including windows. Fix the bed, clean under the bed, top of dresser, mop floor. 4. Bathroom   Clean shower, toilet, under the sink, behind toilet, surfaces, corners, and mop floor.