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Craig W.

29 August 2019

Clean Sweep LA did an outstanding job!! I am a realtor and had a tenant move out of a home and they left it a mess. Clean Sweep LA came in on short notice and did a fantastic job.  Inside the cabinets, refrigerator, shelves, bathrooms.. all came out spotless. Laura was super helpful and professional. This team is my new go to. More...


Josey M.

10 August 2019

This was my first time getting professional cleaners. My apartment's pretty clean as it is but I wanted a deep cleaning of all the stuff you don't want to clean yourself often, ie. the oven, fridge, cabinets, floorboards, etc. I had Alba & Yesenia and they were great. On time, friendly, and quick. My apartment looks great and I plan to ask for them again. More...


Trey H.

31 July 2019

So after living in my place for the better part of 19 years, I've opted to redecorate... To prepare for it I will need it a deep clean for my 1 bedroom 1 bath condo... They showed up promptly at 8 assessed the situation and got to work...Maaaaaaaaan, they were incredible!!  I consider myself thorough when I clean my bathroom but they made my work look like crap... They polished the tile in the shower so well I can see my reflection  From this point on I'm going to do an annual deep clean and they will be the first I call!! Great job! More...


Po-Jen L.

31 July 2019

The carpet cleaning is beyond my expectations. Sky is really helpful and he went an extra mile to remove the stains. If you are looking for carpet cleaning, this is it!


Esme Y.

16 July 2019

They did a great job with the cleaning of my home. My home looked like a tornado came in and just created this mess.. there was no way I would be able to clean it up in time before the in-laws came. I am very grateful to this company and their girls they helped so much. More...


Andrew C.

12 July 2019

Yesenia Solorzano did a great job today! Service is always amazing. Highly recommended.


Jill M.

30 June 2019

We hired a team from Clean Sweep LA to deep clean my son's apt and they did an amazing job! The ONLY reason I didn't give 5 stars is because they quoted 3 hours but they were gone in 2 1/2. I'm guessing they were done, it's only a 640 sq ft apt., I was a little surprised when they said 3 hours for 2 people to clean it. More...


Tom Z.

22 June 2019

Amazing service and amazing quality. Cleaners came when I get as at work and did everything as advertised and more. I will definitely be using Clean Sweep again.


James W.

14 June 2019

Glenda and Elda went the extra mile while cleaning my 1 bedroom / 1 bath during my weekly maintenance cleaning today and made my day.Elda cleaned my whole deck floor and wiped my glass that hasn't been cleaned in maybe a year and it looks excellent. Glenda wiped my cabinets and appliances in the kitchen and everything looks brand new. Overall, these ladies really made the place really sparkle and I'm so glad they visited today. I would highly suggest this crew - they're some of the best maids I've had so far and I've had quite a few different maids in the past years. More...


Jacob C.

8 June 2019

This place is awesome! Both of the cleaners that came in were super friendly and efficient, though it did take them a little longer than I would expect, probably just because I asked for a deep clean instead of a standard one. They hit the bathrooms and kitchen the most as well as the general floor mop and vacuum, and everything looked really nice when they left. The only thing I would say is the entertainment system and the tv in the bedroom were hardly touched and were still dusty/dirty, but given the overall job and the good customer service on the office end, I'd definitely say this service is worth 5 stars all around. Give them a try if you're ever needing a thorough clean! More...


Arshia M.

1 June 2019

I used Clean Sweep LA to Deep clean my house.  All I can is that they were on time, and they went above and beyond on the cleaning.  It was a 2 bed 2 bath condo.  I have a room mate that is super dirty, their bathroom and room would drive me nuts.  They came in cleaned everything organized the closets.  Even the room and bathroom of the room mate smelled clean.  Definitely give them a shot, you won't be disappointed.  This is my second time using them. More...


Ms. Mae-Mae M.

29 May 2019

I have used Clean Sweep LA twice, hiring them for a deep clean when moving out of apartment. They have done a great job both times and I recommend them. The most recent time I used them was on Memorial Day and they did a great job deep cleaning my vacated bedroom, common area of movers' dust and with extra time left over they deep cleaned the oven and stove top. There is a 2 hour min with a min of 2 cleaners, which comes to $130, which may be more than I wanted to spend BUT I researched 1 cleaner at an hourly rate on Task Rabbit and most were $100+/hour (granted this was on Memorial Day). They will expect you to pay for parking for the cleaners, FYI and add it the day of to your invoice. I think they should mention that in their quote but they don't. More...


Ryan H.

22 May 2019

Professional, timely, thorough, and courteous.  Exceeded my expectations for our deep clean.  I'll use again!


Taylor O.

20 May 2019

My apartment was a mess and I needed a deep clean asap. I called Thursday evening and they were able to set me up for the next day! They quoted me 2.5 hours and I left specific instructions on what was most important to me. I was SO excited to come home to a spotless and shining apartment! They did such an amazing job, they did everything on my list and then some! I'm likely going to set up a regular cleaning with them, highly recommended! More...


Steven W.

18 May 2019

Had a great experience with Clean Sweep LA. They were right on time, professional, and did a fantastic job. They didn't miss a single detail. We'll be using them again. Thanks so much for making our place look great! More...


Sabrina E.

8 May 2019

I am honestly in shock over how clean and sparkly my apartment is! Did not think it was possible for my place to look the way it does. The attention to detail was what really impressed me. Not only did they clean but they organized my drawers, even cleaned my hairbrushes! My place looks like new and I couldn't be happier. Alejandra was great with communication the entire time! Very pleased More...


Bete A.

1 May 2019

Clean Sweep exceeded my expectations! I have never experienced house cleaners who were as thorough as the team that came out this week. Elsa and (I can't remember her name but she was great too) were perfectionist and went over and beyond. I will refer this company from now on. Thank you for your promptness and professionalism. More...


Stephanie D.

24 April 2019

I recently got our home cleaned by Eimy and Esther and they were both very friendly, professional and on time! They cleaned with all green products per request at no additional fee and they brought all their own cleaning tools. I only had to deduct a star because the company requires a card for payment and charges the card prior to the start of service. So if they show up and say it will take 3 hours even though it may only take 2 hours you have to pay for 3 hours and they take a little more time to hit the 3 hours since that is what you paid for. I think they should charge after the service, but just my opinion. Overall great clean by good people for a more fair price than many other companies in LA. I would definitely recommend them and use them again! More...


M N.

5 April 2019

Sky and his partner did an amazing job restoring my 10+ year old berber carpet stained by high traffic and 4 legged kids to new!! I thought the stains would never come out and I would have to replace it. They arrived on time and were so thorough. I will definitely try their house cleaning services. Thank you Sky and team!!!! More...


Stephanie C.

2 April 2019

Requested a deep clean on a final move-out at our old apartment, including carpet shampooing. The ladies who arrived were super-thorough, friendly, very professional and accommodating. And the carpet looked amazing.Definitely going to use them again! More...


Lili H.

26 March 2019

Nice and clean results I have got after the carpet cleaning service from their professional technician. The technician Sky is really quick and made the work well done. He also has provided a pleasant overall service based on my experience. Thanks! More...


Gaylen S.

21 March 2019

A relative of mine had been sick for some time and had not been at all able to keep up with any type of house cleaning; he was in the hospital, and I felt it very important for him to come home to a clean environment after a serious surgery.  I contacted Clean Sweep and was able to get a convenient time for a cleaning.  Two amazing women showed up (on time) and did absolute magic with the house.  I came back to the house while they were still cleaning, and watching them was like poetry in motion - they really knew what they were doing and just the way to do it.  If it weren't for the fact that I live in the Bay Area, I would hire them to clean my house on a regular basis - they are just that good! More...


Angie T.

12 March 2019

I had my doubts because scheduling wasn't the easiest. However on round 2 of scheduling Evelyn and Glenda were right on time. I got a 3 hour deep clean in a 700 sq foot house. They divided and conquered my house and it is immaculate. There are multiple places in the bathroom where I thought the grime was just permanent or corrosion of some sort that wasn't there anymore! They stayed an extra 45 minutes to finish up and double check. The ladies were wonderfully considerate of sharing my small space while I had my baby and were super careful and meticulous! I would request them again! More...


Elle R.

3 March 2019

Clean Sweep LA team was absolutely fantastic! They made my apartment, in which I've lived for several years, feel almost brand new. Window stills were wiped clean, stove top/inside are shiny &  long term 'stains' on cabinets & floors were cleared away, ect. They also swept my garage that had leaves, dirt, dust & cobwebs everywhere. My only constructive feedback would be that there were a few specific tasks that I was hoping to have completed, but with a language barrier that I was not previously informed about, I found slightly difficulty in relaying my message. Of course, I am happy to translate with my phone, but this  would have been something nice to be made aware of before their arrival. Really though, Sonya & Maria were magnificent. I am so happy with my choice to book them to make my home feel sparkling. Thank you so much. More...


Evangelina M.

3 March 2019

I found Clean Sweep LA on yelp and have used them 3 times in the last several months! This company has been awesome to work with so far! Making an appointment is easy and the ladies (team of 2) are always on time (between the times management specifies).  Once the ladies get to your place they determine how long they will need.  My specific areas usually take between 2 and 2 1/2 hours (it varies).  I do not mind the variation because whether it's 2 hours or 2 1/2 they do an excellent job.  The ladies are always careful, do not break anything, and do a detailed job! Also, they do not leave early, which other cleaning companies do.  They will stay and clean until the time they give you and then quickly clean up their belongings afterwards!  The ladies I have had are kind, hard-working, and easy to have in your home! More...


Lynsey A.

1 March 2019

I have been a customer of Clean Sweep LA for a couple of years. They are a little pricey but definitely worth it. Their staff is very professional and I have not had any problems. I highly recommend them if you are looking for deep or regular maintenance cleaning. Definitely five stars! More...


Gabi R.

27 February 2019

I was referred to these guys from two friends so I felt pretty comfortable with the process from the get go. I got my deep clean today and my place looks amazing. I really badly needed a deep clean, especially the places I hate cleaning. I live in a 1BR/1BA and it took 3 hours. They cleaned most crevice, including things like my keurig, make up stand and organized everything too. Only reason they didn't get 5 stars, I was told they would call me once they arrived at my apartment and assessed the amount of time they would need. This never happened and since they only require a 2 hour minimum, I would have liked to know it was going to be 3. Lastly, they didn't dust my ceiling fan blades, which really needed it and I figured with 3 full hours in a 1 bedroom that would have been done.Other than that, great service! I will use them again and just make sure I specify anything that I want cleaned. UPDATE: I got a deep clean again last week and this one was SO much more thorough than the last one. Every cabinet was organized and dusted. It took 4.5 hours for them to do my one bedroom which is a longtime but it was worth it when I saw the result. More...


Myah L.

25 February 2019

I am glad I went with clean sweep LA! They did a great job! The reason I give them only 4 stars is because it was hard to communicate with them and you couldn't call the cleaners directly which made things complicated when they couldn't find my apartment. Other than that I highly recommend them! More...


Tiffany N.

23 February 2019

This is an absolutely outstanding company. I will never use anyone else again to shampoo our wool rugs and to clean and Scotchgard our upholstered chairs and ottomans. I made an S.O.S. phone call to the Clean Sweep LA midday on a Saturday, after our dog had a disastrous accident all over our living room area rug. Sky, our technician, was here within the hour! He was incredibly professional, courteous, knowledgeable, thorough, and speedy. A total expert who provided us with an unparalleled level of service! Sky managed to get terrible pet stains out of our area rug, and even hardened slime that the kids had spilled on the rug. In addition, he was able to bring our beautiful white upholstered chair and ottoman back to life after our daughter decided it would make a great canvas for her artwork (using non-washable markers ). I am beyond impressed. The rug and chair look new and the house smells fantastic. I also love that Sky used all "green" products! I cannot recommend this company highly enough. Absolutely fantastic experience all around. Hands down the best cleaning service I have ever used. Thank you, Sky! I will be spreading the word about Clean Sweep LA! More...


Greg W.

5 February 2019

Hands down the best cleaning service I've had before. The cleaners were super nice too. It is a little expensive but worth it in my opinion. This will be my cleaning service from here on More...


Dean Z.

31 January 2019

I've worked with Sky and his staff for over 9 years. His work ethic and integrity align with my own business values. Treat your customers with respect and honesty and they'll keep coming back. Clean Sweep is a top-notch professional service company whose integrity is above all the rest. More...


Mk C.

30 January 2019

Amazing job done very quickly and professionally by the amazing SKY!!!  it was a really gross carpet and he made it bearable LOL thanks for accommodating my early start time of 7 AM please use this company they're amazing so happy with the service wish I could give 100 stars


Kaycee C.

22 January 2019

We used these guys for a deep cleaning post remodel and they did a fantastic job. Both ELSA and Maria were very professional and polite. This time we used them for some upholstery cleaning and they also did a great job. Our couch and chair look so much better and are so fresh after being in storage. I still plan to use them again and would highly recommend them to anyone! More...


Steel C.

18 January 2019

Fantastic job - definitely recommend.  Post construction cleaning w/ a ton of dust etc, the team worked around furniture and boxes to make the space livable and ready for unpacking.  Fielded numerous requests professionally and politely. On time (early) and Company sent an additional crew later in the day to help with no additional charge.  Definitely recommend. More...


Annie R.

16 January 2019

They were so great and nice. Everything was super easy to set up and the gentleman that did my cleaning was super helpful and nice.


Kaliopi P.

11 January 2019

We had a regular crew for a few months.  At first they were good, then the guy started wasting his time cleaning things that didn't need cleaning.  We stopped using them for awhile.Recently we had them for 3 hours and the two ladies did a great job.They were fast, efficient, had clean supplies.I like this company.  They always try to help at the last minute and most usually their workers are very good. More...


Laurie P.

26 December 2018

These guys are simply the best. Been using them for years, now. They don't miss ANYTHING! Love Manuel, Blanca!


Juli J.

14 December 2018

I have used this service several times. On-time, courteous and efficient service! I would highly recommend them for your home cleaning needs


Victoria R.

14 December 2018

First time using Clean Sweep. I have small children and keep the house clean and organized but the deep cleaning just was not happening. I hired clean sweep for a "maintenance clean" and they were just what I was looking for. On time, professional, responsive, quick (2.5 hrs for our 2 bed 1.5 bath, 2 stories) and I could request natural products. I was overwhelmed with how many cleaning services are in our area it no longer, glad to have a go to! More...


a f.

10 December 2018

I've used sweep clean LA at least four times and have been 100% satisfied each time .The cleaning crews are very hard-working and detail oriented.Our House is always sparkling  and looks amazing. The best cleaning service I've ever used and reasonably priced compared to other cleaning companies. More...


Yoel J.

7 December 2018

Awesome. So let me start at the beginning. I was going back and forth with other cleaning companies but Clean Sweep LA was always the quickest to respond. Our roommate had left unexpectedly and left quite a bit to clean. We are planning to have family over the holidays so it had to be cleaned ASAP. Sucks ya? We were practically a last minute appointment and they booked us right away...the next day in fact. Whoa. The cleaners were scheduled to arrive at 12-1. They arrived at 12 on the dot. That's right. They came on time. Amanda, a rep I talked to from Clean Sweep, was kind enough to let me know they had arrived and gave me the run down on estimated time and what that would cost. I did a walkthrough with the cleaners (didn't catch their names because I had to go back to work) and told them my priority list. I then left them to do their thing and went back to work. I ended up going with their estimated 4 hours because I wanted to be thorough with the cleaning. Side note: There's a 2-hour minimum and if you get a longer estimated time, you can still just have them clean the minimum. They just might not get to everything. Flash forward to the present. I literally just got home and inspected everything. It's clean af. I pride myself in being really clean (ironic since I needed cleaners) and they definitely went above and beyond. They got all the things on my priority list and than some. So to recap. Super professional, kind, and punctual. And the most important thing, they do their jobs and they do it well. Very satisfied. More...


Meera G.

6 December 2018

I have used Clean Sweep LA for the last two years and they are the most reliable cleaning service I've ever had. The cleaning crew is always on time, courteous, professional and thorough.  They often do extra small things that I never consider but always appreciate.  Try them. You won't be disappointed. More...


John P.

4 December 2018

They were able to come two days after I first messaged them, and the cleaning only took 45 minutes. My loveseat looks (almost) as good as new, now.


Emilía L.

21 November 2018

Wow! What a great experience with Clean Sweep LA! I have only twice before gotten a cleaning service for our house since moving to LA, and the value was just not there. Needless to say, I was very apprehensive about giving this a go again, but I knew really I needed the extra help. The two people from Clean Sweep ended up being AMAZING and I am so impressed! In roughly two hours, they did everything we discussed with such attention to detail. We have a very old bathtub that is porous and stains easily, and I have literally never seen it so clean and white. I really am so happy and will definitely be using them again! Thank you!! More...


Marilyn L.

15 November 2018

We have been using Clean Sweep for several years now. The team is always on time and are very efficient. I have never had an issue with whoever we have had. My only issue is they sometimes change my team without letting me know ahead of time. I understand the occasional change due to a worker not longer with them or wanting to work in a different area. It would just be better that Clean Sweep let their customer know when there is a change.Marilyn L More...


Mel L.

14 November 2018

I have been using Clean Sweep LA for about 4 years.   The regular couple that do my unit are superb and always exacting.   On the rare occasion they need to substitute another team they have been all surprisingly well trained.They do wood floors excellent.   They do my laundry and they always finish on time. More...


Micah S.

8 November 2018

I've been using Clean Sweep LA for a long time. The first time they came over, they did an impeccable job, which has been repeated weekly for years.Even when our regularly scheduled crew can't make it, the substitute crew does an equally good job. That's impressive; usually cleaning quality varies widely depending on who shows up.I run an Airbnb which needs cleaning multiple times a week, so I've hired many different cleaning companies over the years. This company is by far the best I've seen. Nobody else comes close. No contest. More...


Liz O.

6 November 2018

I am a huge fan of this company. Make no mistake: their prices are not cheap, but I do firmly believe you get what you pay for, and the same holds true for this company. The team that I use, Maria and Elsa, are thorough and detailed. They are also really really nice to my dog, which doesn't hurt! To me it's the details that count. They dust every corner, they vacuum under my couch cushions, when they leave I really feel like the place is sparkling. Even though their prices recently went up, and they're slightly more than I can afford, I'm skipping my Starbucks once a week and putting it towards their services. Highly recommended! More...


Debra S.

6 November 2018

Great experience with clean sweep.  They came to do a deep clean of our house and they did a fantastic job on all fronts.  Thank you!


Ashley D.

2 November 2018

Great experience with them!  They do a fantastic job cleaning.  I'm really grateful for their help.


Delana S.

2 November 2018

Elsa and Maria did a cool job. They were both very friendly. Maria was quick and efficient. My son's top bunk bed was left unmade.  Overall they did a decent job with the mess they were presented with. I have a dog so they cleaned up the dog poo which was a bonus and I'm grateful they did that. More...


Hirak B.

1 November 2018

On time and good service - used for deep cleaning and carpet cleaning.


Vanessa A.

29 October 2018

We used clean sweep LA for a cleaning job and are very happy with the cleaning job. Will use them again!


Sam M.

8 October 2018

Great Carpet Cleaning!  Had some pretty rough stains after a party and after Clean Sweep LA was done it looked like new! Will hire again


Anita K.

6 October 2018

After being very happy with the result of "deep post-construction" cleaning service, we decided to call CleanSweepLA team again for carpet cleaning as well. They came very well equipped, worked around our calls and schedule (working from home), explained all the details of the process. At the end, they showed us the water used to wash the rugs and carpet. Let me just say we are planning to have carpet cleaning on a regular basis. Our carpets look like brand new, smell great and refreshing.Definitely highly recommend hiring CleanSweep for all your apartment cleaning needs. More...


J J.

12 September 2018

I got the deep cleaning service for my boyfriend's apartment.  The two cleaners spent 3.5 hours to super deep clean a one bedroom one bath place with a dog living there.  I felt it was a reasonable amount of time for how much they accomplished.  I had a car accident recently and haven't been able to clean.  They cleaned every single speck of dust out of this home, including the refrigerator and freezer and oven.  It is an older place with crown molding and baseboards in every room.  All the door and cabinets are painted white and have a lot of places for dust to hide.  The bathroom has an antique French style clawfoot tub which is extremely difficult to clean under and around, and I've never seen it so clean.  I honestly don't know how they got the old grout in the bathroom so white without damaging it. The entire home smells fresh.  The cleaners honestly went above and beyond my expectations.  Clean sweep is the best cleaning service I've ever had the pleasure to hire. More...


Angelo H.

4 September 2018

Love Clean Sweep! I've been using them for years and they never disappoint. I've tried a host of other cleaning services and they just don't compare. In my opinion, Clean Sweep is the best you'll find in the LA area. More...


Kiersten S.

27 August 2018

My roommate and I are incredibly happy with the results. This was our first time getting the apartment cleaned. We did a spring cleaning which, for our size apartment (around 875 sqft) cost $195 for 3 hours. Our apartment actually glistened when we arrived. The floors and blinds, which I have struggled to clean on my own, have NEVER been this clean. We kept looking into cabinets and were pleased to discovered they'd cleaned them and rearranged items to be more efficient. They cleaned places I never would have thought to clean. Coming home to our apartment was a huge relief. They also showed up toward the start of the arrival window, so I didn't have to wait around. Their customer service is spot on: they sent me a quote via email, were always quick to answer my questions both via email and phone, and sent me an invoice day-of. I also ended up needing an emergency upholstery cleaning and they got someone out the very same day I called. Their upholstery cleaning was not cheap but was fantastic, and you couldn't even tell I had spilled red juice all over a tan couch. (Should have taken pictures, it was so amazing.) More...


Steph C.

24 August 2018

Had a really great experience with Clean Sweep - to the point where I'm tiptoeing around my house wondering how they got everything so shiny! I seriously just looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and wondered if there was a whole other room in there I'd never seen before... Scott, one of their carpet cleaners, came within two hours of initial contact and did a great, thorough job. A pair of maids also came the next day and are real heroes - friendly, able and did a really good job, especially on glass and my steel kitchen island. I seriously should be wearing booties in my own house right now. Thank you! More...


Tom P.

23 August 2018

Great service! I needed my garage cleaned of a ton of dust and spiderwebs, etc. Consuela and Eduardo were both amazing. Lovely people and did an outstanding job. I would use them anytime.


Sara S.

6 August 2018

So amazing. I just had my flooring redone from carpet to hardwood floors so my place was really dusty from the construction. But they came in and cleaned the walls, windows and curtains. They made my place clean again. I highly recommend!! More...


Roscoe B.

16 July 2018

Such a great cleaning service! Maids were able to do what was originally supposed to be 4 hours in just around 3 hours! Super great job and everything felt so nice to be reset in the apartment. I was worried they wouldn't clean my shower as deep as necessary and forgot to mention to do so but I was pleasantly surprised to see they did a great job and deep cleaned the area I was worried about without my mentioning it:)Highly suggest using this service to anyone! More...


Evelyn S.

12 July 2018

I am very impressed with my cleaning job. Blanca and Manuel left my house sparkling clean! They paid attention to detail, and left no corner undone. My sinks and tub look brand new. They even cleaned things that I didn't expect, like vacuuming between my couch cushions. And all within a timely manner. Very satisfied customer. More...


Dretti P.

11 July 2018

I got my apartment deep cleaned today by Ruby and Elda. They did an amazing job and I look forward to booking them again for my next apartment cleaning. Thank you ladies!


Colleen G.

5 July 2018

I'm truly shocked at how wonderful these ladies did in my apartment. I didn't keep up with cleaning like I should have. I lived there for five years, and there's absolutely no way you could tell after they were finished! The fridge, the oven, the windows and windowsills, the floors, EVERYTHING! Absolutely sparkling. I am totally shocked. Thank you so much for your work. More...


Sareen S.

29 June 2018

Had a great experience with this company. Maids were on time, and very thorough for my move out clean. Prices were as expected for a deep clean. They even finished a little bit early, and the maids said that I still had 15 minutes left in the time slot if I wanted them to go over anything again, but it was unnecessary. If I was staying in LA, I would definitely use them again. More...


Chris D.

27 June 2018

We used this company to clean some units at a property we manage out in Pasadena.  When I went out there this morning to check on the progress it looked like they were doing a fantastic job, really spending the time to get every nook and cranny.  I am looking forward to going back out to the apartment tomorrow morning and see the final product. More...


Hoa N.

25 June 2018

In general the place was definitely cleaner. The staff was nice and professional. When I started unpacking I did notice the shelves were not clean or vaccum bc there were still dirt there and I had to vaccum it. I think the cleaners did a good job with things that were visible but the shelves were not looked at. I was satisfied in general but hope it was just slightly bit better. More...


Heidi S.

22 June 2018

Amazing cleaning service!  We hired them to deep clean for a move-out cleaning of a 5 bedroom 3 1/2 bath home.  Everything is immaculate and better than it's ever looked: appliances inside and out, tile floors, wood floors, inside cupboards, bathrooms and outdoor deck area.   Two wonderful folks came and worked quite a while but it so worth it.  They were courteous, professional and brought all their own supplies.  I will definitely be calling them again.  Thank you! More...


Adrian G.

19 June 2018

My apartment has never been cleaner! I opted for the deep clean option. Process was simple and customer service response was clear and prompt. Scheduled the service a few days before and the cleaners came on time. They asked a few questions about what needed to be cleaned and gave me an estimate. Work was done as agreed upon and the attention to detail was amazing! Satisfied with the service performed! More...


Rose V.

17 June 2018

Always the best experience. Changes my life every time Clean Sweep comes in and cleans. Will be using them again for sure!


Cindy C.

4 June 2018

Nothing beats a clean home. Today was my second time. First time was six months ago and the crew of two did an amazing job. I tried another company in April because they were 20% cheaper. Unfortunately the one person didn't do as well so I return to Clean Sweep. I opted for a deep cleaning the involves cleaning the windows (inside only), inside the refrigerator and the entire stove. I didn't have them clean the inside of my cabinets. After seeing the space and getting an idea of what to and not to clean, the company called and quoted me $210. Last regular cleaning was $150. Ouch. But I needed to it so approved. After 3 1/2 hours my apartment was nice and clean. You not only see it clean but can smell it. Smells like fresh laundry. I skipped laundry. Since the machines aren't in my space, the service would be extra and could tack on more time and thus more money.Overall both experiences were good though I preferred the first crew. This pair did miss dusting a few spots. I did notice damage to my bathroom door which I showed the crew and asked them to share with the company. Though the company called for feedback they didn't mention the damage door. Disappointing. Fortunately it was cosmetic and my super offered to fix it at no charge. More...


AnaLisa C.

27 May 2018

They came so short notice and did a really great job! I have a two bedroom apartment and they were in and out in less than 4 hours. My friend told me about them since i was looking for cleaners at a reasonable price.  Scheduling with them was really easy, since they are really flexible. Safe to say i would defintely recommend them! They were extremely polite and on time! & i have never seen my sink so clean! More...


Jesse S.

19 May 2018

It's a bit pricey, but overall a well run company. As others said, you'll get an estimate over the phone, and once cleaners arrive, you can walk them through what you need and they'll give a more accurate timeline needed to finish everything. The office then calls to confirm that you agree to that number of hours. My team estimated 4 hours, however they actually took 5 hours - but I appreciate that I was not charged for the extra time since it was not agreed to up front. The cleaners did a very good job with deep clean of my place; though I wish the tile floors had been mopped and perhaps the hardwood floors were better cleaned vs just swept. In the past, I've used a single cleaner who stays all day and charges almost half as much as Clean Sweep and actually does a more thorough job... so I might go back to that in the future. But I needed someone quickly here and my go-to wasn't available. Clean Sweep came through. More...


Alec E.

15 May 2018

I brought in these cleaners for a finished construction site full of dust, paint stains, the works. They worked for 8 hours and made the place sparkle. My only qualm is that they don't speak English so communication is difficult but we were able to work around it. More...


Alisa X.

12 May 2018

Clean Sweep LA Maids are a reliable service. I used the deep clean option. I got them to clean my old apartment when i was moving out and it was spotless. I just moved into my new spot and opted for the deep clean service again and the clean is consistent. The lovely ladies who came by were so lovely too!I highly recommend this company. They are prompt and do a great job! More...


Sandra G.

9 May 2018

We hired Clean Sweep LA to do a top-bottom, post-fumigation, post-renovation massive clean up of a 4-story townhouse.  From the first call (intake by Sky) to the end of the job (which included steam cleaning of all rugs, upholstery and drapes... also by Sky) - they did a FABULOUS job.  The place is sparkling. The cleaning crew that came was professional, friendly and FAST.  I only had to explain one time what we wanted and they executed with precision.  Mercedes in the cleaning crew stood out, especially.  Their invoicing and payment process is also quick and easy. Within minutes of the job being done, I had an invoice for approval in my inbox which I could approve/sign electronically.  This was as painless a clean-up process as possible. I highly recommend this company! More...


Jennifer F.

7 May 2018

Great job!!This was my first time using any cleaning service, and it was an excellent experience! We called Clean Sweep to deep clean a one bedroom apt. The maids were on time, thorough (incl. giving the bathroom a serious scrub down, getting all the baseboards + other areas that we hadn't touched in ages!), and even managed to fit in organizing some areas in ways that were totally more efficient than I'd had them before. The cost estimate ahead of time was accurate (2.5-3 hrs for deep cleaning with 2 maids) and the whole process was well organized. I will definitely use this service again!! More...


Hilda P.

29 April 2018

This company is an amazing company. I was told pricing and an estimate of the time they would spend cleaning and it all seemed reasonable to me! They were on time, cleaned my house really well, and were so polite as well! I was a bit skeptical before getting them because my family has had bad experiences with maids but this company totally changed my perspective. You could tell these are hard working people, and honestly I would rehire them a million times. More...


Joseph A.

28 April 2018

On time. Nice job deep cleaning. Company called in advance to give price quote and after that get feedback.


Eryn C.

19 April 2018

This was my first time using this maid service and honestly I was a little hesitant because I had a bad experience before with using maids but they exceeded my expectations and were so nice. I would definitely recommend this cleaning company. They were amazing !!! I should've done before and after pictures because they did an awesome job!!! Sincerely,A super satisfied customer. More...


Joyce K.

6 April 2018

With our first baby arriving in less than a week, my husband and I were stressing out about cleaning our house and finding the right company to do so. We had our share of bad luck with other companies in the past, where they took our money but didn't deliver their promises. I was skeptical at first as it was our first time using Clean Sweep LA Maids, but right from the first phone call to meeting our wonderful crew that arrived promptly(and patiently waited for 30 mins! sorry!), my husband and I were impressed from the start. We did a 3-hour deep cleaning session with a crew of two people, and they did such an exceptional job. I never knew our bathroom sink could be that sparkly white! They brought all their cleaning supplies, and after 3 hours, we could definitely see a difference. My husband is more of a clean-freak than I am, and to say that it impressed him is a really big deal. We'll continue to use Clean Sweep LA Maids! If you're hesitating, just give it a try and you'll be impressed. More...


J H.

5 April 2018

I have used Clean Sweep about five times so far. They have lots of employees, so each time a different team of two has shown up. I couldn't pick out a favorite crew, because they are all so good! They do the deepest, most professional cleanings that I have ever had! And they do it in a reasonable amount of time at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Clean Sweep to anyone looking for home or commercial cleaning. I will give them my business as long as I live here!Jan H.Studio City, CA More...


James K.

21 March 2018

I've used Clean Sweep LA repeatedly, in my previous apartment and in my new house. I've been consistently impressed with their work, customer service and communication. The teams they send out get the work done promptly and efficiently. I highly recommend it. More...


Jennifer R.

13 March 2018

I've never hired a cleaning service before but decided to treat myself (my apt) to a deep cleaning.   And I was so incredibly happy with how it turned out!!! Worth every penny! There is no way I could have done what they did - or at least would ever find the time to. They sent two cleaners and they did my 1 bedroom apt in 2.5 hours.  They were super thorough - cleaning the inside of my oven, marks on the walls, baseboards, floors etc.  For the week after I kept finding new clean things - like the top of my trash can had been scrubbed and they had taken out all the old stains in my white sink.  Also not sure the cleaning products they used but it never smelled like chemicals, just fresh and clean - which was a bonus.  The price was reasonable and I will definetly be having them back to do this again! More...


Justin H.

6 March 2018

Needed my place cleaned in very short notice. Clean Sweep LA Maids came through for more. The cleaners arrived on perfect time and my apartment has never looked better. I will continue doing business with them. Very pleasant experience. Thank you! More...


Daniel B.

28 February 2018

Clean Sweep LA did an excellent job cleaning my condo. I needed a deep clean to get it ready for new tenants.  They did an excellent job cleaning cabinets, baseboards, fridge, bathrooms, etc. They also has great communication and arrived as scheduled. The cleaning crew was also very nice and personable. More...


Coca X.

27 February 2018

The cleaners did an amazing job! They finished deep cleaning of my one bedroom apartment in 4 hours. They cleaned the fridge, did my laundry, and washed dishes, they even arranged my closet and makeup. You guys saved my life during a very busy time, thank you! More...


David B.

23 February 2018

Loved it. Super easy, great clean. Courteous and professional. Green products shouldn't be more expensive but overall really happy.


Kellen B.

17 February 2018

They did a fantastic job in our space, the floors were perfectly clean as well as the base boards. All the mirrors looked brand new and they even went around and cleaned all the walls. Fantastic company and will use them again! More...


Evelyn H.

14 February 2018

Booked them for 1/29/18 and they arrived on time and were very professional. They were very good at cleaning my father's apartment and he was very happy with the service. I would recommend them to anyone in the California area. More...


Jeremy C.

14 February 2018

It went very well every time the cleaner do there job and the assistant is nice too! Highly recommended


Raoul C.

6 February 2018

Really great service!  The cleaners were on time, did a walk through beforehand, and most importantly, were super thorough with the deep clean.Cleaned the base boards and other non-obvious areas (photo frames, the edges of light switches), in addition to the standard places.Took 4 hrs to do a 1240 sq ft. 2bed/2ba apartment, which was exactly what they quoted.Friendly cleaners and scheduling staff.  Would definitely use them again. More...


Jesse D.

16 January 2018

Best clean ever! Our house was filthy after a huge renovation and these guys did an amazing job! We had dust everywhere and Clean Sweep got everything back in order in less than a day. We also used them for carpet cleaning which went perfectly - the carpets looked like new. I would recommend Clean Sweep LA to anyone! More...


Betty B.

16 January 2018

The ladies showed up right on time with all their supplies. They did a great job. I will definitely be calling them again!


Denise R.

8 January 2018

I was so excited for La maids to come clean my house after the busy holidays!! They were professional and sweet and great at they're jobs !! Am recommending this company to all my friends and family More...


Kurt and Chelsea B.

6 January 2018

Great cleaning! My house has never sparkled so brightly. The cleaners were prompt and nice. I'm planning to book them soon again.


Eddie K.

25 December 2017

Overall they did a good job. The reason for 4 stars is they were late and did not even call to let me know. I was waiting for them outside our rental property to clean after a complete painting.


Katie B.

19 December 2017

Excellent service, highly recommend. Two people tackled my 3bd, 2b house and left it spotless. I actively looked for corners they didn't dust or surfaces they didn't wipe and couldn't find a speck. Would definitely use again for a deep clean. More...


Sara M.

16 December 2017

I hit the two-year mark in my studio apartment and decided to let the pros do a deep clean. When I walked in after they finished, it felt like I was walking into the apartment on move-in day! Karina and Gloria were so nice, professional and thoughtful about my place. I never used a cleaning service (living alone in a studio, it feels a little absurd) but I am definitely bringing in Karina and Gloria way more often than every two years! More...


Chris C.

7 December 2017

This is the 3rd time I've used clean sweep services. Each time has been an amazing experience. I've requested the same ladies the last visit because they were extra detail oriented. Karina and Gloria are amazing! But even the first two were just as great. They get every nook and cranny and our house needed some deep cleaning. Being pregnant it's hard to do a deep clean so knowing that they take so much pride in what they do is worth every penny. I would highly recommend clean sweep to everyone. More...


Kauai M.

4 December 2017

Amazing service... Our house was a complete mess. The cleaners were really nice and professional. They left our place spotless. Highly recommend.


Rick H.

2 December 2017

We had Clean Sweep perform a 'deep cleaning' service for the first time yesterday. Karina and Gloria arrived on time as scheduled and I must say that these two young ladies did a spectacular cleaning job. We have never before experienced a whole house cleaning up to this level of complete satisfaction. The ladies were professional, courteous and most positive as they put in the greatest attention to detail and comprehensive cleaning. We give Clean Sweep our highest recommendation and look forward to our next cleaning service.  Thank you Clean Sweep...you Rock!!! More...


Jules D.

8 November 2017

Impressive!  Showed up on time.  A crew of two ladies showed up with own supplies and tools.  They worked diligently and expeditiously.I am first time user and will definitely use again on an ongoing basis.  Destiny from main office is responsive and highly professional.  I am very pleased with this service and I highly recommend it. More...


Bettina S.

8 November 2017

I needed a deep cleaning of my home, and man, did they ever do a fantastic job! I keep my house clean, but I needed someone to really scrub the floors including pesky corners, clean the baseboards and window sills, wipe out cabinets, move furniture to vaccum behind things-- you know the stuff you don't really get to. The office staff were wonderful, so professional, answered all my questions and booking the appointment was easy. The cleaning team showed up right on time, and worked NONSTOP even when I asked them to please break for lunch. They said they prefered to get it all done first. I actually gasped when I opened some of my cabinets that they had cleaned and arranged. Incredible. I am so happy with the work they've done, I've booked them again to help clean the detached garage. More...


Ruby L.

18 October 2017

I've had two excellent cleanings from this company, both by the cleaning team of Berta and Rodrigo, and am scheduling a third. The first time was a deep, move-in clean. In five hours they got deep into everything--upper cabinets, tilework, the backs of closets. They dusted walls and ceilings. I had to *insist* they finally sit down and stop to eat something, which I provided. The second visit was a regular housecleaning for which I stated my needs in an email first.The cleaners show up up, look around, call their office and say how long they need. The office then tells you, and you approve it. I was happy to cover five hours the first time--I wanted the place spotless and I got it. The cost (before my 20% cash tip; this is hard work) was $300. You don't pay till they start work.For the second clean they phoned in 4 hours, which with two people adds up to an 8-hour day for a sprawling, but still only partially furnished, 2BR, 2BA occupied by one person who is using only half the space. They were almost *too*  thorough. My clean walls got dusted -- I never took this off the list from the first time. My clean windows got washed -- ditto. That was an hour I didn't need but should have questioned up front, not after they started. So I let it go.  Someone raised language in her review. In my case one of the workers spoke English and translated for the other. Good will made up for the rest. You can  specify in your advance email what you want (including green/organic cleansers) so the cleaners do arrive knowing your needs. I might also write down about 12 words in Spanish beforehand: Clean, dirty, trash, wet, dry, wash, vacuum, please, thank you, water, window, floor, bed. You can point to them if necessary.These people are good. Hard work, lovely attitude. More...


Danny K.

18 October 2017

Called to schedule a cleaning and carpet cleaning.  Destiny was able to find someone to come in for the carpet cleaning that afternoon and someone to come for the house cleaning the very next day.  The cleaning crew came in and I showed them around, they gave an estimated time for completion and did a great job. More...


Mike L.

14 October 2017

After reading all the positive reviews, I decided to give Clean Sweep LA a try and I'm glad I did.  I called in to schedule an appointment, and booked a deep clean for my two bathrooms which were very overdue.Due to an emergency water issue, I had to reschedule my appointment for the following week which was no problem with the company at all.  A day before my newly scheduled appointment, I received a call to confirm a 10am arrival time for my cleaners.On the day of my appointment, Jessica and Josefe arrived exactly at 10am.  I explained to them what I wanted cleaned but decided to add a deep cleaning of the kitchen too which upped the time to about 4 hours.  They were very professional and extremely thorough.  Every single nook and cranny was cleaned, even the parts I didn't think about (like the bathroom window sills).I'll definitely be using Clean Sweep LA again! More...


Doris N.

13 October 2017

After my very negative Yelp review, Gisela from the office called and apologized for my bad experience that I encountered. She spent a lot of time asking how they could fix the problem. After a lengthy conversation, I decided to give them another chance. When I requested another cleaning, she called me to thank me for returning back and asked me to send specific instructions for the cleaning team. I'm sure they have a lot of customers and could have ignored my review, but they took my concern to heart and wanted to fix it. Thank you Gisela for understanding my frustration and wanting to right the problem. You are a great representative for the company and very helpful. More...



7 October 2017

The team came on time and were very thorough. They set proper expectations and did a good job all around. It was also easy to make an appointment and everyone in the office communicated well. Definitely will use them again.


Meghan A.

5 October 2017

I highly recommend Clean Sweep LA! They are extremely reliable, and their booking process is a breeze. I've used several other cleaning services throughout the city, and Clean Sweep is by far the best. You won't be disappointed!


Meredith L.

4 October 2017

I have used this service twice now for a deep cleaning of my house and they are amazing and incredibly thorough. They clean everywhere - windows, base boards, along the ceiling, windows, in ridges of furniture...places I didn't even realize weren't clean. They arrive exactly on time and work hard. I want them to come regularly!! More...


Rebecca S.

29 September 2017

I had another service today and was again very pleased with the attention my home got. I recommend this service without any hesitation.


Danny H.

29 September 2017

Called on a Tuesday, booked an appointment for Thursday. Destiny on the phone made it easy. Elsa and Maria were the team to clean my 2br2ba apartment, they did a fantastic job. Did a 4.5 hour session (was a year or two overdue); they tackled severely neglected bath tubs, toilets, oven, and refrigerator. Stains in the shower and toilet that I had scrubbed endlessly in the past with little success, they made it look brand new. All surfaces look great, even the little details; hard to get to corners, A/V system wiped clean, little nooks and crannies. They even reorganized under the kitchen/bathroom sinks and threw out products that needed tossing. With a new roommate moving in, they made it move in ready. Very happy with the results.I will likely get a 2 hour service every 6 months, will call again. More...


Marietta W.

23 September 2017

Clean Sweep's service is always dependable, friendly, and they get the job done with no hassle. Before I found this company, I had some pretty disappointing experiences. Not any more! Each team that's come has been great :). More...


Harris K.

20 September 2017

Clean Sweep came to my apartment, saw the mess, and conquered. I don't know how they managed to make it look MORE clean than I could have imagined, but they did it. Hats off to this cleaning service!


Chris B. H.

9 September 2017

We have been using Clean Sweep LA for a few years now, and we love their services. They always have a team come of 2 come in to look at your place, and they determine how long it will take. We have a 2 bedroom apt. and it takes between 2-4 hours to clean. (4 hours for a deep cleaning) The cleaners they send are always friendly and well trained, and we have not been disappointed. They will do all the cleaning you ask them to, and at the end, they will check if everything is done to your expectations. They really work wonders, and I am always impressed at how well they do. Sometimes it's really worth having someone else do the cleaning, and I highly recommend Clean Sweep! Thank you, Destiny! More...


Allie B.

8 September 2017

They were amazing! Professional, on time and got the job done perfectly! I will most definitely hire them again in the future.


Lo K.

5 September 2017

I live in an old house, I work long hours, and I have dogs. Try as I might, it gets tough to maintain my place. So I decided, for the first time ever, to seek some real help! That's when I turned to yelp to look up "deep housecleaning".When I called Clean Sweep LA to request a deep clean, the rep was friendly and patient. She worked with my schedule, she asked questions, and answered all of MY questions. She also called the night before the appointment to confirm.The two cleaners they sent were SO lovely, not to mention RIGHT on time. As promised, they did a complete walkthrough with me to discuss what needed to be done, and made sure to ask what my priorities were. After that, they went to work, and within a few hours, my place was IMMACULATE. It's been 2 weeks since the cleaning. My house is still old, I still work impossibly long hours, and the heatwave in Los Angeles has my dogs shedding more than ever. BUT... my house still passes the white glove test. Clean Sweep LA... I sing your praises. Can't wait to have you guys come back. Thank you so much! More...


Derek O.

30 August 2017

I used Clean Sweep for the first time yesterday. I was very satisfied -- not only did they ask very specific questions beforehand to make sure they met my needs... but afterward, they took great pleasure in walking me through my newly cleaned place to gauge whether they fulfilled my expectations. Funny because I never get super-animated about things like organization and cleanliness, but their obvious pride in how well they did made me want to give them high-fives haha. Glad to have a number in my phone now that I can just call and let the rest take care of itself. More...


Brandy O.

18 August 2017

I absolutely love the service provided by clean sweep la! Today was the 4th time I have used them and today I was equally impressed. From the moment of booking the appointment to conclusion everything is seemless. The work is so thorough and wonderful, I mean no detail is overlooked. Today I got the deep clean, they cleaned the stove (in and out), fridge, closets, showers, Windows and window seals, they even cleaned our patio!!!!!! Nothing I mean nothing beats coming home to an immaculate home. Please give them a try, you will NEVER EVER regret it. I may even switch to twice a month. More...


Allison O.

18 August 2017

Nearly perfect first-time cleaning with Clean Sweep. Scheduling was easy, the front office was friendly, and the team showed up on time, cleaned my place in a reasonable amount of time for its size, was careful and polite, and did a great job.  The office called after to ask if I was satisfied.  The quality of the work was comparable to another cleaning service I've used, if not slightly better, but the customer service and ease of scheduling won me over.  I will schedule them again. More...


Z N.

14 August 2017

Easy scheduling, pricing is simple.  The team that came out to deep clean my home did a fantastic job.  Thanks, Rodrigo and Berta.


B. S.

14 August 2017

We have now used Clean Sweep LA 7 times for 3 homes. They are the best business for this niche (compared to 4 others I have seen used by others). I have to emphasize business, as they have great stable employees, not random individuals through a rotating door. If the company treats their employees well and respectfully, we customers reap the benefits. You will be happy with the work and the cost. Every team that has helped us had been fantastic. Repeat business over 4 years and counting. More...


Jon S.

2 August 2017

We could not have been more pleased with the service that we received on our request for a deep cleaning of our condominiumThe attention by their associates was phenomenal and their six hours of nonstop work defied expectationsWe strongly recommend that you use this company for any cleaning  services you may have for your home


Kate H.

24 July 2017

We moved into a house that had probably never been cleaned by the previous owners (the grease in the kitchen was disgusting). We only had a few days before our move in and i was desperate to find someone that could come on such short notice. Luckily CleanSweep was available and willing! The girls did a great job and I'm happy to say my kitchen is now usable! Thanks! More...


Kauai M.

24 July 2017

Really amazing service! The maids were really professional and efficient. Our house hadn't been cleaned in forever. They really went above and beyond - everything looked pretty spotless after they left. Highly recommend..


Steven L.

21 July 2017

Scheduled a deep cleaning for the house we were moving out of a day before we needed it clean and they were very responsive in getting back to us quickly and clearly about what their rates were. Their estimated time for how long the job ended up being very accurate. One of the cleaners spoke English and so we were able to communicate with her to tell them any specifics on what we needed cleaned and how. We let them in in the morning, told them what to do, and checked back in every few hours, but for the most part we did not need to watch them clean and the house was cleaner then when we got it when we went back to check on it. A very positive experience and I would use them again! More...


Dell W.

19 July 2017

Frank and Candy were awesome!  Worked efficiently, were very professional and cleaned the hell out of my house that hadn't been cleaned in forever!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Brittany W.

18 July 2017

I hired this company to "deep clean" a client's house after she purchased a place here in Hollywood. The home was pretty bad off as far as dust, dirt and smells are concerned. I spoke with Destiny who was very nice and professional. I called on a Friday late afternoon and they got us in on Monday for the cleaning. I left my card on file for them to charge and received the invoice promptly. My client said 2 of the nicest ladies showed up and she was thrilled with the results. I will be using and recommending this company again, for sure! Plus they are very affordable! More...


Karen W.

15 July 2017

I had used Clean Sweep a few times, but not for many months.  I had let our condo get so bad, I needed help, being so busy myself.  Frank and Candy did a maintenance cleaning for me which took 3 hours, due to not being cleaned for many months. We have a 2 bed, 2 bath condo with a large living room to dust.   I normally find something the cleaners missed after they leave, but this time I didn't.  Everything was spotless and it smelled nice too.  I'll use them again. More...


Adam G.

12 July 2017

The service I've received having used this service two times has been nothing short of superb. The cleaning professionals have been efficient, attentive, and kind. I will certainly be hiring their services again! More...


Ryan O.

29 June 2017

I was in dire straights and needed my apartment cleaned ASAP. The crew managed to squeeze me in, were kind and courteous and let me come and go as I pleased, so I didn't need to sit around for 3 hours. But best of all they did a thorough and complete cleaning. Honestly, my apartment hasn't looked that nice since I moved in. Would call again any time. More...


Gail N.

24 June 2017

The crew did an amazing job. Everything is clean from the floors to the ceiling. They paid attention to all the details.  I am very happy with the service and will definitely call them again. More...


Dylan R.

23 June 2017

Literally about to call them for another cleaning since the last one was so good! Manuel & Bianca came to my apartment and did a fantastic job. My shower and countertops ended up looking better than the day I moved in. They were also very friendly and solicitous of any special requests. The staff at the office is equally friendly and responsive. Give them a try and I suspect you'll be a repeat customer as well. More...



22 June 2017

Honestly stunned with their work. Sandra and Jackie brought our place back to brand new, which I thought was impossible. Do not hesitate to hire these people, they will do the job like it's their own house and they're way better at it than you too. In life we all need to hit that reset button every so often - and most times we can't. Let these folks bail you out back to square one - the feeling of walking back into your place when they're done is priceless. And I'm a price shopper - some of the best work I've seen for a completely reasonable fee. They estimated 3 hours and worked straight for those 3 hours. More...


Melissa M.

20 June 2017

Used Clean Sweep again this week & am just as thrilled. I called to schedule a last minute cleaning & they not only scheduled me for the day of, but they did an incredible job in just two hours. I will not use any other cleaning service in LA. Thanks Clean Sweep! More...


Amanda S.

14 June 2017

My place was in shambles. Lots of life had gotten in the way of me deep cleaning my apartment for longer than I'd like to admit. I was cleaning the same areas of the house  almost daily just to keep the level of gross at bay, but was never able to get into a level of clean beyond just "straightening up". When the dust bunnies started to turn to tumbleweeds I knew I needed help.I contacted Clean Sweep to come do a deep clean and get me "back to baseline". They responded to my request for a quote within hours and gave me a selection of dates and times to choose from. On cleaning day, my 2 person crew arrived early and ready to work. They did a brief walk through and then quoted me 3 1/2 hours to complete the task. Initially I was like...3 1/2 hours for a 1 bedroom apt? Why so long? But I went with it. And holy crap. Best decision I ever made.Those 3 1/2 hours were a complete whirlwind of activity. I didn't know what to expect, I thought they'd just like, dust and clean the bathroom, make the mirrors shiny. They did those things, yes. But they also did EVERYTHING ELSE.  They cleaned the house from top to bottom, side to side. They stripped my bed, did my laundry, washed and put away my dishes. They cleaned the bathroom within an inch of it's life. They dusted everything and then swept, moved furniture to get underneath, and then mopped. They swept my patio. They pulled everything out of my kitchen cabinets, cleaned the cabinets and then reorganized the stuff. I'm talking, dishes, pantry, all of it came out was cleaned and then organized. Same with the fridge and freezer...everything out, clean the inside and then reorganize. They cleaned the oven, stove, microwave. They cleaned all the baseboards, the windows, the blinds, the ceiling fan.  And it all took exactly 3 1/2 hours.  When time was up, they had all of their supplies gathered and out in the hall and asked me to look everything over for my satisfaction. I was thrilled. Thank you Clean Sweep. I'll be calling you again. More...


sharon r.

29 May 2017

My husband and I have used Clean Sweep LA on a couple of occasions. In one instance, we had Clean Sweep LA perform a deep clean prior to my newborn's  arrival from the hospital. Clean Sweep LA did a wonderful, thorough job, and I could not have been more pleased with the results. Not a speck of dust, and the nursery was spotless! We have also used Clean Sweep LA to do a maintenance cleanup. Although not as detailed as the deep clean, the "touch up" job was nevertheless top rate and efficient. I highly recommend Clean Sweep LA (and my husband has referred them to his friends over the years). Thorough, professional, and at a great price - Clean Sweep LA is your one stop shop for all your cleaning needs! More...


Linda C.

4 May 2017

Called and they were able to schedule someone to clean the next day. They did an amazing job and were courteous and prompt - recommend highly would definitely use them again. Thank you!!!


Kaylie Y.

27 April 2017

I've been using this cleaning service for 2 years and they have been fantastic. The cleaners are always on time and more importantly they do a great job. There's no way I could clean my house as good as they do. More...


Deana J.

17 April 2017

The Clean sweep staff did an excellent job cleaning my mom's house.  I am excited to have them come to my house tomorrow!!!


Ken B.

11 April 2017

Had this ladies cleaning my apartment few times. Both times went great.They left everything in a good order and clean.


Juan R.

7 April 2017

I've had the pleasure of using Clean Sweep LA Maids services twice before and each time has been a pleasure.My request has been for a basic cleaning of my apartment and they provided me with a one hour window for arrival. Each time the employees arrived at the start of the window! This was great!I had time at the beginning to go over areas in my home that I wanted especially cleaned. The employees were always welcoming of my requests.At the end of the cleaning I received a call indicating that it was complete. I returned to my home and everything was perfect. All rooms were cleaned and the employees even asked me to inspect and let them know if there were spots missed which they could clean right away.Additionally, the customer service when making an appointment and after the cleaning is always great.I look forward to using Clean Sweep LA Maids again! More...


Jonathan K.

30 March 2017

GREAT cleaning service! Me and My roommate will keep using their maids! :)  They were super responsive, told me exactly what to expect, the cleaners were on time, courteous, thorough, and did a AMAZING job.


Barbara F.

16 March 2017

Kudos to Gloria and Maria who were on time & took great pride in their work.  Booked cleaning crew for move out of 2br/1ba house, wanting it to be as pristine as possible after 3 adults and 4 children have lived there for almost 5 years. Our security deposit was at stake so wanted home to be as clean as possible.  These ladies worked diligently making sure every nook and cranny was free of any dust, grime or dirt. I highly recommend Clean Sweep be sure to ask for Gloria and Maria. Our landlords did walk through and declared that we would receive  our ENTIRE security deposit back within the next few days. More...


Jada H.

2 March 2017

Really wonderful cleaning service. From beginning to end, they made the process easy and convenient. We had the deep cleaning service and I am really impressed by the job that they did. I truly appreciate that all the little details were attended to. My apartment looks great and I'll definitely be using their services again. Thank you! More...


Josh K.

28 February 2017

Used Natalie and Marie for a deep cleaning. They were both great and efficient!


Jessica G.

21 February 2017

So far,  I submitted a request for a quote through the website and did not receive it after a few hours so I called.  They said they had sent it to me, but I did not receive it.  Its not in my junk mail either..weird.  Regardless we went over pricing on the phone.  The rep I spoke to was clear and pleasant.  We have scheduled an appointment for deep cleaning of 1 BR, 1 BTH, kitchen, dining room and living room including inside appliances.  I was told this Job will take around 3 hours with 2 cleaners but that they will update that estimate when they arrive.Stay tuned.  If they can meet the 3 hours, and do a fabulous job,  I will upgrade to 5 stars.Updated 2 hours later to 4 stars.  They did respond quickly with a quote.  I missed it in my Junk mail box.  This error was discovered when someone called me to make sure my email was correct as they saw it sent out on their end.  Great customer service so far!  Again,  will upgrade to 5 stars if the deep cleaning is amazing and is completes in the 3 hours quoted! More...


Anjai S.

13 February 2017

I'm sold! The ladies showed up promptly and I explained how picky I am when it comes to cleaning. They hit everything I pointed out and much more. Most cleaning companies claim to do a deep cleaning but they just blast through missing things here and there. When the ladies finished with my apt, it looked immaculate-- no critics! More...


Sarah C.

8 February 2017

I've used Clean Sweep LA twice now, once for a deep clean and once for maintenance. Both times I was very happy with my apartment afterwards. The two women who showed up were incredibly nice, and they did an extremely thorough job. They even managed to get to areas of the apartment I didn't point out when we did a quick walk thru. Would use again! More...


Michael A C.

31 January 2017

This is truly a great cleaning service!  Their staff of cleaners are actual employees of the company and not independent contractors; I prefer this and it makes a big difference with the quality and consistency of the work.Scheduling/TimelinessScheduling is easy and fast.  I was able to get an appointment time within a couple of days.  In addition, the cleaners showed up at the time promised.ThoroughThis company is thorough!  They bring the correct equipment, experience and mindset to insure that your location is cleaned with the highest level of detail and attention.EfficientTheir cleaners are efficient and use the time you contract them for well.  This comes with experience and good training.CareThey clean with a level of care that I do not find too often.  They take pride in their work and care about the work they do and the satisfaction level of the customer.FriendlyTheir cleaners are friendly and take direction without incident.CostWhile their cost may be in-line with the industry, the quality of the work makes the value so much greater.This was my first time using them, but I would definitely recommend this company to any renter, homeowner, landlord or housing entity.  And, I will for sure use them again.  Natalie and Maria were my cleaners and they were outstanding - ask for them!Great job Clean Sweep LA - 5 stars!! More...


Tess F.

17 January 2017

Best cleaning service I've ever used and great customer service. Gloria and Maria were meticulous and efficient. They had their work cut out for them and exceeded my expectations. Two thumbs up and 5 stars (I wish I could give 6 or 7). More...


Jay C.

11 December 2016

GREAT cleaning service! They were super responsive, told me exactly what to expect, the cleaners were on time, courteous, fast, thorough, and did a FANTASTIC job. I've used other housecleaning services for my apartment and 2 cleaners took longer and cut corners and did a worse job with the cleaning.From Clean Sweep's website, to dispatch, to the ladies that came to my home, I was very pleased with how well they operate and how great their service is, I will definitely be using them again.Ask for Clelia and Graciela - the are awesome. More...


Mike S.

28 November 2016

Reasonably-priced home cleaning is abundant in Los Angeles, but a cleaning business that feels professionally run is a rarer find. Clean Sweep LA sent courteous and friendly cleaners who did a great job, but more importantly came across as well-organized and professional. Recommended. More...


Lauren C.

23 November 2016

I have used Clean Sweep about 6 times over the last year +. I am pretty particular about cleaning and I can't say enough good things:The appointments are easy to book with a live person over the phone.The cleaners are consistently on time.They give me an estimate of time prior to the cleaning and then the office calls to confirm before they charge my credit card.The cleaners are friendly while being professional.The actual cleaning is as close to perfect as it gets. They walk through the house with me before and they have me look at it after to make sure I'm satisfied. When I've asked for a little touch up on something here or there, they are more than willing to do it. They work really hard! It's not inexpensive, but it's great work for a fair price.They generally call the next day to check on how it went. Wow.A cleaning service like this is not easy to find. I have tried a number of them in both LA and other cities. Clean Sweep is a gem. Keep doing what you're doing. It's working! More...


Helene R.

3 November 2016

Hortensia and Monica definitely did a great job today ! They arrived early and immediately told me how they were going to proceed and were done by the time said. They met my expectations. Thanks !11/1 Once again this time with Manuel and Blanca as a team; they were gracious and did what I asked them to do with perfection, especially cleaning my pale wooden floors with attention to corners where dirt accumulates, thanks! More...


Megan H.

24 September 2016

Very good service. My apartment is now as clean as the time when I began my tenancy here. The two people here were very careful. They even cleaned the space underneath the stove and refrigerator. The cleaning cost is fair for the quality. More...


A S.

11 September 2016

Found them through Yelp and as a college student, I needed an affordable cleaning and this was perfect! I live in a 6 person apartment and for all 3 bathrooms and the communal areas to be cleaned, it took 3 hours and they sent out 2 people. They vacuumed and did a deep clean. I have never seen my shower so clean (the faucet sparkled). They spent so much time on each bathroom and really cleaned every corner. They also brought their own supplies and vacuum. I would highly recommend their services as they were affordable, bring their own supplies, and let you know the price on arrival based on the evaluation of the space. More...


Jasmine A.

12 August 2016

We had Brenda and Mario over to our house today and I was very impressed by how professional they were ! The whole house was so clean after they were done ! The company called me right away to confirm the hours right away . I would recommend it and use them again More...


Berni N.

4 August 2016

Brenda and Mario came to my apartment and did an amazing job!!! Everything looks amazing and they were so nice. Super happy with the service :)


Ruba K.

3 August 2016

This is not the cheapest option available, but most certainly the most thorough and thoughtful out there. I had Jacqueline and Maria clean my 1 bedroom 1 bath that was desperately in need of a through cleaning. They did a fantastic job, and did not miss a detail. Would highly recommend these girls and this service. Don't be cheap on this one, it is well worth it. More...


Michael A.

28 July 2016

This place was recommended to me by my neighbor who uses them regularly. I had 2 maids named Vilma and Evelyn. They were very thorough. I had a mess and although it took 5 hours, it was predominately my fault and the house was filthy. They can generally be done on a maintenance cleaning in 2 hours. The first cleaning is a very thorough deep cleaning that will take longer. And you can go about your business while they clean. Run your errands, etc. and when you come home, you will see a big difference. Call them if you are too lazy to clean. Or even if you aren't. Great service!Updated 7/28/16: Today I had Maria and Isabel. They were very friendly and worked well as a team. They cleaned everything I asked them to clean. The only thing and this is not a big deal so it does not change my 5 star review, when they remove things from a shelf to clean, they don't put them back in the same order. But that's okay, I would rather it be clean. I can always rearrange. I will continue to use this service. They are wonderful. My house just collects dust and dog hair! More...


Brad Y.

27 July 2016

We used Clean Sweep LA to give our apartment a once over when moving out. We got the Deep Clean (as opposed to the Mainatainece Clean) and they were able to get 3 beds, 2.5 baths and our kictchen done in 5 hours. We we had some pretty gross buildup, especially in the kictchen and one of the bathrooms (mine :/) and now it looks almost as good as when we moved in 5 years ago. They were $60 an hour so it came out to $300 ($150 per) and I know that sounds like a lot but for how clean they got it and in the amount of time, it was worth it. Yes we could've done it ourselves (probably not as good), but by the time you factor in cost of cleaning supplies and the hours/effort we would've put in, it just made more sense to have Clean Sweep do it.P.S. Our team was Brenna and Mario and they were awesome! More...


Jessica B.

9 July 2016

We had new tile floors put in our condo and the after construction dust was terrible. I called Clean Sweep LA about a week before I needed them. I needed an early Saturday appointment. They were very accommodating. The two lovely ladies, Vilma and Evelyn, arrived on time, did a quick walk through, asked what I wanted done, discussed what they would do, and how long they thought it would take. I am very happy with the job they did. More...


Vanessa A.

8 July 2016

Did such a great job today! Thanks so much , it was so nice coming home to a clean house on a Friday night and not have done it my self. Will definitely be calling them again. More...


Kensie S.

29 June 2016

Denise & Sylvia were great!  I needed a thorough deep clean of my apartment, and they worked wonders on my kitchen and bathroom.  Will definitely use clean sweep LA again in the future! More...


J S.

24 June 2016

Phenomenal service!I called in need of a sooner appointment and they scheduled me right away for the next morning, for a deep clean of my apartment.  The two women cleaners showed up promptly when they were scheduled, provided all necessary supplies, and immediately got to work.  They were very professional, detail oriented, and fast!  They cleaned everything, including the dust on the ceiling and walls, inside the cabinets and fridge, all baseboards, blinds, balcony, window, etc.  They also wiped down all of the stuff on the open shelving I have in my kitchen (wine bottles, etc).  I have pretty high standards when it comes to cleanliness and they exceeded my expectations. I even received a follow-up call a few hours later to make sure I was happy with the service.  Overall a very nice, hardworking, honest crew.  I couldn't have been more happy!All of the people in the call center (I spoke to about 3 different people for scheduling, follow-up, etc.) were all incredibly pleasant and easy to communicate with.  It was a bit pricey ($180 + $40 tip), but since I plan to maintain in between visits I think it's 100% worth it. it would have taken me all day and a very sore back to do everything they did in 3 hours.I definitely recommend them and will be using them again! :) More...



20 June 2016

We had Manuel and Blanca as the cleaning maids.  They were fantastic!  They were kind and went out of their way to do extra work.  Literally the place looked brand new after they were done.  I was quite impressed and will use them again! More...


Phillip C.

4 June 2016

Denise and Sylvia did an amazing job of deep cleaning our apartment in the UCLA Westwood area! They were very good at listening to what areas that we wanted cleaned, specifically our bathroom, kitchen, and living space area. Our kitchen and bathroom space were entirely clean and compared to what they looked like before, it is pretty amazing how they got it that clean. Both of them were also really friendly and if I noticed that something wasn't as clean as I liked it to be, they would be more than welcome to clean it again a little better. They always asked questions so as not to intrude on any of our space or organization and overall did a magnificent job. They put in the time they were hired for and did not short-change me at all on the time. Overall great job. I strongly recommend both of them cleaning your place and definitely will use this service again! More...


Danielle P.

21 May 2016

Elio and Dinora did a great job on our apartment today. Thorough cleaning of really dirty balcony, kitchen, restroom. Company accommodating of day before appointment request. Will use again!


Ann S.

19 May 2016

I've had two teams from Clean Sweep do major cleaning, and both were fabulous.  Jeysi and Yoselin just left my house after cleaning it for the second time, and it's transformed.  I'm almost afraid to say what a great job they did because they'll be booked solid & I'll never be able to get them again.  Floors, windows, blinds, cabinet fronts, bathrooms: couldn't be better.  They even did extra to make my kitchen perfect.  They're pleasant, very fast and hardworking, detail oriented, get the job done, and then ask for input to make sure everything is covered to your satisfaction.  Wow! (And let me add, even if you don't specifically ask for a deep cleaning, you get a very thorough job.) More...


Max F.

18 May 2016

I've used Clean Sweep a couple of times, once for a general cleaning and once for a move-out clean prior to selling our house. Overall very pleased with the service. Their customer service is also excellent, with good, swift communication. A repeat customer! More...


Jessica B.

17 May 2016

Denise & Silvia did a wonderful job cleaning my boyfriends house! They were so thorough and went out of their way to make sure everything was perfectly clean. We were very happy with the quality and timeliness of their work, and would highly recommend this friendly duo!It was also very easy communicating with management to set up a same day appointment.Super happy with this service, will use again! More...


Erin G.

13 May 2016

I've been using Clean Sweep LA for several years now. It's such a treat to have them over because I always feel like I just moved in to a brand new place! They're absolutely wonderful - great communication, prompt, efficient, pleasant, meticulous. For the past couple of years, I've been hiring them somewhat regularly (every couple of months or so) for maintenance cleanings, and I always hire them before vacating an apartment for a super thorough deep cleaning. They're miracle workers. I've salvaged many a security deposit thanks to them! And their rates are very reasonable. You can't go wrong with Clean Sweep! More...


Brad C.

7 May 2016

My roommates and I have used Clean Sweep LA a couple of times now, and we're always really happy after the team does a deep cleaning of our bathrooms, kitchen and common areas. We have a one-floor home with fairly large rooms but when the CSLA maids are done cleaning it's like a whole new home. They've even cleaned spaces we hadn't expected like the fridge. Really happy with this service and their representatives. Destiny is really nice to work with and talk to. Highly recommend these thorough and hard working cleaners! More...


Jennifer M.

26 April 2016

Just used Clean Sweep for the first time for a deep cleaning of our house. WOW! They were so kind, professional, detailed and conscientious. There was not a spot missed. I don't think the house has ever looked as good since we moved in. The service is quick to respond to quotes, prices are reasonable for the high quality of work of the crew. Great customer service! We wouldn't think of going anywhere else for cleaning. More...


Karen B.

25 April 2016

I've been using Clean Sweep on and off for a couple of years.  I typically get a deep cleaning.    I've utilized three different teams.  All have been good, but I do have my preferences.  I chose them because they use organic cleaning products and because they have great Yelp reviews.They clean what I don't get to on a regular basis:  in the refrigerator, under the couch, in between the crevices.   I've come home and they've had all expired refrigerator items in a bag for me to review.   They make the beds and vacuum the couch.  On occasion, they've even washed the patio Windows.  Honestly, this is one of the best duties that I outsource and treat myself to.  Not because I can't clean my own house but because they allow me to use my time elsewhere. Advice:  No one is perfect.  If you have areas you'd like them to focus on, tell them.  After sweeping through an entire home, it's possible that they miss an inch here or there.   Anytime someone is doing work on your home, you need to be involved at some level.   Walk them thru the house and point out the priorities. More...


Sam W.

25 April 2016

Did a fantastic job of cleaning my apartment after I moved out.  Very thorough from cleaning the blinds, to floorboards, to oven, etc.  Would highly recommend.


Erica R.

17 April 2016

Couldn't be happier with their services. Ask for Jacqueline and Lara, they had such GREAT attitudes and work ethic. My home is pristine clean thanks to them. Thinking of having them come once a week just for touch ups! More...


paul c.

15 April 2016

They respond very fast and arrive on time. I tried a less expensive maid and she did not clean as well and also arrived late. Clean sweep La makes us look great everytime we have guests visiting because they think our house is ALWAYS that clean. I am a fan and love getting my stove and fridge cleaned. More...


Jackie O.

12 April 2016

I had Clean Sweep clean my home last week. It was my first using a cleaning service. I was very satisfied with their service, follow up and the overall professionalism of the company. The two ladies that cleaned my home were amazing & very nice. They even got out some stains in my microwave that I've been trying to get out for years. Definitely will use again in the future! More...


CeeCee S.

5 April 2016

Clean Sweep LA Maids are my heroes!  This service was for our rental property.  After our regular move-in cleaning lady never showed up, Clean Sweep LA sent over a team for a deep cleaning on the same day!! They did a Fantastic cleaning job!! The kitchen and bathroom was sparkling!  They were very detailed oriented and cleaned the windows, floor boards, front steps, and even swept the garage.  The floors looked amazing!!Thank you again for coming on short notice and doing an exceptional job!! Plus, the price was reasonable.You saved the day since the tenants were moving in that afternoon.  We will use Clean Sweep LA Maids in the future!!Plus, the take credit cards and email the invoice same day!! More...


Suzy S.

31 March 2016

I used Clean Sweep LA for the first time a few weeks ago and was so happy with the amazing job the crew did. I had Clelia and Graciela and have requested them for my next appointment. They were extremely prompt in their arrival time and the office staff was greatt about making sure I liked the service. Clean Sweep LA is definitely the best cleaning company in the LA area. You will not be disappointed! More...


Zoe H.

29 March 2016

I have a recurring 2 hour cleaning for my 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment every other week with Clean Sweep LA and they've been coming for about 5 months now. They're amazing! My usual duo is Clelia and Graciela but I've had others come on days when I've moved my appointment. Everyone who has come has been fantastic. I've tried other cleaning services in the past, but Clean Sweep is by far the best. Not only is the actual cleaning a really high quality, but their customer service is top notch too. Whenever I call their phone number I quickly get answered by very helpful people. They've never had a problem rescheduling a cleaning and their communication to me is excellent. I get an email reminder the day before and an email with my invoice promptly after the cleaning is completed. They have a checklist that I sign off on after each cleaning. Clelia and Graciela are friendly and professional and treat my cat with affection. I highly recommend Clean Sweep LA if you're looking for high quality, reliable cleaning. More...


Monica S.

28 March 2016

I needed help with deep cleaning a very charming, but rundown bungalow apartment I'm moving into, which had been left pretty filthy from the previous tenant.  Graciela and Cleila came and did SUCH an amazing job!!!  These ladies are heaven sent!!!!  They were so amazing.  Such professionals, such good energy, and such peaceful, hard workers.  I am so grateful to them.  It's like they say "cleanliness is next to Godliness" LOL.  But it's really, really true, because I felt so blissfully at peace with their work.  I'll be moving into paradise now after how spotless and wonderful Graciela and Cleila lovingly left it!  Now I feel happy to be moving into this place instead of overwhlemed by how much I have to do. There was also no electricity yet in the apartment as the DWP appointment was set for a Monday, the movers set for Tuesday, and Clean Sweep was coming the weekend before on very short notice thanks to one open slot left.  Graciela and Cleila were so creative at finding a way around the no electricity problem!  :D  They simply asked the construction worker in the bungalow across the way for an extension cord and access to their outlet, and he was happy to oblige.  They also alerted the manager to the wobbly toilet and sink after he came by, and I think hearing it from a professional cleaning crew was even better than hearing it from me (since I already have pointed out so many other things that need fixing).Honestly, these ladies are wonderful!  I can't wait to request them to come back and help me again after I've moved in and gotten settled. More...


P N.

28 March 2016

This place is professionally managed. They are prompt in returning your phone call and were able to organize on short notice a deep cleaning for a move out. They did a excellent job of deep cleaning a 2-BR townhouse in about 3.5 hours More...


Sammie M.

25 March 2016

Always helpful, Desiree is very professional when scheduling and arranging the fee.  The cleaners are so pleasant, fast and thorough.  Priced reasonably.  Have used the service several times now and each time have been very satisfied. More...


Ana B.

3 March 2016

After my disastrous experience with Tidy (pay $90 to have someone come to your house, eat, drink, sing and comment on your lack of organizational skills, all the while leaving the place pretty much in the same state it was found) I was a bit worried. No need to be. Brandi and Mario showed up on time, fully equipped and courteous. At the end of 2 hours the house was shining, thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed. Will definitely call them again. More...


Viona J.

2 March 2016

I would definitely recommend their service to friends! Their deep cleaning was amazing, including their attention to clean tiny things (things in cupboard, decorations, etc). At first they sent out 2 people to do the work, but to make things faster and more efficient, they sent in another 4 people. They were very nice people as well. I would definitely call for their service again in the future! :)Better than most cleaning services I've had! More...


Moon C.

1 March 2016

WOW. I can't properly express how impressed I was with my ladies. They came to do a deep clean, move-out in the apt I've lived in for 17 years, and trust me, it was grotty. They arrived on time and set to work immediately, and didn't stop until the agreed-upon time. They had to work around many obstacles, and they did it with a smile. They *scrubbed* and even chiseled. My apt is now as spotless everywhere as it's possible for humans to make it. They worked so hard! I couldn't be more pleased. I highly recommend this company. All my dealings with the office were polite and professional. Again, wow. And no, this is not a fake review, I'm just that happy with the services I received. More...


Alyssa R.

25 February 2016

This was my first time hiring cleaners and clean sweep LA surpassed my expectations. I'm about to move out of my apartment and I needed a deep cleaning of my 1 bed/1 bath apt. They were able to accommodate me within 48hours. I had the pleasure of meeting Jaqueline and Maria who did an amazing job! we did a quick walk through and I briefly told them what I needed done. They said it would be about 3 hours to get it done and I received a call with an estimate of $180. So I left to move a couple more boxes to my new apartment and 3 hours later I came back to a squeaky clean apt! Not only did they vacuum every inch of my apartment (I have a furry dog) they cleaned inside the cabinets, oven, fridge, scrubbed the stove and swept my balcony. They were amazing! Keep up the good work clean sweep! More...


Honestly M.

24 February 2016

Brenda and Mario just finished cleaning my place spotless. They worked hard and efficiently. Completely professional and trustworthy. It was a pleasure and I will ask for them from Clean Sweep again soon. More...


Chris B.

19 February 2016

I just used Clean Sweep for the first time last week and was very impressed. This was the first time I've used a maid in a while and it was definitely worth it. They were on time, professional, and thoroughly cleaned my apartment from top to bottom (I got the maintenance cleaning). If you're on the fence about trying a maid service I'd definitely recommend giving Clean Sweep a try. They also followed up after my appointment to see how everything went, which I appreciated. More...


Emmy M.

19 February 2016

Highly recommended! Thy arrived on time and worked extremely hard, the house was spotless!


Lisa G.

5 February 2016

Of all the cleaning services I have used in Los Angeles, Clean Sweep LA has been the best, for these reasons:- Extremely prompt response time, regardless of the reason. Every time I have emailed or called with a comment or question, the owner or  office staff respond within one business day, usually sooner.- The policies and procedures are well documented and explained to you prior to service starting. I like having a common, written understanding, which prevents any misunderstandings regarding what is/is not cleaned, pricing, cancellation, etc.-  Manuel and Blanca do such an EXCELLENT job every time they come to my home. They are extremely detail-oriented, consistently professional, friendly, polite and thorough. I notice and appreciate every nook and cranny they touch. You can tell that they truly care about the quality of their work.I feel lucky to be one of their regular customers and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for service. More...


F. A.

2 February 2016

Effective and affordable cleaning service, and now my go-to!


Marty W.

25 January 2016

Tried these people for the first time Saturday and they were great great great.  They sent two persons who showed up exactly on time and pretty much hit the ground running after I gave them a quick two minute tour of the apartment and outdoor balcony.  Clean Sweep LA Maids  are the most thorough cleaning people I have ever used.  Based on my 100% happiness with their work ethic, I have booked them three months in advance and have been assured the same two crew members will be here.  Try them.  You won't be disappointed. More...


Neil M.

16 January 2016

Dinora and Elio did a wonderful job on what was a big task. I couldn't ask for more.


Cody S.

8 January 2016

The company is great at communication, which is uncommon in this industry. Mario and Brenda arrived timely & they did a thorough job. No complaints.


Natasha F.

6 January 2016

Clean Sweep LA is the best! I live in 3 bedroom 3 bath apartment with 5 other college students so our apartment isn't usually super tidy to say the least. Clean Sweep sent out 2 women who were friendly and worked fast to clean the rooms, bathrooms, living area and kitchen. In the past, we had hired individual housekeepers who left the apartment okay, but not great. Clean Sweep left the bathrooms and kitchen absolutely immaculate! It was the best deep clean we've ever had & we will be using clean sweep again! More...


Karthik S.

5 January 2016

Have used these folks twice, both times for emergency cleanings when I had unexpected guests arriving shortly and no time to tidy up myself. They did a great job both times! When they arrive they have a look around and then they will give you an estimate of how long and how much which you can approve, which I liked. More...


Darius D.

4 January 2016

Hired Clean Sweep LA after my realtor told me about them. I had tenants that just moved out and needed a deep clean asap. I told them what needed to be done and they scheduled it quickly for me. They came, they did a good job, and left, having done everything all within the estimate that was quoted. As a landlord, I need a realiable service that can get the cleaning done specific to needs I may have, so far they've been realiable. I'm hiring them again this week. More...


Kellie G.

28 December 2015

I've used this company 4 times in the past few months and I plan to keep using them!  They are awesome!  With two younger kids in the house and fingerprints and spills everywhere, the employees really make my house look new again. Just be sure to communicate and be specific about what you want and they'll do it.  And they're pretty accurate when they access the work and determine the amount of time it'll take.  Give them a call! More...


Andrew H.

9 December 2015

I am a property manager for multi-unit apartment buildings on the west side of Los Angeles. We have used Clean Sweep LA Maids a number of times now and found them to be professional, thorough, and extremely good at getting vacant apartments spotlessly clean. One major factor that is very important to us is consistency. Despite having different crews come-out for different jobs, they all clean at an extremely high level.Most notably, we just used Clean Sweep for a newly remodeled 2,500 square foot condo that was covered with construction dust and dirt. They did an absolutely amazing job. I am blown away. If you need to get your place really clean, for an affordable price and with the peace of mind that comes from using true professionals, Clean Sweep LA Maids is the way to go. More...


Iris K.

23 November 2015

Awesome service! Always available even when I call on the day of. I am impressed by their cleaning and attention to detail. The girls are so diligent and hardworking. It is my def go to service! Will keep using them over and over! More...


Tina V.

19 November 2015

Ask for Vilma & Evelyn. These cleaners are impeccable. Smiles, very professional, and they did a WONDERFUL cleaning job. They cleaned parts of my home that NO OTHER cleaner from other services have even thought to attempt. Be mindful to have cash on hand to provide the tip. I wanted to add tip to my card but the main office's policy is NOT to do that. I didn't have cash, expecting to be able to add on card like so many other services allow. And the gal I spoke to kept saying "Unfortunately we can't do this" and "unfortunately that".Ugh. Here's a tip to better the customer relations experience: STOP prefacing news that we don't want to hear with the word "unfortunately". It strikes a nerve and leaves a salty taste in our mouths. Try something like this, "You know that's a great idea and at this time, it's not something we do. But let me see what we CAN do." Even if you can't do a dang thing, watch the wording. It makes a difference.I woulda given the cleaners a straight up 5, but downgraded my overall rating because of the customer service main office interaction.Other than that, smooth experience and they were able to schedule me in on a 24 hr notice at my preferred time. I also dig the 1-hour window as opposed to longer windows that I've experienced elsewhere. More...


Ato B.

13 November 2015

I just tried this service recently for an in-depth cleaning and I was quite satisfied with their job. I first called to get a quote and schedule an appointment. The cleaners showed up on time (5 minutes early actually). They rapidly made an estimate of the time that it would take them to clean my apartment. The cleaners worked hard for 3 hours and both did a thorough job cleaning each spot in my apartment. Overall, I was very happy with the service. I would definitely consider hiring them again for my next cleaning. More...


Ambir D.

6 November 2015

This is a long overdue review. I had Clelia and Graciela clean my apartment way back in February. They were super polite even though I was running late from a appointment that morning. I picked Clean Sweep LA Maids based of the yelp reviews and I was not disappointed. I got a deep clean and pointed out the spots I wanted them to pay attention to. And they went above and beyond. The dust and grim off the ceiling fans check, floors clean enough to eat off check, window sills and blinds check. And I never knew my fridge could be so clean! They put my cleaning skills to shame. They even re-organized the fridge and my bathroom cabinets and under the cabinets too! I'm sure my neighbors thought I was being robbed as I screamed with delight over how awesome my apartment looked. So I'm getting another deep clean next week and I'm super excited. More...



4 November 2015

Our apartment needed a serious deep cleaning and Clean Sweep showed up and did an amazing job.  I'd love to use them again for some light cleaning in the future and appreciated the follow up call when the team was finished cleaning.  Thank you so much!


Angel T.

2 November 2015

Highly recommend! I was nervous because we really had a huge mess for them to clean, but 2 people came out and got the job done! Clelia and Graciela are awesome! They were very thorough and didn't mind a job that took like a few hours. I am gonna use them every time! More...


Andrew B.

27 October 2015

We usually do our own cleaning, but it's hard to get everything. And after a year and a half at our place, we decided it needed a more thorough cleaning. Two cleaners came out to our place (I wasn't there so I don't have their names), and spent about 4 hours cleaning it (2 bed, 2 bath) from top to bottom. When I got home, it looked and smelled great. I was especially impressed they were able to get all the cat hair from our furniture. We will definitely use them again every so often for the deep cleans. More...


Stella G.

21 October 2015

I have used Clean Sweep several times and it's been great each time.  Great attention to detail, polite and thorough team.  Just called them for another deep cleaning and I am looking forward to it! More...


Joel L.

11 October 2015

Outstanding service! The team worked very hard and arrived early. Our condo sparkles!


Micki S.

8 October 2015

This is the second time I've used them for a major cleaning after tenants moving out and they were even better this time around.  They called to say the team was on its way, and then to make sure they had arrived.  I called to let them know the cleaners were going to be going longer than the 4 hours and Clean Sweep said "however long it takes, but you'll be charged what we agreed to - the 4 hours".  The team was there for 5 hours and Clean Sweep stuck to its agreement.  They were really nice on the phone and more than happy to accommodate. Scott in particular.  The place hadn't been cleaned in a long time.  The glass shower doors I never thought would ever be clear again and they sparkled once done.  The stove was almost black, but was shining when the work was done.  They were thorough and immaculate.  Did everything I asked for.  I called to confirm a day or two before but I'm not sure that was even necessary.  I will definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone needing a big clean.  I found them very trustworthy as well. More...


Daniel N.

6 October 2015

Finding a good, reliable, and affordable cleaning service can be hard especially how easy a few bad reviews can turn you off. In a rush to move out of my apartment, I called Clean Sweep to do a deep cleaning of my apartment. They were able to schedule me in the same week and offered me a discount because I had heard about them through Yelp.I was not able to be present when the two cleaners first arrived, but from my friend, they arrived within the time frame that was said. They had estimated about 3 hours to do a deep cleaning for a 1 bed, 1 bath, living room, and kitchen for a total of $162. They ask you what you'd like to be cleaned and then they call HQ and you get a phone call of your charges. I thought that was reasonable for a deep clean since I was asking them to clean so much.I arrived towards the end and they came out and asked me to inspect the place. I was thoroughly impressed on how well they did. The floors felt brand new and everything was sparkling clean. It felt like a brand new place. I couldn't have been happier! The only part I was a little unsure about if I was supposed to tip them or not...Overall, great service and I'll most likely contacting Clean Sweep soon for my new place.Some suggestions would be to e-mail customers a appointment/receipt and maybe a guesstimate pricing chart so people know how much they might be paying in advance. More...


Jessica Y.

28 September 2015

I used Clean Sweep LA for a move-in clean for my townhouse. The previous owner didn't do a move-out clean and I also had new floors installed on my entire second floor. My place wasn't a dumpster, but it certainly needed a good, thorough clean. I couldn't be happier with the service! The first cleaning duo took a look at my home before providing me with an estimate, so I knew very well what I was paying for. I did a deep clean, including cleaning the inside of cabinets, windows, sliding door tracks, etc. and my new home is now spotless. Manuel and Bianca were incredibly pleasant to work with. There was actually a mix-up and Clean Sweep sent two people thinking that it was a 1bd/1ba (I had also scheduled a move-out clean for a 1bd), when it is actually a 4bd/3.5ba. Even though they arrived past noon and told me it would take them 10 hours to clean, they exuded only positivity and never once complained or blamed me. Of course, they called the office and they were able to send two more pairs to help. The original duo still worked for some 6-7 hours straight. Huge thumbs up to Manuel and Bianca, and also Ellie (or Ally?) from the office, who were super flexible and always cared about my experience first. More...


Frank H.

21 September 2015

I've been using them for 2 years now. And I'm very particular when it comes to cleaning services. They are always punctual and most importantly do an amazing job time after time.


Heather C.

3 September 2015

I'm a repeat customer for these guys! They made my stove and fridge spotless!! They came on time, and work very fast. I am giving 4 stars because last time I felt one of my bathrooms was still dirty. Scott offered to have them come back and reclean it! Talk about customer service!! I've inquired with other services and they either don't get back to me on time!! I can't wait to use them again tomorrow since I have family coming from out of town! More...


Janne K.

28 August 2015

Had these folks in just before Christmas and they saved my life.  Team did a wonderful job on long-neglected bathroom!  They were pleasant to deal with and very efficient -- just hired them again.


Hollywood G.

26 August 2015

They were very professional and did an amazing job with my parents's apartment yesterday .  My parents loved the work .  We are definately using them again! Thank You - M Rodriguez More...


Sol L.

17 August 2015

I personally can't keep my place clean since I'm out most of the time, and it finally got to a point where I knew I had to request a maid service. I was hesitant at first because I thought it'd be a waste of money, but I am SO glad I made the right choice.Manuel and Blanca are simply amazing! It was like coming in to a brand new home. It was even cleaner than how it was before I moved in!They were also very professional: -came right on time-noted exactly what we wanted (they even organized my clothes upon request!)-reasonable price-nothing lost or stolen (in fact, they found cash lying around and gave it to us in an envelop!)I am definitely going to request them again next time! More...


Chandler B.

5 August 2015

Carolina and Erica were awesome. We just moved into a new sublet on Monday and were extremely let down and grossed out by how dirty everything was. We called them the next afternoon and they got here the next day (today) well within the time frame and finished the small 1br in three hours. We are so happy and relieved by what a good job they did; the bathroom and kitchen are spotless. I asked them if they would be able to dust a little and scrub the walls a bit in three hours and they seemed a little unsure if they would be able to get to that but when we got back they'd done everything I asked for. Extremely happy with this service for sure! More...


Kate R.

30 July 2015

Clean sweep did a great job cleaning overall! They got into corners that I never expected and were very detailed in their deep clean! My apartment looks fantastic! I had two boys living in two rooms and they were a total mess but the two ladies that came, cleaned everything! I swear the place looks amazing!The reason why I only give 4 stars is because they almost didn't clean my room because of my caged pet snake. They were claiming that my snake was trying to get out and snapping at them. My snake has never showed any aggression the entire time I've had it and the cage is fully secured. Still, the company told me they were not letting their cleaners into my room. After much argument, the ladies were able to do a basic clean in my room but it caused me stress nonetheless. Also, they forgot to clean some of the walls and lost a knob off the stove. Nothing too drastic, therefore I give 4 stars. Thank you for the help! More...


Rachel H.

29 July 2015

I've only used this service once so far, but they did such a good job, and at such a reasonable price, I am definitely using them again.I have a pretty large house, with three cats, and a job that has pretty long hours. I've simply run out of time to be able to keep up the more then just a general maintenance on the house. When the cleaners came through, though, it looked amazing! The floors and mirrors looked great and stayed that way for a while. Everything was dusted, they made the beds, and the kitchen had never looked so good.Possibly my favorite thing they did though, if that they collected all my cat's toys that they found on the floor and decorated my (freshly vacuumed) cat tree with them. It's honestly the small touches like that that make this service the best! More...


Marilyn K.

23 July 2015

I chose Clean Sweep LA because of the reviews on Yelp. And I'm very happy I did.Graciela and Clelia arrived on time.  It was a super hot/muggy day and my new condo's air-conditioning was not working but that didn't seem to slow or deter them.I had to leave for a couple of hours.  When I returned they were finished and gone.They did everything I asked for a deep clean move in: clean out the refrigerator and behind the refrigerator, oven/stove, kitchen cabinets, drawers, bathroom, floors, windows and even the furniture that came with the condo.Wish that I came back sooner so that I could have thanked them personally at the time and given them the cold drinks I brought back for them.  Instead, I came back to a condo that was fresh, clean and everything beautifully placed.The management office was also very accommodating.  I did have to reschedule - no problem!The condo management wanted evidence that this was a licensed/insured company.  I was provided the information immediately and without question.I highly recommend this company! More...


Amanda C.

20 July 2015

I've used Clean Sweep twice now - both times, the maids were extremely punctual, friendly and very efficient!  They do a fantastic job getting everything super clean, I've been very happy with the results.  Booking is very easy and the office has great communication.  I definitely recommend them! More...


Gonul Cansu S.

6 July 2015

I really like the service. They cleaned my apartment perfectly. They came at 6 and stayed until late at night to finish the cleaning. Both of the cleaners were really hard working. I will be using them in the future. More...


Elise M.

1 July 2015

Disclaimer- I've only used them once.But with that being said, I am very happy I chose Clean Sweep. -Maria and Eric are polite and easy to have around.-Right on time.-I was particular about what I wanted and they did exactly what I asked.-I expected them to rush out but they requested a walk-through to make sure I was happy.-Tried to put everything back in the right place and if they couldn't remember, they asked.-Destiny replies to emails quickly and they are open Saturdays.-All the correspondence and the invoice was very clear and professional. I will definitely be using them again. More...


Krystal S.

27 June 2015

Amazing job! I have used these guys twice and both times have been fantastic experiences. Lily and Adelena and Jessica and Antonia were extremely thorough and completely professional. I will keep giving these guys by business for sure. More...


Samantha V.

25 June 2015

Maria and Eric did an amazing job they were here for 3 hours and made my apartment feel brand new!Bathrooms were spotless, we had mold and rust in the crannies it was gross ( hence why I had someone come in and remove) it is all removed and way cleaner then when I first moved in!Kitchen is amazing fridge was spotless. Removed and organized everything, including pantry! Floors are impeccable ! Crown molding and furniture as clean as can be!Our bedroom was a Toronto! Coming back from a vacation and skipping a week of laundry made our room crazy with piles of clothes everywhere! Everything was neatly folded and put away! Ask for Maria and Eric they were honest and very friendly! I can't thank them enough!! More...


JUlissa Q.

24 June 2015

They came, and they cleaned. they left my home looking very clean. I like that they take their time and really they get in every crook and cranny to get the dirt out. this place knows what they are doing. The ladies are very nice. More...


Bobby C.

24 June 2015

I gotta say I've in the past I've always "cheaped out" when it comes to cleaning services. I tend to clean myself or roommates have helped in the past.When I did opt for the service I would get a GROUPON which they only used paper towels and spic in span. It was always mediocre. Now that I've moved into a house and been here for almost a year I needed a deep clean just for maintenance and to keep it from getting gross because of 2 dogs and basic wear and tear. It was hard to find pricing so I reached out to a couple other YELPers who told me for a 5 hour deep clean it's be about $270 (with YELP 10% off first timers).  Regular clean could be as little as 100-200 as they just charge per hour. I could live with that price once a year. Scheduling the appointment was fine. Nice guy got me a service within 48hours. Took CC over the phone. Cleaning ladies showed up right on time. Assessed the place (4bed,2bath, 1200 sq. ft), then the quote came in from the office. No hidden fees or upsells. Cleaning ladies (Celia and Graciella) were nice and did an amazing job. All the nook and crannies that I can never get are totally flawless. Brand new. My house feels newer than when I moved in. Will use them in the future for some general upkeep now that I broke my leg and am out of commission for the rest of summer. Nice job CLEAN SWEEP LA MAIDS. More...


Nicole K.

18 June 2015

We used this company before a party.  They did a great job and we were excessively pleased.  They were quick and thorough.  I have already referred them to a number of friends.  We will definitely use them again. More...


Mike W.

18 June 2015

The cleaning crew did an amazing job with my apartment. They were friendly, courteous and thorough. I was very impressed by the speed and efficiency of the cleaners. I'll definitely be using Clean Sweep again in the future. More...


Natalie B.

16 June 2015

So glad we gave Clean Sweep a try! Professional and friendly customer service and staff. I scheduled a deep clean with emphasizes on my blinds (we have a ton of windows with plantation shutters)- they went above and beyond... Beds were even made! I was given a quote over the phone, and was pleased to be charged exactly that. I received a check-in email when the cleaning crew arrived, and an emailed receipt as soon as they left. I also received a follow up phone call the next day. The communication is very comforting, as it's always a little worrisome opening your home. Very impressed and highly recommend! Thanks Clean Sweep! More...


Brian G.

16 June 2015

I was apprehensive at first with hiring a service, but based on these reviews decided to give them a shot.  Glad I did, really an excellent job from start to finish.  I was contacted very quickly after I sent an email inquiring about their service, I explained what I was looking for, and they quoted a fair price.  I decided to go for it, scheduled a time.  Two cleaners showed up right on time, after a walk through I was told the time and cost again, and said to go for it.  Very transparent, up front honest service.  The work was top notch, they delivered exactly what they set out to do.  I have a one bedroom/ one bath in Hollywood, took them 3 hours to clean.  I would hire again in a heartbeat. More...


Daniel B.

1 June 2015

We needed our house to look presentable and spotless. Clean sweep LA was easy to contact and set up an appointment with, and they did a fantastic job and were very detail oriented, which was a key component to the deep clean we were looking for. Roommates remarked that the house looked amazing afterwards. More...


Lorraine I.

26 May 2015

A couple years ago, when I first purchased my home, there were a lot of areas that needed cleaning.  Since we were planning to do a lot of remodeling, it was vitally important for me to choose a cleaning service that would do a fantastic job and be focused on the details.  I researched many different cleaning vendors before I finally decided on Clean Sweep LA.  Their fast response and timely arrival demonstrated their commitment to customer satisfaction.  In addition, the employees cleaned my house top to bottom, never losing sight of the small details that were so important to me.  They were courteous, professional and friendly.In fact, whenever family or friends ask for a cleaning service referral, I do not hesitate to refer them to Clean Sweep LA.  I even have them saved on my 'Contact' list in my cell phone so that I have an easy reference.A couple weeks ago, one of my husband's co-workers asked if he knew a vendor for home cleaning. My husband quickly called me up knowing that I have them as a quick reference, and I gave him the number. His co-worker scheduled for Clean Sweep LA to clean their house, and they were extremely impressed with their dedication to customer satisfaction and quality.Recently, I scheduled to have Clean Sweep LA clean my late mother-in-law's home and I know that with this vendor I can expect quality results, customer satisfaction and professionalism. More...


Nancy H.

21 May 2015

Used Clean Sweep LA last year for a deep clean after my renters moved out.  The ladies did an awesome job especially in the kitchen and the bathrooms.  Will be using them again!


Gretchen G.

19 May 2015

I am a very busy student/ER nurse with two dogs and a tight schedule. This past weekend I worked a total of 52 hours in 4 days with back to back ER shifts and was exhausted. I scheduled a cleaning appointment with Clean Sweep LA on Thursday and their earliest available was Monday. I just wanted to say that coming home to a clean space was so peaceful and calming to help me relax after my long weekend. A few of my loft neighbors had stopped by and all asked for the information of who cleaned my place because they said they've never seen my place so clean. LOL! They said that it looked like a new place, not that it was a hot mess, but they know how my busy life is :( With the reactions I received I am definitely going to use Clean Sweep LA Maids more often now. Thank you. A way better experience than my previous cleaning service I had reviewed. More...


Eric T.

18 May 2015

I've used this service a few times and have been very pleased.  I've always had the same cleaners, Madeline and Richie, and they've been great.  Very professional, on time, and they leave my place looking great.  Everyone else i've interacted with from Clean Sweep has been very helpful and friendly as well.  No complaints, great service! More...


Scott F.

12 May 2015

Clean Sweep is extremely professional.  They do an excellent job cleaning. Thorough and attentive to detail. Definitely will continue to use them.


Amanda D.

11 May 2015

Our team did a fantastic job! They had to do a deep clean of a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment... And we have an infant so there is stuff everywhere! They were spot on with their estimate, used only the products I was comfortable with them using in the nursery, and really got the place spotless. Also on time and extremely polite. I would definitely recommend them and also will be using this service again! More...


Juan G.

23 April 2015

I've used this place a bunch of time for my house in Silverlake.  It's me and 6 other dudes, so things can get a little narly, but we just give clean sweep a call and in a day or two they're there.  Great job and super friendly!


Michelle B.

22 April 2015

After a disastrous experience with a different company, we were a little gun shy to try again.  Upon reading numerous positive reviews, we decided to give CleanSweep a try.  And we are absolutely thrilled with everything.  Alex and Rocio showed up early! Unheard of.  We asked that the floors be a priority and they are spotless. Not an easy feat with 3 dogs. And the small details (folding of towels, blankets, etc) are just an added bonus.  We will be making this a regular event. More...


Kacy B.

4 April 2015

Always on-time.  Always very nice.  Some cleaners are better then others - Manuel and Blanca are the best, but there are others just as good as well. One guy made a design on my couch with the vacuum that was so beautiful we didn't want to sit on it.  Well worth the service and the prices are great. More...


Christie C.

1 April 2015

I've now used these guys three times - once for a regular deep-cleaning, once for a move-in/move-out cleaning in a place I just moved to, and once for a deep-clean on the place I just moved OUT of yesterday. Every time they were fantastic. Punctual, finished their work in the amount of time they estimated upon arrival, received an invoice promptly after they finished and a phone call to ask how it went, and a great job done on the cleaning. I hire cleaners to make my life easier, not create more problems or clean up after them because I am just too busy to do it myself, otherwise I would. I've had independent cleaners come and take care of things and none of them were as good, reliable, or professional than these folks. If you've had cleaners come to you before and ever had problems, you will appreciate how on point they are. I have, and people that know how to clean well, be reliable, not break things and do it in the amount of time they say are WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD. More...


Jason K.

31 March 2015

Very impressive. I like way they clean my restaurant I will call them again. Also price was reasonable and peoples were nice.


Lisa W.

20 March 2015

I never write Yelp reviews, but these folks deserve 5 stars...don't hesitate to call them if you want a really clean place! On time, efficient, all around great. More...


Conti W.

18 March 2015

This was my first time using a maid service so I was kind of nervous. But I must say, they did a phenomenal job. The 2 young ladies that came out quoted me for 2 hours but the job took them longer than that and they did not charge for that. The areas that they cleaned was amazing. I will most certainly be using them again. More...


Samantha M.

22 February 2015

My husband and I are huge fans, Clean Sweep couldn't have done a better job!We live in downtown and recently moved from one unit to another within the same building, opting to rent out our old place. Before renting out the old place though, we wanted to do a deep clean. So I came to Yelp and found Clean Sweep, and after seeing all of their reviews, I decided to call them up. Long story short, they did an incredible job cleaning the place - it absolutely sparkles now! We had a little over 1000 square feet to clean, which included two bathrooms, a full kitchen (and all associated appliances), and to top it all off, we had had two pets in this unit for nearly two years. After about five hours, the place is absolutely spotless! Endless thanks, we couldn't recommend Clean Sweep more highly!! More...


Vincci T.

19 February 2015

Manuel and Blanca are great!!They deep clean and did a wonderful job. I have tons of clothes, they fold all of them and make sure everything is organized before they left. They have a positive altitude and I'm very satisfied with their job. More...


Betsey K.

16 February 2015

Thank you Clean Sweep.  I highly recommend Clean Sweep. They achieved the impossible:  cleaned a second semester, 3 college student apartment, and left it spotless and smelling lemony fresh.  It means a lot to this mom to know these kids have a clean, reorganized apartment, and they can once again think straight.  You have an excellent, reliable, trustworthy service. More...


Jennifer G.

11 February 2015

I LOVE Clean Sweep!! They are PHENOMENAL!!I had them do a deep cleaning. Madelyn and Richie came to my place. They were so wonderful. They asked all of the right questions before I left. When I returned, I've never been so impressed! They did a beautiful job deep cleaning my place! This included the floors, the refrigerator, the freezer, the bathroom, bedroom, living room and den were immaculate. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this experience. You will be very HAPPY!! More...


Jessica W.

10 February 2015

Clean Sweep has been cleaning our offices for about a year now.  Scheduling is easy, prices are reasonable and Vilma and team always do a great job.  I've been so impressed by the service that now they are scheduled to clean my home as well! More...


Jessica B.

26 January 2015

My boyfriend and I recently moved into a new apartment that had been shoddily cleaned. We used Clean Sweep LA's services and were extremely impressed with the results. For a deep clean which took about 4 hours, it cost us $200 which is definitely reasonable. The cleaners were nice, professional, and paid attention to detail. Our place absolutely sparkled! We will definitely be using Clean Sweep in the future. More...


Wyatt G.

26 January 2015

We keep our house pretty clean, so we were looking for someone to come and do a deep clean every once in a while - the walls, shower, stove, all the hard stuff. Last few companies we tried took hours to do what we normally would in 30 minutes, but Clean Sweep is the real deal. Easy, affordable, and every time the house is seriously spotless. More...


Jamie P.

20 December 2014

If you're like Two-Days-Ago me, you're looking at these reviews because there's only a few weeks left of 2014... and you've got a year's worth of dust, crumbs, and who-knows-what to prove it.I called Clean Sweep in the late morning, and they offered to send out a pair of cleaners the same day. Why hello, Immediate Gratification! Two ladies showed up right on time with all their own equipment. I had heard they could cater their cleaning to my preferences, so I asked them to get behind the stove, inside the fridge, and around the shower. Other than that, I just left the general deep cleaning up to them. They told me they'd be done in 2.5 hours, I said OK, and within five minutes I had a call from Clean Sweep confirming the amount of hours and total price. Clearly, Clean Sweep has their $#!+ together. I love it.I returned 3 hours later, and they had already locked up and left. Thank goodness, because my giddy screams at how AMAZING the place looked might have been rather embarrassing for everybody. Clean carpet, clean shelves, clean shower, clean stove, clean refrigerator, clean microwave, clean bathroom, clean sinks and clean counters. I mean, I know this is their job and everything, but HOLY COW -- they even re-organized my condiments in the fridge and my photos/knickknacks on the shelves... EVEN BETTER THAN I HAD ORIGINALLY ARRANGED THEM. IT'S LIKE THEY JUST ORGANIZED MY LIFE.Thanks, Clean Sweep! I'll be sure to contact you the next time my apartment inevitably falls into disarray! More...


Will P.

9 December 2014

Blue Team: Rocio and Oscar. They just killed it. I did this for my wife, who will be returning with my two kids after a while away visiting family. I seriously want to go stay at a hotel so I do not dirty things up at home until they get back :)I took pictures of all of the little neat, detail-oriented organizational and tidying things they did. It just looks gorgeous -- I am proud of myself for living somehwere so clean :) More...


Betty Lou S.

29 November 2014

Couldn't be happier. They gave a preliminary estimate of 3-4 hours before ever seeing my place but upon arrival they realized  the lower 3 hour estimate would be plenty. I knew what I was paying for ahead of time and the cleaners were efficient, effective and not to mention friendly.  I have already decided to stick with them for monthly cleanings! Thank you for making this a stress free process!! More...


Vaibhav S.