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bill sabir

19 May 2019

I was skeptical at first...But it’s been eight months cigarettes free. Definitely recommended.
Thank you.


Paula Irby

25 February 2019

Dr Clayton is wonderful he helped me quit smoking and is helping me with many things he's a wonderful doctor


Amanda Wells

28 October 2018

AMAZING! I'm finally able to live my life and enjoy it! Dr. Clayton puts everything into perspective and makes it so much easier for you to understand your underlying problems and how to go about fixing it. He has given me to many useful tools to help me tackle any challenge that comes my way! I am much more confident and I am so thankful that I found him and I am so grateful for everything he has done for me. More...


Barbara Wells

28 October 2018

I am not a patient, but my daughter is. We tried the "Usual" doctors for a few years which all they did was medicate her anxiety issues never addressing the reason causing them. So when things went from bad to worse, I searched online for something or someone to give her some ray of hope. A friend told us about Dr. Clayton's website, we watched all his videos and knew if anyone couild her help, it was him. We now have our daughter back and he has empowered her by teaching her new strategies that allow her to think in new ways that open doors for her instead of the hindering road blocks.of doom which would continously cycle in her brain that she could not shut off. What he has done for her, we were not sure if it was even possible, but it truly is. Anyone who thinks their situation is hopeless should give him a call. Dr. Clayton, you are truly a blessing to our family and for many others, and for this I am sure. More...



30 July 2018

I was a little nervous about believing that hypnosis would work for me to quit smoking. I am 42 years old and had been smoking for 20+ years. I was up to a pack to a pack and half a day. I had tried in the past to quit using the patch, then it went to the vape and then just back to smoking within 3 months. I called Dr. Clayton and he was awesome in responding to my questions, concerns, and frankly my doubts that I had about hypnosis working to get me to quit smoking. I thought about it over the weekend and called him first thing Monday and I made an appointment. I went for three sessions (one day a week). Throughout those three weeks, Dr Clayton was available multiple times for me via phone and email when I wanted to speak to him about how I was feeling. He was professional and understanding to everything I was going through etc. I am happy to say that I have been smoke free since June 5, 2018. If it wasn't for Dr Clayton's help and guidance and of course my want/desire/commitment to not want to smoke I would still be poisoning myself to this day. I would refer anyone who is out looking to quit smoking to Dr. Clayton and wish that I would have went and seen him years ago. We still stay in tough via email to this day and I just cant't say enough good things!!! Dr. Clayton is a hero without a cape!!! Thank you Dr. Clayton - I am living a much healthier life because of you!! More...



3 June 2018

Thank you for the amazing experience!


Jody Caputi

26 May 2018

I came to see Dr. Clayton for severe insomnia. I had only been sleeping 2 hours a night for many months. I had tried everything, acupuncture and herbs and changing diet and I just could not sleep through the night. Sleeping aids and sleeping pills did not help me either. I was very skeptical about hypnotherapy but I was quite desperate and decided to give it a try. I was very impressed that he offered lifetime support for insomnia. Within about 2 weeks of sessions I was able to sleep through the night without any assistance which I had not done in years. He keeps his guarantee if you need a refresher. I really felt like this saved my life. Dr Clayton is very professional, he's sincere and cares about his patientss' well being. He also explains to you how the mind works which is extra helpful. I highly recommend! More...


Charles Comellas

26 May 2018

Two-part session and I haven't had a cigarette in 4 months. Longest I've ever been without since I started smoking.


Barbara Maddrey

26 May 2018

Thank you, Dr. Clayton, for working with me over the past 10 years on grief issues, weight loss issues, family counseling issues and work-related issues with great success! I consider hypnosis to be the best investment in myself and my family that I could make. In working on furthering my job searches and training with the Virginia Workforce Agency, this therapy has been priceless. The neat part of it is that every issue connects in some way to another part of my life, specifically when I was hypnotized to help with taking horseback riding lessons, I actually improved in driving my car! You are a very gifted, compassionate person and I appreciate the help and effort you put into your work. More...


Aleda Frishman

16 November 2017

I’ve tried everything to quit smoking, nothing worked. Dr. Clayton’s method is fast and it works! I’m a bona fide non-smoker!


jacob bogers

26 May 2017

Dr. Clayton's online videos (you tube) are most excellent and have helped me a lot to find drive and focus. He is an excellent professional who explains the inner workings of the mind very well and how to re-condition yourself via hypnotherapy. A kindhearted soul with a great sense of empathy to his fellow man. More...


Robin Caldwell

2 February 2017

I have been suffering with fear of driving and especially over bridges since 2008. My world was getting smaller and smaller and I had tried several hypnotherapist in the area with no success. I found Dr. Clayton while googling fear of driving and decided to see if he could help me. The experience was way different than any other I had tried and I knew from the first session that he was going to be the one to help me. I am going to my 5th session today and will probably go once more for reassurance but I am now driving over a very high bridge twice a day that I quit driving over years ago and instead going 15 minutes out of my way to avoid it and I am doing it with ease. Dr. Clayton helps you re-train your mind to think in a way that has a more positive outcome. I feel like I have my life back and I can't thank him enough for that. More...

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