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Clarity Centers

Towson, MD, Baltimore

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Clarity Centers

Towson, MD, Baltimore


The counselors and medical staff at Clarity Centers strive to help you obtain self knowledge, practice self control, and gain clarity of mind. 

We do this so that you may learn to live more fully, laugh more openly, and love more unconditionally.



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Discovery. Imagination. Hope. Trust. Development. Character. Optimism. These are qualities I delight in. Like many psychologists, I am informed out of my rich experiences. I've been a psychotherapist, entrepreneur, professor, school psychologist, disability specialist, licensed psychologist, public speaker, educational researcher. I am especially interested, when invited, to incorporate a spiritual perspective on the life challenges you face

My professional goal is to inspire people to learn about themselves and methods for transforming.

Our goal is to offer fully engaged and guided conversations with someone wise and merciful. Regardless of the treatment style or modality used in counseling, the rapport between patient and therapist is the most essential ingredient of growth. 

The “who” almost always outweighs the “how.”  Ask us to explain this further.



In a hypnosis session guided by a therapist who has your best interests at heart, you enter a very relaxed state and leave your subconscious open to suggestion. Through the use of powerful language patterns, you begin to change the way your subconscious relates to situations in your life. We have helped people stop smoking, lose weight, improve work focus, enhance sports performance, reduce or stop addictive patterns.