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Claire Buck is a qualified Holistic Executive and Business Coach with over 30 years of entrepreneurial business growth and success in the fashion and shoe industry. She is also a mum to six so has led a very colourful life with a huge amount of passion that she brings to every client.


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19 April 2018

Professional discovery call. Claire is lovely and can read between the lines :)


Angela Sweeting

1 February 2017

After my first hour with Claire I had already started putting actions in place, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge and genuinely wants to use her skills to help people reach their full potential. Brilliant!


Rachel Hainsworth

23 January 2017

Had an hour meeting with Claire today. Wow after lots of tears and a full box of tissues (its surprising how much your past actually affects your future) I'm obviously not quite as strong as I thought!!! I highly recommend anyone to speak to Claire shes such a good listener, understands how to get information without prying and knows when to stop when needed. (Park things). A true counsellor. Looking forward to my next meeting and hopefully opening all my shut boxes and dealing with things left undealt with that are holding me back. She has done a plan of how to move forward and what I need to concentrate on most. Thank you Claire you truly are amazing. I never thought that I needed life coaching but obviously I do. Thank you again. I would highly recommend anyone who has been thro anything stressful/emotional/life/health changing or just wants to know the next direction to go in life to speak to Claire. Rx More...


John Davison

13 January 2017

I'm fortunate enough to have met Claire through my business networking group and I have been impressed by her acumen and coaching skills. Great to meet you Claire and every success! More...


Paul Smith

13 January 2017

Had a meeting with a Claire and extremely impressed with her professionalism, how she structure the meeting and really helped focus my mind in the correct direction. Highly recommended.


Elaine Gill

4 January 2017

What a morning with Claire! I have now been able to clear my thought process about my life and how my work is so authentic with my being. Having struggled with many aspects of relationships Claire has helped me to delve deep to discover so much more about the way I communicate my thoughts. Truly enlightening and I'll be back to work on other areas of my life. Bless you Claire More...


Dilani Gaunt

23 October 2016

Claire is a brilliant coach. She provides a calm environment and great skills to help you work through areas you feel 'stuck' on. I have moved forward a lot since working with her and thoroughly look forward to every session. More...


Emma Stone

23 October 2016

Claire is amazing at what she does, she has helped me so much, thank you x


James Banfield

12 October 2016

I was initially Skeptical about coaching. This was because I like to think that I am naturally organised and I am constantly goal setting.But after working with Claire my opinion completely changed. The reason I think Claire is such an effective coach is because she manages to cut through your barriers/defenses and gets to the issues that are holding you back very quickly. She constantly challenges you, but because of her warm and friendly personality you feel supported throughout the process, rather than being interrogated or attacked.I know understand my self a lot better, and I feel a lot more confident on a daily basis. Claire has helped me identify the areas that i need to continue to work on, and I feel more positive about the future. I have no doubt that she will have a long and success career! More...


Sean Mizrahi

18 May 2016

After feeling 'stuck in a rut' for the past year or so, lacking direction and focus in my personal and professional life, I sought Claire's services. Within just one session I started to feel more empowered and motivated to make some healthy decisions. Claire was instrumental in helping me create a clear, step-by-step plan of what needed to be done and how to go about it. I feel more confident, engaged and focused. Claire most certainly has a natural talent for coaching and I can't thank her enough. More...


Lexx Ellins

27 March 2016

Claire helped me to take a step back and really look at how much I was trying to take on in my life. She helped me to piece together a plan and to identify the top 3 things that I needed to focus on first. As an entrepreneur I always feel like taking on the world, and Claire helped me to figure out how to break that down into something achievable. I have eliminated so much stress through working with her. I would highly recommend working with Claire if you are feeling lost and overwhelmed. She is great at helping you shift your focus to what really matters and what needs to be accomplished first. More...


Sabera Ahsan

23 March 2016

Claire has really helped me see the light through her excellent coaching skills. Things are clearer, much more achievable and I have a step by step action plan to make all my goals, dreams and ambitions come true. I would not have got this far without Claire - Sabera Ahsan Writer and Editor of Asian Mums Network. More...


Adrian Wales

18 March 2016

Claire has been a true guiding light in her coaching work with me. Her empathic, but focused approach has enabled me to drive forward in my business with a pace and clarity I would not have had, were it not for Claire’s support. Claire is my biggest advocate and this has been a huge factor in helping me to find confidence and determination to succeed. I would recommend Claire to anyone who wishes to find and utilise their true potential - Adrian Wales, Director LPD Associates Ltd More...


Seeing transformation and getting breakthrough with my clients.

I have always been in a family business and wanted to do something I loved just for me.

Because I have a strong entrepreneurial business background and a wonderfully enriched life experience, together with a modern-day family of 6 children. I am well qualified and a CPD accredited coach applying a dynamic approach to each and every client that I work with.