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Carol Ramirez

2 July 2019

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Sjogrens. I came into the pharmacy looking for alternative pain medication that could help with pain and inflammation. I bought the discomfort capsules, complete choice CBD and c3 1250 mg drops. The capsules are pretty amazing during a flare-up, at least for me. They dull the pain considerably. I take the CBD drops at night to help with sleep. Highly recommend giving it a try. Glad ClackCo is here in Midland giving people choices other than prescription medications. More...


Abel A. Nunez

18 April 2019

Jenna and her staff are true professionals within their industries and they honestly care about the well being of their patients. Definitely recommend ClackCo.


Denise DelPrincipe

2 November 2018

The team is so welcoming and friendly. Have a question? Ask away! They have the knowledge to help and teach. It’s amazing. They are amazing.


Heather Waters

27 September 2018

I went in for a simple micronutrients test and 2.5 hours later I left with all required tests done through this office. These ladies are VERY well educated, funny, positive and just awesome people! They really want to look out for YOU! And educate you, that is a hard thing to find let alone both! Looking forward to many more positive appointments!!! Thank you Jenna & Emilie for everything so far! ❤️ More...


Kat Shelby

18 June 2018

Jenna and her staff are awesome! They all truly care about you and go into detail to make sure you understand everything! They are always quick to get back with you when you have any questions.


Heather Graham

20 March 2018

We love love love them! In addition to amazing customer service and patient care, ClackCo has the most peaceful atmosphere �


Teri Sperl

17 February 2018

Jenna and Emily are the best!! I love the energy and them!


Dee Huckabee

8 October 2017

Always looking out for your best interest and always has a solution and answer and truly cares for your health...


Jennifer McNew

2 September 2017

My daughter had dealt with stomach upset and cramping her whole life. She is 5 and we decided to get some food sensitivity testing done. They were able to do a finger prick and test for 180 foods. She ended up having very bad food sensitivities to many things. It was so eye opening to finally know what we were dealing with. They are guiding us and helping us navigate a whole new world of foods. We felt it was so beneficial that we decided to have our whole family checked. Thanks you guys for all of your continued help and encouragement! More...


Karen Wilbrandt

8 August 2017

Im a pharmacist and Ive studied hormones for 20 plus years and Im blown away. She tries to find the best economical route and get you the best bang for your buck.. She also makes you feel relaxed and does not "shame" you for the unhealthy behaviors that we all have. After a 30 minute visit she has already made changes to greatly improve my life.. What a blessing and wealth of knowledge we have right here in Midland, Tx. More...


Amy Schroeder Phillips

21 July 2017

Jenna Clack is amazing and offering much needed functional medicine to Midland! Highly recommend her!