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Charles R. Patrick

24 January 2019

great INFORMATION for the people


Cheryl Echevarria

22 September 2017

I want to give a shout out to my #Cityspotz representative Eucesibus S. Frazier (C.B) for all the help and professionalism with working with me understand how Cityspotz works. I will definitely be recommending him and the company to my business friends in the future. More...


Rayzer Foster

6 June 2017

You Can't Go Without Cityspotz organoray50k Is Taking Flight! if You're In Business they Push You Out in Your City to Google Yahoo Bing Where You Get Recognition Instantly - !!Sign Up!! You Can't Lose It's Working Me :D More...


Eucesibus S Frazier

27 January 2017

Cityspotz is an excellent place to find businesses in area. Looking forward to what's coming in the different directories!


Brian Nasen

4 January 2017

Good to know these guys! CitySpotz is a great service for small businesses.


Tina Mervin

5 December 2016

Great service for free but even better when you subscribe for at least $5.99 a month.


Carrie Price

15 November 2016

Totally love it promotes my Coffee business!!! Recommended to get!!! If you have a business it's a must


Fran Beasley

29 September 2016

I really like the upgrades and new features on CitySpotz.


Luke Herrington

29 September 2016

After meeting Robert and hearing about the service, I can see how CitySpotz can really make a difference in advertising your business online. I believe its one of the easiest systems to date. You manage the information in your listing on CitySpotz, and they manage your search engine and web directory listings with the same content... Just that simple! More...


Paul Richards

24 August 2016

I agree with Faith 100% and CitySpotz is a great way to make extra cash while promoting your own business.


Faith Hill

24 August 2016

CitySpotz is all that it says and so much more. If you need exposure for your business, this is the service to use for a low cost.