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Based in our Putney City Paws Club store we’re on hand to take care of any DIY disaster, unwanted visit to the Thames or even a roll in some urban Foxy-doo!

Our qualified Groomers will wash, dry & groom your mucky-mutt to perfection!

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City Paws Club Reviews

City Paws Club Reviews

Review of City Paws Club by Martina Dascollas
5 24/12/2018 Martina Dascollas

If you are looking for a doggy daycare service in London this is hands down the best place! They really go above and beyond with their customer service and are so friendly and easy to talk to. My dog has separation anxiety and not only did the City Paws Club team understand his issues, but when he chewed our wall they immediately gave me advice on what to do, even going so far as to let me call them in the evening for advice and gave me a recommendation of a local handyman!! Not many companies would go this far for their customers but they genuinely care about dog welfare. Your pup will be good hands, can't recommend them enough to everyone!

Review of City Paws Club by Sass Mears
5 01/11/2018 Sass Mears

So so happy with my miniature schnauzer's groom - Basia always does a great job (I don't like him to look like a grumpy old man but love his little beard and eyebrows) and I'd never consider taking him anywhere else.

Review of City Paws Club by Amber Shuker
5 09/06/2018 Amber Shuker

Once again a fabulous experience with City paws club day care and home from home boarding. Our dog Lady (a dachshund) has spent the last week being wonderfully looked after by Matt and the team. She always has a great time and we know she is safe and well looked after, while we were away on holiday. Great service, we would highly recommend them.

Review of City Paws Club by Jacob Harris
5 05/06/2018 Jacob Harris

We enjoyed the most wonderful paddle boarding trip on Sunday 3rd Of June organised by City Paws Club in association with Active 360. From start to finish all the people involved were friendly, professional and helpful. Great start when all dogs were offered treats to help make friends. Both humans and dogs were kitted out with life jackets, then we had a safety briefing and on shore demo, before launching the boards and setting off. Matt from City Paws Club and the instructors from Active 360 made sure they were on hand to offer advice and encouragement and also point out places of interest onshore - a very good ratio of experienced people to beginners. We had a stop off on the shore to allow the humans to rest and the dogs to stretch their legs while the tide turned (making travel back to base easier). It was possible to leave bags securely back at base with a change of clothes - needed by some of us who ended up going for a swim! As it was a hot day it was actually rather refreshing. The base has a hot shower (could do with 2, but it was good there was one) and changing rooms/toilets. Wonderful to spend time with such a friendly group of people and wonderful dogs. Looking forward to going again, and highly recommend it to anyone who loves spending quality fun time with their dog.

Review of City Paws Club by Edward Austin
5 04/06/2018 Edward Austin

We had an absolutely brilliant time at City Paws’ recent Dog & Human paddleboarding event - Matt and his team were all fantastic and made the day really fun! We managed to survive the whole trip without falling in, which was an added bonus! I would highly recommend and certainly do it again

Review of City Paws Club by Gigi Oropeza
5 Gigi Oropeza

When we moved to London a few months ago with our beagle Mia, one of our main concerns was to find a place were she would feel comfortable and could settle in since she had been an apprehensive and somewhat nervous pup around other dogs, We are so glad we found City Paws Club, they really are an EXCEPTIONAL team.
Mia loves going to day care, she doesn't even say goodbye to us once the doorbell rings and she notices Marcus or Matt are here to pick her up. She comes back HAPPY and EXHAUSTED from running around all day with her new friends.
Furthermore, when we've needed to travel, they have also taken excellent care of her, especially Etka, who in addition to spoiling her, keeps un informed with frequent updates and pictures. They have also helped us arranging last minute day care and boarding when we've had emergency trips.
We recommend City Paws Club without any hesitation and look forward to visiting their new store soon!

Review of City Paws Club by Sean Collins
5 Sean Collins

Our Jack Russel Nelson has been on a couple of days because we were were concerned that he was not socialised well enough. Nelson had a great time! The first time he came home so tired he could barely stand up from running around playing all day!

Nelson was actually fine with all the other dogs and always wants to play.

We will definitely be sending Nelson for more days in the future as it obviously does him good.

Review of City Paws Club by Janeannie Appleby
5 Janeannie Appleby

Sammy our Cockapoo � has been going to City Paws for half a day care on and off for the past year! Their services have been amazing including the grooming shop on Lower Richmond Road, Putney. Sammy always comes home happy, tired and content. ���
Easy booking access though the website. �
Unfortunately for Sammy we are moving too far for Sammy to keep attending City Paws. �
Definitely recommend �

Review of City Paws Club by Kelley Connell Isinger
5 Kelley Connell Isinger

We've recently started using City Paws Club for day care after relocating to London from California for our slightly nervous/anxious but ever so sweet dog, Hyde. We are thankful for Matt and his team who have helped our dog acclimate to life here and let him take the time he needs getting to know the pack. Matt was so wonderful communicating with us the first few times Hyde was with him to let us know how he was doing. Matt will also text in the am to let us know they are about to be outside so that Hyde does not bark and wake up our toddler. We are confident that Hyde is being well taken care of and that he is having fun while out on his adventures with City Paws Club!

Review of City Paws Club by Helen Renwick
5 Helen Renwick

so cats are standoffish and get all picky about who they love. dogs - not so much - they love you unconditionally in a happy slobbery way. so we got a dog.

BUT its just a little bit galling to discover that our dog clearly loves matt and his team a tinsy bit more than us when it comes to walk time. And i can see why - pack runs, muddy puddles, great friends - but honestly, can he not hide it a bit?

aside from the jealousy it can only be 5 stars for city paws club - great people who really love the dogs - and total commitment to giving the dogs the best experience - and a cool car.

Review of City Paws Club by Marina Shaw Petro
5 Marina Shaw Petro

Matt and his team have been nothing short of fantastic. We recently moved to London from the U.S. and didn't know where to turn for dog sitting/boarding and day play. We took a chance on City Paws after reading the other reviews and are so glad we did! They were available to take our dogs quite last minute for a few days when we had to go out of town and they are very flexible with day play dates.

We love knowing that when they are boarding with City Paws that they are staying at the home of a City Paws staffer rather than a kennel or crate at some sort of facility. One of our dogs is a rescue and has always been nervous around new people but he seems completely at ease with Matt and his team. Both dogs are excited when they are picked up in the morning and seem to have an awesome time whenever they go out with City Paws for the day. They always come home happy, enthusiastic and exhausted (in the best way possible).

Matt is also super responsive and easy to communicate with. He has even FaceTimed us so we could see the dogs playing at their property outside London. Long story short – we highly recommend City Paws!

Review of City Paws Club by Krystle Weaver
5 Krystle Weaver

My husband and I recently moved to London with our extremely anxious doxie and were quite nervous about finding a place where Brady would settle in and be comfortable when we are out of town on holiday. A fellow ex-pat friend of ours referred us to City Paws with glowing reviews, and we could not have been happier with the care given to Brady. From being personally picked up and dropped off at our home, to receiving firsthand feedback from Matt on how Brady adjusted, we've been continuously impressed with City Paws and the service they provide. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for great boarding / overnight services for their pet!

Review of City Paws Club by Justin Bateman
5 Justin Bateman

We took our 9-month old puppy to City Paws as we needed daycare for him. Specifically, we wanted to make sure he had adequate mental stimulation while limiting his physical activity as he had an injured shoulder. A month later he was no longer limping and we have a very happy dog every day. Matt and the team have been helpful and accommodating throughout and I'd thoroughly recommend City Paws.

Review of City Paws Club by Cate Sorour
5 Cate Sorour

Our dogs go to day care with City Paws Club a few times a week. Matt and his team offer excellent service, that is trustworthy and super convenient. They collect the dogs each morning, and return them later in the day (exhausted and happy). I check their activity trackers daily and can see the hours of running and walking they do! I highly recommend them.

Review of City Paws Club by Elaine Wilson
5 Elaine Wilson

As a veterinarian, I am naturally fussy about my pets' care. The attention to dog behaviour and scheduling to accommodate dog size and preferences was reassuring. Matt has definitely done his research, referencing veterinary behaviour specialist, Dr. Sophia Yin. My golden retriever is wary of the crates in the van (crates have always been worrisome though). Once he's there Brigs has a great time. On his first visit I got what's app videos of him tearing around in the woods with his new friends, having a blast! He comes home tired and happy and thankfully cleaned off. Always on time for pick up and drop off and a call if there's any issue. The fenced runs are fabulously spacious, clean and secure with double gate systems and the group off-leash walks are in small groups to ensure safety.

Review of City Paws Club by Jenny Scott
5 Jenny Scott

City Paws Club have been excellent with my two pups! They get so excited in the morning when they're getting ready to head off to day care and return absolutely exhausted but at the same time are clearly happy - which as an owner is a delight to see! Matt and his team do a great job and I would recommend them to anyone! :)

Review of City Paws Club by Maryann Huynh
5 Maryann Huynh

My other half and I are so grateful to have found Matt and his team at City Paws Club. While we needed help looking after our miniature long-haired dachshund, Wilson, due to a change in our working schedules, we were also looking for ways to socialise our often shy and clingy little sausage. After four weeks of daycare twice a week with Matt, we can already see a lot of positive change in our little one. The monthly walks and events are an added bonus, adding a really lovely community feel to the group.

Review of City Paws Club by Sarah Tran
5 Sarah Tran

My partner and I just got a new puppy, Yeats, and with us both working, it was hard to make sure he got the socialization and exercise he really needs. After finding City Paws through a friend, Yeats started going to daycare during the week. Every day, he gets picked up in the morning. And he's always so content and happy when he's dropped off. We're really glad we've found City Paws. Matt and the rest of the pack leaders have been great, attentive and flexible with our busy schedules. The service they provide feels personal - they truly care about each dog individually. Couldn't recommend City Paws and their services more!

Review of City Paws Club by Marianne de la Roche
5 Marianne de la Roche

City Paws Club has been a lifesaver for our family. They're always on time, absolutely lovely people and most importantly they really care about our dogs. After a day at daycare, our pups come home reassuringly tired from running around the activity centre. We especially loved getting photos of them having fun. We have also noticed behaviour improvements in our dogs(especially with one that was previously insecure) along with increased stamina and fitness. Overall I would recommend CPC to anyone who cares about their dog.

Review of City Paws Club by Elizabeth O'Connell
5 Elizabeth O'Connell

Bolly has been going to City Paws Club daycare, obedience/agility training, and browsing the shop for toys, accessories and the odd bath for around six months. He is very excited and happy to see his pack friends (both two-legged and four-legged varieties) and always comes home tired, mentally stimulated and content. It is absolutely clear that the CPC team love every single doggo and pupper that they care for, and that the feeling is mutual.

Review of City Paws Club by Charlotte Bissutil
5 Charlotte Bissutil

My dogs have been going to day care twice a week for 2,5 months now. They are both rescue, and the youngest one has a blast running around with other dogs. He gets to burn some energy, and comes back home happy and tired. The older one was mistreated for several years before we found him, and as a result is extremely wary of strangers. The team at CityPaws have been very patient with him, doing their best to gain his trust little by little. I really appreciate their dedication, time and effort.

Review of City Paws Club by Natasha Nejman
5 Natasha Nejman

My dog Henry loves City Paws Club, each morning when he gets picked up for daycare he literally goes crazy, he gets more happy and excited than seeing me and in the evening I always get a happy and tired bunny back. I can recommend City Paws club to any other dog owner.

Review of City Paws Club by Helen Foster
5 Helen Foster

These guys are incredibly helpful, flexible and personable. All the staff are so friendly and so good with the dogs. My puppy has been going for several weeks and I know she is always carefully supervised and well looked after. Its been such a good way to help her get socialised with other dogs in a secure environment. She always comes home happy and exhausted. I would thoroughly recommend this service to anyone!!

Review of City Paws Club by Kay A-k
5 Kay A-k

Matt and the CP crew are amazing! Our dachshund Florence sadly suffered from the dreaded Daxie back issues last year. Matt was incredible, offering advice and reassurance. Having had little progress in her recovery for six months, we decided two months ago to put Florence in with City Paws full time, along with weekly hydrotherapy sessions - it was by far the best decision we have ever made. With the care and help of the CP family, on going hydro we can say for the first time we feel she’s hit a milestone and is on the road to recovery. We honestly couldn’t have achieved it without Florence’s daily trips to CP. Thank you guys for your incredible work, all the love you give Florence and kudos to the boys for winning around the most man hating stubborn dachshund ever, she absolutely loves you guys now! X

Review of City Paws Club by Sarah Bonner
5 Sarah Bonner

Best daycare in London
I started using city paws about a year ago and haven’t looked to another daycare since. We have 2 Kerry blue terriers, known for not being the most social of dogs, but Matt assured me they would have a trial and we would analyse to make sure they were suited to the daycare. You wouldn’t believe my utter shock when after a few days in their care Sarah from the team sent me over a video of them both running around with the other dogs. I forwarded the video to my dad who responded it utter shock “you wouldn’t believe that unless you saw it”, I said, “I have seen it and I still can’t believe that’s our dogs!”. As you can tell we have never been in a situation where this has been possible off lead, and it more than make my day to see them like happy healthy dogs playing with the others. This is all down to the amazing skill and care the team take to insure the dogs have the safest and most rewarding time when in there care. It’s more than just a daycare, I truly believe they love my girls just as much as I do and they are so happy to personalise to your needs, and continue to help my girls along their socialising journey!! The constant updates from Sarah and Matt are true day makers, they put my mind at ease, and let me know all is good! This team is amazing - I couldn’t recommend them more!

City Paws Club

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City Paws Club Q&A

City Paws Club Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

Meeting new people & dogs each day, inspiring others to work with dogs, teaching owners to be closer with their own dogs, challenging events like paddle boarding with dogs & of course everyday is different!

What inspired you to start your own business?

A bike crash led to a long needed re think, and from that came the idea of reinventing the happiest time in life (A free upbringing in Devon) into a reality. So that explains why I work with dogs in outdoors!

Why should our clients choose you?

Born from a love of dogs and the great outdoors, we are the UK’s first activity centre dedicated to Dogs & their Humans.
Our mission is to take the Urban dog back to his roots just as nature intended. Young or old, slow or speedy, we can cater for any of your dogs needs with our expert human pack leaders on hand for guidance throughout.

Services provided by City Paws Club

City Paws Club Services

Dog Grooming

Services included: Wash & Blow dry Full Groom Hand Strip Nail clip

Dog Services

Daycare Boarding 1/2 daycare


1-2-1 training Dog agility Puppy classes


Monthly group walks Dog & human paddle boarding Dog & human mountaineering Learn to groom

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