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Circo Etereo USA

Huntington Beach, California, Orange County

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Circo Etereo USA

Huntington Beach, California, Orange County



Circo Etereo USA offers a variety and wide range of Circus acts fused with Dance and other traditional entertainment. We customize our acts and budget based on our client's requirements. We have 4 decades of entertainment and performing art experience and our artists are grouped according to levels, from International/ World Renown artists to local professionals and apprentices.


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Alex Ziegler

30 May 2018

Ruby and Luca are the most advanced aerial instructors in Orange County. Their studio space has high ~30ft ceilings. They have 12 rigging points and regular shows. They have studio space available for rental. I would highly recommend this studio for training More...


isse de filippis

27 April 2017

I met Luca the owner, very skilled and nice Italian guy! I had a trial class with him, very impressive, and I'm going to sign in for sure! the training space is good, good high and lot of aerial and acrobatic tools in there! very cozy place! suggested! More...


Suzette A.

20 June 2016

I have seen this group perform many times. Amazed by what I have seen each time. Having planned many major events, I would highly recommend this group for your next party, fundraiser,  or corporate event.


Elena Sanders

18 February 2016

They were so nice!

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I love to see smiles in the audience. I am passionate about my job as a circus performer. I, together with my team of artists work hard to provide joy, happiness, laughter and celebratory mood for our guests. I like to read what's in their eyes when they watch us perform even fora short moment. I love the process of creating beautiful concepts that work with our clients' ideas and love to collaborate with all the key people involved in the project/ event. I love the opportunity to rehearse, create and perform with our fellow entertainers. Most importantly, it gives me personal satisfaction to see that mine and my colleague's talent are capable of generate livelihood as we have devoted our lives to mastering our skills.

The fact that there were very few artists that indulged in this specialized field - Aerial Arts was not popular 10 years ago, and it seemed to be a novelty in the entertainment section of event planning.

Because we have the experience and the professional approach to handling the entertainment section of events. Our creative minds coupled with the production elements in putting together entertainment, whether a 10 minute show or a 2-hr. ambient and stage performances, Circo Etereo knows how to balance between quality, budget, casting, communication, aesthetics, beautification, costuming, music production and more. Circo Etereo also maintain 1M insurance coverage.