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Cioffi's Meat Market & Deli

Willingdon Heights

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Cioffi's Meat Market & Deli

Willingdon Heights


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Lisa Vendrasco

This is my home away from home. Need one in surrey!


Joshy Hill

Simply the best! The sandwiches are out of this world! Amazing meatball subs!


Byron Sobe

What I think about Cijoffi's meat market & deli? not much... my experience has been poor at best.


Vicki Britton

Love love this place . We buy all our meat and cheeses and pasta and other items. Great sandwiches and pizza and hot food. Yummy. Yummy!


Amanda De La Bastide

Love this place! The staff, the selection & the quality is incomparable!


Mike Horan

Great Family run business!! Amazing selection of products and great friendly staff.


Kshitij Ahlawat

Used to be good, the food counter prices went up and the quality went down. Only go there as a last resort now.


Don Vincent

Awesome place! The giant mortadella you were sampling yesterday is delicious!


Sheryl McGraw

I tried the freshly squeezed juice from the Cucina this week. Wow! So delicious and fun to watch your fabulous juicer in action. Will be back soon. PS: Great for anyone fighting a cold. More...


David Isbister

smell is brutal when walking by, and the constant display of dead animals like they are props and would really want to be held dead as a supposedly comedic trope or lifestyle boast is really aggressively absurd. Leave the dead animals out of view (and change to a more progressive and compassionate plant-based system) or something tells me there could be a lot more of these reviews...;) More...


John Bruce

Great food and love browsing for something special to take home to eat. Loved the pizza we had at the small restaurant they have and there was so much I wanted but was too full to eat. A great experience for food lovers. More...


Mike Smith

My friends bacon was leaking a white sludge on his counter. The big slab of dead flesh lay there oozing this white sludge. Perhaps keeping a close eye on employees (especially males) after hours, might prevent the meat from becoming tainted. More...


Karen Nixon

Awesome customer service and amazing food!


Crestina Minichiello Amado

Love it at Cioffi's! They have an amazing selection of pastas, antipasti, meats and specialty items that you can't find anywhere else. The staff is great too! Love shopping there and getting great product ideas from their Instagram page More...


Zenert-Lawley Wendy

Fabulous service, exceptional quality and diversity. An amazing selection, and the staff are always helpful, kind and engaging.
Superior taste on all of their products.


Daphna Kedem

It is very disturbing to see dead corpses hanging at your display plus the smell of dead flesh is appalling it could be a cat ,chicken .dog pig or a horse there is no difference animals are not products, all of these animals wanted to live.When there are so many other options that are healthier, compassionate and environmentally friendly there is no reason to choose taking a life. More...


Kyle Bailey

Amazing selection of fresh and frozen meats and everything you could ask for when it comes to planning the perfect meal. If you want to know how good it can be check out the Cucina and grab yourself some already prepared food. The roast chicken is my favourite, so tender and succulent it truly is finger licking good. More...


Felipe Jacob Montiel

Today I was extremely happy to go and shop at Cioffis as I always do. However, when I came into their new kitchen area where they serve delicious Italian sandwiches and food. I saw the most disgusting individual working behind the counter. A person so dislike by many because he cheated them from their money, insulted them and laugh at their faces. I am talking the one and only Alain Raye, as long as that person works there all of my family and I will no longer shop there. This people is an inconsiderate, bulgar and a thief, how is it possible that he can still be allowed to work after all the wrong he has done More...


Andrea Michaud

Cioffis is amazing!! We have been going there for five years now. The service is phenomenal--shout out to Daniel - always hooking us up with great cuts of meat; the lady in the chicken area who always calls me "bella" (sorry I have no idea what her name is). They have a great selection of Italian products, and we are always happy with their meat (we have gotten everything from chicken, pork, beef, to duck, venison and rabbit, as well as gummy bear sausage once). The deli has amazing products too. I recommend to everyone, and I can't image a better grocery experience! More...


Chris Zota

We just bought 2.4 kg of free range chicken bones and when we opened up the bag at home a strong odor of bleach came out. Unfortunately we live in Abbotsford otherwise we would have returned the merchandise. Shame on you for using deceitful practices like bleaching soon to expire meat. We've been a faithful customer for over 17 years but you're now off the list. I think a government inspection is in order for your stores. More...

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