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Mark Hunsberger

19 June 2019

We highly recommend Christian Roofing based on our recent experience with them. Every aspect of our roofing repair was carried out very quickly and professionally. We sought information about a reflective style of mylar roofing for a flat roof and received a thoughtful explanation of the benefits and costs. The estimate provided us with the three options that we requested. Once we signed off on our choice of material, we were scheduled very quickly, but......had house guests and had to put it off for what we thought would be a few days.....then the rains hit, and hit and hit, delaying the job. We received a call a day before the rains ended. They came out and knocked out the job in a day, leaving the area clean enough that no one would have ever known they were here. The estimator, crew chief, crew, office staff were all extremely helpful. More...


Jill K

4 January 2019

From our first appointment and all follow ups, they have been prompt, courteous and honest. Our office building is very old and has numerous roof leaks even after we had another company replace the roof 10 years ago. Every year we would have leaks and have other companies come out and complete the repairs since the original company the replaced the roof is no longer in business. It wasn’t until I was recommended to Christian Roofing Inc., that we have been happy! It took a couple of times, but they were honest as to what work needed to be completed, they showed up as promised AND we finally have a leak free roof. I would definitely say that Christian Roofing is a integrity based company and would recommend them! More...


Sharon H.

31 August 2018

It All Starts With Quality" and integrity. We found them to be everything they claim to be...honest, thorough, polite, friendly, efficient and professional. Just had our roof replaced by this company and can't say enough good things. From the first phone call to the last inspection after everything was finished. Nothing but professional service and friendly. The crew came in and did the job in a very timely manner. We did not have to clean up one nail! Everything was cleaned up and they were very respectful of our property. Good Price as well! I defiantly recommend More...


Josh Bigger

6 August 2018

This company has been Best Damn Roofer Certified!!


Kristina Reed

6 August 2018

Very professional! Finished in the timeframe and did an amazing job!!


Cathleen Bates Schangali

6 August 2018

I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Christian Roofing. We had a VERY outdated roof that was in need of some serious work. Christian Roofing came in and replaced our entire roof in less than 5 days. If minor extras came up (which were few) they communicated it immediately and the price was fair.

I worked with Pablo, Johnny, Tyler and Juan and it was wonderful. They really CARE about the work and the customer's satisfaction. I can't say enough good things. CR was referred to me through a friend who had also been encouraged to call CR. I am so glad I listened and called CR!!!

Thank you guys! I love my new roof and will be singing your praises to whoever will listen!!


Margaret Reis

6 August 2018

If you are thinking of getting your roof replaced, updated, and/or repaired look no further than Christian Roofing, Inc. period, end of story! In terms of level of service here’s what you are going to get:
Overall Customer Service A+++
Overall Quality Service A+++
Overall Satisfaction A+++
Pricing A+++
Now, here’s the long version. My husband and I started off with a company (Green Living), which had such poor customer service at the out set that we should have let them go right away. However, we tried to stick it out, only to have to ask them to leave right after they removed our old roof! This left us, our roof and our home in a vulnerable state which, was also hazardous to others. I called Christian Roofing, Inc. Josh stepped in and right from the jump, he went above and beyond my expectations. He informed me that rain was in the forecast and I needed to get my roof protected right away. It started to rain just as he had said. I was out of town but, my husband was home. We had not even given Josh a payment, but he texted me that morning and said, whether we used his company or not, he would send some men from his crew out and get my roof covered so that I wouldn’t have any damage to my home. The level of service and the integrity which I experience from Josh was beyond compare to ANY other customer service that I have ever received or experienced. From start to finish, he kept me informed even though, I could tell he was busy. When the job was completed my husband had a minor concern and Josh had someone come out within a few days to take care of it. Unlike Green Living, we didn’t get a company that contracted out roofers, this is a family of roofers! Josh truly cared and takes pride in the quality of his work. He was a blessing to us in more ways than one. Thank you, Christian Roofing, Inc. and thank you Josh! I will certainly look to Christian Roofing, Inc. for any future roofing needs and I will be sure to tell all whom I know in need of roof care, look no further than Christian Roofing, Inc. In short, EXCELLENCE!!!


Dee Dee

18 September 2017

Affordable, friendly, and made quick work of replacing our roof. They did a great job.

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