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I run a group for professional business people who operate within our code of professional ethics.

Our members are increasing their business by giving great service and best advice at all times.

My guarantee is that you will be delighted with the response you get.


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RPMS Letting

24 January 2018

I enjoyed a great quarterly planning session with Chris last week. He helped me plan for the future and set out goals for 2018. Great to see so many other businesses also in the room as well preparing for a busy 2018. More...


David Rhodes

23 January 2018

Chris provides superb practical and functional advice and support to businesses, all with the aim of getting you to achieve your business objectives.


Mark Friday

19 January 2018

Excellent event today led by Chris. Lots of very useful information given which is going to help me and my business turn a corner. Thank you.


Ben Gardiner

18 January 2018

I first came along to a free taster session, and wanted to know more so I then attended a first session of your Group Business Growth Programme.
I was so inspired by this session that I signed up to the course. Having now been to a further two sessions I can say that I am convinced this course will really benefit my business.
The sessions are very thought-provoking and have me now working on how I package my services, how I systemetise my workflows and how I target my products.
I’ve been on other courses in the past, but this one stands out for me because, in contrast to ones which sound good but make no difference, I’m actually implementing changes to the way I run my business.


Greg Saunderson

6 December 2017

Brilliant Coaching, direct but positive mentoring. Would definitely recommend to any growing business looking to advance. Recommended Coach - Chris Wharram.


I work with great business owners who want to do a great job for their clients and their employees and so help the local economy thrive.

I've been in business for over 37 years and am committed to helping newer businesses thrive and grow by using good practice and a long term view.

All of my members want to improve their businesses and they know that they will only do that by giving great service and value for money.
They are in business for the long term and not a quick buck.