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Chris Richards Personal Training LTD

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Chris Richards Personal Training (CRPT) offers one-to-one and online personal training to individuals wanting to change the way they look and feel and make their goals reality.

Experienced and results driven personal trainers will guide you to your goals of losing body fat and/or building muscle.

Chris Richards Personal Training LTD Reviews


Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Tommy McNee
5 08/10/2013 Tommy McNee

After around 18 months of training with no real knowledge, I decided to look into it that little bit further and through social media and many Google searches I read up on biosignature modulation. After reading into the details of it I decided it would be something of benefit to me, to my surprise there are not many practitioners in Scotland, but luckily I found Chris.

I met with Chris, had my biosignature done, talked training and was taken through a pt session focusing on correct form, I signed up to the online training package and haven't really looked back.

Chris is always on hand to answer my 101 questions on every aspect I’m not sure of, is constantly motivating me and also wanting me to do better (something I really appreciated as it wasn't just about the money or results for him, it was about results for me).

Chris' knowledge, as well as passion for his industry has gave me results I never thought possible, everything was kept simple for me and easy to follow, through my hard work, Chris hard work, knowledge and experience, I’m now more confident than I have ever been and I’m looking forward to my summer beach holiday for the 1st time in a long time.

I can’t recommend Chris enough to anyone who wants improved quality of life, improved quality of sleep, improved quality of health, and a 6pac ;)

I’m now looking forward to the next part of my journey through Chris online guidance and support

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Scott MacDonald
5 08/10/2013 Scott MacDonald

I am a firm believer in transparency and honesty in reviews and feel all too often people leave good reviews out of nothing more than being polite and social etiquette. My biggest challenge in writing this testimonial to Chris’s approach on coaching is finding the right words to really put into perspective and convey how great a job Chris does.

Historically I had always been a member of a gym but never really used it to its full potential. I would go through periods of being extremely dedicated, lose a little weight but would then fall into previous bad habits and undo all progress. I tried training with friends, on my own and even with a personal trainer to really maximize my results and while the sessions with a personal trainer were good they were extremely expensive and he simply had no interest in what I done outside of my hour session with him.

With Chris I knew things were going to be very different right from the start. His almost instantaneous replies quickly got me started and on the road to success. A few questions about myself and general living habits and Chris had already set to work in formulating not only a workout schedule right down to the exercises/sets and reps but also nutrition targets. He walked me through every step of the process answering every question I could possibly dream up in what felt like a quicker response time than the previous. Having the knowledge to make great choices for nutrient dense meals simply means that I can give 110% every workout and really get the results I feel I deserve.

For the first time in my life I actually look forward to going to the gym to work out opposed to pushing myself to go because of self-guilt to grind out results. He continues to morph my workout schedule so that I am always being pushed and the encouragement he is able to offer is unreal. Having gone from serious shoulder surgery to nailing chin-ups like a pro has been a fantastic achievement which I am 100% confident in saying would not b

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by A Google User
5 28/11/2011 A Google User

I have found Chris to be a professional in all dealings. He works to my strengths and develops my weaknesses so that I have a bablanced plan in place. I have lost nearly two stone since I started with Chris and found that I am more motivated and energised at work. I would fully recommend Chris for begining and advanced training.

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by A Google User
5 28/11/2011 A Google User

Chris is a fantastic trainer! What I appreciate most about him is his ability to balance professionalism with empathy and caring for his clients. Even when I am feeling extremely down about my body image or progress (as many of us females tend to do), Chris constantly reminds me to stay focused on the positives, and to never waste my energy on negative thoughts. His positive demeanour is infectious!

Chris listens to what you want to accomplish and puts extra effort into creating a custom program. You can relax knowing that you're in the hands of an expert! I appreciate that he comes to every session prepared with a specific workout planned according to my needs, and he keeps very good records to track progress.

Chris constantly checks in with me to make sure I am feeling alright physically and mentally, and he is open to any and all feedback regarding any changes I might want.

Chris Richards is client-focused with a sincere attitude. I wouldn't go to any other trainer in Edinburgh!

Katie Ingram - Edinburgh

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by A Google User
5 28/11/2011 A Google User

Chris has shown me that training and keeping fit in the gym doesn't have to be a chore. Chris' sessions are great fun and I always feel thoroughly worked. I actually look forward to training rather than putting it off! As well as feeling fitter and in better shape, I have seen an increase in my energy levels and feel generally healthier.
As a professional surfer who had completely lost motivation as a student in Edinburgh, I came to Chris to help get my fitness back on track. The nutritional advice I have been given has helped me shift the weight I needed to get me back into shape and ready for the season. The sessions are tailored specifically to benefit my surfing performance and I have already seen remarkable results in both training and competitions. I'm excited to see the results in my contests after seeing great results in training.
Thanks to Chris I feel far more comfortable in the gym and am no longer intimidated by the prospect of going! I'd recommend Chris to anyone who needs that extra motivation. I've thoroughly enjoyed training with him and look forward to fulfilling the goals we've set. Thanks Chris!

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by John Ruddy
5 John Ruddy

Personal training program helped me win bronze medal at the European deaf championships. Would recommend to anyone.

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Aj Huddart
5 Aj Huddart

Top class Personal Trainer, has really helped my physical development, would highly recommend to all out there!

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Ruari Watt
5 Ruari Watt

Chris helped me improve my explosive strength and power through developing a fun and varied programme built upon a foundation of excellent knowledge.

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Stuu Johnston
5 Stuu Johnston

Sound and practical advice that can be easily applied! Well worth clicking 'like' for the daily updates and tips! :)

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Graeme Ormiston
5 Graeme Ormiston

Working with Chris was just the boost I needed. Every session he provided the motivation and knowledge that I needed to succeed . Can't recommend Chris enough.

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Barry Quinn
5 Barry Quinn

I really wanted to be shown the next steps to achieving my goals and Chris made this much easier and more understandable for me. Could'nt recommend a better coach

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Tommy McNee
5 Tommy McNee

5 stars reads as excellent, Chris is so much more than that. Hes shaped my life and my body into something I'd have never thought possible. He became a mentor, a friend and an exceptional coach to the extent people questioned if it was the same person in my before & after pics. I'd urge anyone thinking of hiring some help to look no further than Chris.

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by James Glover
5 James Glover

Chris combines a strong knowledge base with a real practical know-how to get his clients the results that they want. He is extremely hard working and I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their physique or take their training to the next level.

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Louise Mearns
5 Louise Mearns

Chris is one of the most dedicated personal trainers I have met- he always makes himself available to you 24/7 and wants to help you get better whatever your goals are. I would 100% recommend Chris to anyone because guaranteed, you won't find anyone better.

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Chloe Sudlow
5 Chloe Sudlow

I worked with Chris during my netball season. He made training fun as well as beneficial. I noticed a great difference in my fitness and strength on the court. Would highly recommend him, he has an excellent knowledge base, a great PT!

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Neil Milne
5 Neil Milne

Clothes are definitely fitting a little different. I have fluctuated between 9.5 stone and 10 for the past few years with training and it just hasn't felt right - I can't really explain. I feel much more solid, mainly in mentality and in stomach/digestive system, something I wouldn't have achieved without Chris's advice. The muscle is always a good thing as well :)

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Gemma Stroyan
5 Gemma Stroyan

Living with this lovely man and having some PT chats gave me some amazing knowledge and simple tips and tricks to do what worked best for me. Also witnessed his amazing work ethic and dedication to his clients! Would highly recommend to anyone really wanting to see results

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Scott MacDonald
5 Scott MacDonald

I have been working with Chris for around a year now and to this day I am still impressed with the level of knowledge he possesses. There is never a question to complicated/complex that he cant answer in an easy-to-understand/digestible manor for me. I have achieved some fantastic results and PB's I never thought possible without his knowledge. I would highly recommend him to anyone serious about reaching new goals!

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Ryan Williams
5 Ryan Williams

I undertook some CRPT to lose some weight for my forthcoming wedding. My training programme was based online, but Chris was always available to answer any questions and spur me on with my training. In a 14 week period I lost almost 15kg and I have not felt as strong or fit in a long time. Now the wedding is over and things have settled down a bit, it's time to pick up where I left off to keep the weight off and loose that bit extra!

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by John Lekatis
5 John Lekatis

The last few years I was training I didn't have any obvious difference in my body. I was lean but I couldn't manage to gain weight (properly).

Chris found early enough what I was needed to succeed my goal. One year later I was looking exactly as I was hoping for and I couldn't even believe it. He managed to find exactly what my body needed and how to keep me motivated. His nutrition knowledge was essential as well.

I am sure that I will get him back in the future. Once you see his capabilities you always want more!

I can ensure you for his healthy techniques and that everything he does is backed up from science ;)

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Kirstin Milne
5 Kirstin Milne

I trained with Chris from May 2013-Decemeber 2014. With an initial goal to change my approach to training and try something completely different, we transformed my body and views towards weight training. I will never look back!!! I had always been a keen runner and stuck to what I thought was a healthy diet. I would call it 'average' at best!
As my body changed I set myself a new goal; to compete in a natural bodybuilding figure competition. Something I knew nothing about! I went on to win the Southern BNBF qualifier and compete at the British Finals in June/Sept 2014. Chris prepped me amazingly well and I thank him for pushing me to my absolute limits. I wouldn't have done it without him.
A true expert in his field and a someone I would recommend at the highest level

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Sam Trett
5 Sam Trett

Chris applies modern science and research to modern living. I had a busy schedule but wanted to get a lot out of the little time I could commit - a tough ask. Chris found a way to fit an easy to follow, highly effective programme into my schedule and for that I am very grateful and would recommend his services highly. Not only did my fitness improve but the research backed knowledge he shared on diet helped me change my approach to food along with timing and frequency of meals - the effects of which have been long lasting - which is very impressive considering my never ending appetite. Top quality service.

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Svetlana Musseau
5 Svetlana Musseau

I would like to say big thank you to an amazing personal trainer that Chris is! He was training me for little more than a year and with great results. I think i was in best shape and looked my best while following his advice and programme. Better than when i was 18 ;))!
He is also an inspiring person who will motivate you to try your best and take on challenges.
Facts: lost around 8-9% body fat and 7.5 kg, looked and felt great!
Thank you Chris. Hope to exercise together again - move to the City of London !

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Katie Hill
5 Katie Hill

After signing up to do the Edinburgh marathon last year I contacted Chris for some advice on the best way to up my endurance without losing the lean muscle mass I'd gained over the summer. Chris replied instantly and, following a thorough consultation, had me started on a training program specific to my goals within a matter of days. Thanks to Chris's advice and guidance I was able to not only achieve the time I had set for myself, but beat it by 15 minutes without losing the strength I'd built up over the summer! Every time I emailed Chris with a question about training, nutrition etc, I was always taken a back by how quick and informative his responses were. If you have a goal Chris can definitely hep you achieve it - I can't recommend him highly enough!

Review of Chris Richards Personal Training LTD by Hayley Louise Devine
5 Hayley Louise Devine

After getting bored and fed up of going to the gym for hours on end ...with no real results, I turned to Chris who has made my weight loss journey so much more interesting and effective! After just a few weeks I was already feeling the benefits in my clothes, and my energy levels were just continuously increasing! By far the best diet and exercise regime I have been on so far, could never go back into my old habits now, and I actually cant wait every day to get to the gym!! Chris is so helpful and always replies to my messages with more than enough advice; making the weight loss programme more understandable. Couldn't thank Chris enough!!

Chris Richards Personal Training LTD

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