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Chris Lammert Photography is a full-service photography company specializing in event photography, headshots, family portraits, fashion, products, concerts, and architecture. From initial concept to final edit approval, we provide a collaborative and thorough approach to your photography session.



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The secret to a great photograph is to show the person looking at the photo something that they can't see or compose with their own eyes. Whether it be a creative approach to a photo shoot or the simple but perfectly crafted portrait.

What is the end goal of the photos? Whether it be to land a job with a great new headshot, preserve a moment in time with family or capture an event or party, we like to find out what that goal is. Also, does the client have samples or an idea of what they want their photos to look like as a finished product? We can then add our unique touch and create photos exceeding what the client had in mind.

I love being able to create a photo using imagination and skill that challenge myself and wow the client. I also love capturing moments in their candid and composed environments at events and parties.

The ability to chose the people and products that I want to interact with and create with on a daily basis is an incredible challenge that is equally rewarding.

We will provide you with the most effective yet unique and creative photography session available. We are never late, communicate immediately and deliver the edited photo results on time and won't rest until you, the client are happy with the results.