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Nick Crosby

19 May 2019

Chris was very helpful with every detail when I reached out to him to surprise my now fiancé with proposal/engagement photos. I was never in Charleston before and all of his planning made me feel very comfortable and stress free during the whole process. Chris & Cami are a no brainer and I would definitely use them again without even thinking about it. Thanks again for the laughs and stunning photos!! More...


Pat Broghamer

19 May 2019

Chris Smith professionally shot photo's of the interior and exterior/drone of a home I am listing for sale in 2 weeks. The photo's are better than amazing. You are prompt at arriving and taking photos before he knocked at the door of my clients home. You made this experience so special for me and the homeowners. They have many, many memories here and their furnishing and antiques photographed very well, as a nice memory for them. You are an amazing person and professional photographer. This house will sell because of the photo;s you took. Let's work together again! More...


Marissa Walkush

26 April 2019

Chris & Cami Photography gave us fantastic photos from our event! They were professional, helpful and gave us all of the photos less than 24 hours after the event. Definitely would recommend 110%.


Elizabeth Pochop

26 April 2019

Chris photographed our corporate event in the past few days, and he is incredibly easy to work with. He is great at putting people at ease, and exceptionally flexible! We love working with Chris & Cami, and hope to do so again in the future! More...


Erika Jaramillo

27 March 2019

Chris is not only an incredibly talented and highly experienced photographer, he's also charming and very professional. He connects with clients in a very natural way, put them at ease and creates a fun and relaxed environment. This way, he captures the most unique, genuine and spontaneous images. I absolutely recommend Chris as a photographer for any occasion and/or event. More...


Folami Geter

27 March 2019

One of the best photography experiences I've ever had. I'm not the biggest fan of taking pictures and I tend to get super nervous and smile awkwardly. Chris made me completely comfortable with his relaxed vibe and gentle instructions. A wonderful session, I highly recommend his services. More...


Bridget Santos

26 January 2019

Our company used Chris and Cami Photography to showcase an office we designed in the South Carolina area and I cannot express enough how AMAZING Chris is. Every step in the process was a breeze thanks to Chris’ professionalism and organization. His photography will surpass your expectations and he is just fantastic to work with, his kindness and positive attitude is so refreshing. I highly recommend Chris & Cami Photography, they are truly awesome. More...


AnnMarie Moshos

26 January 2019

It's hard to write just one short paragraph that could depict Chris and Cami and the fathoms of their quality. The morning of our wedding, we woke up to a grey gloomy day with little hope of a beautiful wedding shoot outcome. When Chris and Cami showed up early to the wedding cabin, they had already scoped out possible photo shoot locations on their drive in, and were more ecstatic than anyone in the wedding party. They filled the house with joy and brought light to such a gloomy, foggy day. Chris had made intimate connections with each person he captured with his camera and made the entire room fill with smiles as he entertained our little nieces with squeaker toys to get their attention for photos. He made time to get emotional photos of both bride and groom getting ready, while adding a beautiful artistic approach to every shot before and during the ceremony. Following the ceremony Chris and Cami headed out into the frigid, howling wind to attack the perfect backdrops they had scouted on the way in. They climbed through rain, woods and snow in miserable temperatures to make our day special. After their allotted time was up we invited them to stay for our dinner party which they pleasantly accepted. Chris managed to capture even more pivotal moments on our special day as we cut the cake and enjoyed the company of our guests over a hot meal. Just four days after the ceremony on our honey moon the email subject "your wedding pictures are ready," appeared in our inbox. We were not only astonished to find that the pictures were completed in less than a week but they were developed into a spectacular masterpiece collection that words cannot depict. Chris and Cami made our special day what is was and we couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome of their work. They are truly masters of their trade and we cannot emphasize it enough. More...


Logan Camp

27 December 2018

Chris is a absolute genius with a camera! Thank you so much with helping me plan and capture that incredible moment for me and my Fiancée! You are the absolute best and I definitely want to work with you again some time in the future. 10/10 would absolutely recommend to anyone! More...


Kristi Hawkins

28 October 2018

Chris is one of the most kind and patient folks I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Naman Hotels has proudly used Chris as our photographer for almost 10 years and could not be happier with his work. He makes every shoot go smoothly and consistently delivers high quality photos each and every time. Hiring Chris and Cami Photography has been one of the easiest decisions we've ever made and he will always be our go to photographer! I highly recommend this talented photographer for your business or event photography needs. More...


Joe Peltier

25 June 2018

We had Chris photograph my family in the Historic district of Charleston. We had a great time with him as we found great places to take pictures. He provided some suggestions and took some of ours and the pictures turned out great! We highly recommend him. More...


Laura Stribling

6 June 2018

My boyfriend (now fiancé!) asked Chris Smith to photograph his surprise proposal. I am a photographer myself and I can tell just how much work Chris put into helping my boyfriend make sure everything was perfect! He went above and beyond for us. I found out later that they were coordinating ahead of time and planning where everyone would be. He even guided us through a mini engagement session that included recreating our first date! I couldn't be happier with our stunning pictures. I knew Chris would get an awesome picture of my ring too! Nicest guy you will ever meet! Thank you so much!! More...


Mackenzie Unitas

16 May 2018

I’ve been meaning to write this review for ages now but got so busy in the whirlwind of being newly engaged! I want to thank Chris so much for his part in that. My (now) fiancé and I went on a trip to Charleston from our home of Atlanta. He surprised me with the trip, and an engagement! I was told we were going for a walk along the waterfront, when we walked into the park near the waterfront (eek can’t remember the name!), he got down on one knee and popped the question! Chris captured it all, hidden under a camouflage blanket and I didn’t see him until he was pointed out to me. Chris then took us on a little photo shoot all around Charleston. It was so much fun, and such a sweet way to remember such a happy time. The photos came back to us super quickly and more importantly were excellent, we couldn’t be happier. Chris was enthusiastic and professional, an awesome combination! I would absolutely recommend Chris & Cami Photography! Thanks again for everything! More...


Stevie Edmondson

14 May 2018

My fiance hired Chris & Cami to photograph our engagement, and I am so happy he did!! Chris captured the moment perfectly, and I feel so lucky to have these pictures to look back on our special day. He was the first person we celebrated our engagement with, and he was so genuinely happy for us and made taking pictures moments after fun & exciting. I have gotten SO many compliments on the pictures Chris has taken, they are amazing! My fiance has nothing but wonderful things to say about working with Chris leading up to that day with his quick responses and helpfulness. We can't thank them enough for our amazing photos! More...


Caroline Collins

8 May 2018

Our photos that Chris took of us turned out to be truly amazing! I knew they would be good based on how Chris handled us during our family photo session, but I had no idea that they would be THAT good! Definitely going to book Chris for our future family photo sessions! More...


Tatjana Wise

26 April 2018

If you are EVER indecisive about a photographer, then please allow me to share my view of this amazing power couple! We have had Chris & Cami Photography for our wedding 2 years ago and the pictures were absolutely stunning, exquisite, and amazing in every aspect. Talk about someone who knows their profession! This team is highly talented and you can see their passion of photography in EVERY picture captured! Just recently I have had the privilege of having Chris Smith of Chris & Cami Photography take my maternity fotos. They turned out beyond fabulous and I'm in love with every single shot. They make you feel amazing during the shoot and have a well organized and eclectic sense of both scenery and lighting. I could not recommend anyone else but Chris and Cami Photography. In my eyes they are the best! More...


Anastasia Prapas

24 April 2018

Chris is a brilliant photographer! I have never felt so beautiful in my life. He captured candid moments and structured photos. They all turned out amazing!


Lori Hills

16 April 2018

Chris and Cami were great to work with. I was coordinating a photoshoot for two companies and they worked with me on scheduling, location, and anything else I needed. I was able to give Chris my vision for the shots I needed, from press release photos to individual headshots, and he made sure to get me what I wanted. He even suggested additional photos that I might want down the road and captured those as well. The photos turned out great and were ready for me to download the next week! Highly recommend. More...


Jeri Lyn Meeker

20 March 2018

My daughter had an amazing photo session with Chris! He is very professional, innovative, and fun. The pictures are all so beautiful that I'm not sure how we will choose! Thank you Chris & Cami Photography! More...


Megan Miller

14 March 2018

Thank you, so much, Chis and Cami, for such a priceless and timeless photo shoot! We’re going on our 4th family photo shoot as outnumbered family has grown, and the results are always everything we expected and more. We are so blessed to have found such a great team that we consider part of the family! More...


Katie Dorsey

21 February 2018

Chris worked very closely with my boyfriend (now fiance!) to plan the perfect way to pop the question. We were visiting Charleston from DC and Chris knew all the perfect locations to suggest. Though the day could have been less than perfect due to the stormy weather, the pictures turned out GORGEOUS! Could not be happier with how great he was to work with and how wonderful the pictures are! More...


Barbara Marshall

19 December 2017

Chris and Cami are wonderful to work with. We use them for our corporate photos and are wowed with the quality every time. Their professionalism and timeliness can't be beat! More...


Kristen Whitehead

18 December 2017

Best photographer in the world!! I have had the pleasure of using Chris and Cami photography 3x now and every single time I am amazed at how wonderful the pictures turn out! Chris has been fantastic with my kids and is always able to capture their beautiful smiles by making them laugh and keeping them entertained! Highly recommended! More...


Emily Reinert

8 December 2017

Chris & Cami are awesome!!! Chris has such a creative eye. We always use them for staff head shots, group shots, facility photos, and not to mention awesome holiday pictures! Chris always brings a smiling face and the turnaround process for pictures is so fast. I would highly recommend them for all of your photography needs! More...


Holly Fisher

21 November 2017

Chris Smith has been taking photos of my family for years. He is a joy to work with, even accommodating our four-legged family members in the photographs. Chris is an incredible photographer with a talent for capturing beautiful backgrounds and natural lighting. His amazing work is framed all around our home. We consider Chris our official Fisher family photographer and look forward to having him capture our family for years to come. More...


Jaime Moore

10 November 2017

We recently had our engagement photos done in Charleston by Chris and Cami Photography, it was such a pleasure to work with Chris! I knew about him and his work from my best friends wedding a few years ago. Our engagement photos were amazing and we had such a fun time during our session. Cannot wait for our wedding next fall to see what amazing images he captures from our special day! More...


Queen Loseyateefa

17 October 2017

Chris captured the best of who we are durimg our wedding. He was also able to get the candid moments we couldn't have thought to ask for. Chris was patient and picked all the best locations around Charleston. Thanks Chris! More...


Heather Lloyd

11 October 2017

I will add to the countless 5* reviews Chris has. You can find “our” story on his site. I was in Charleston July 2015 for work and found a photograph of a bird I fell in love with. I looked up his other work and knew when I got married he HAD to be my photographer!! I had not yet met my husband. Fast forward a year and I met my now husband. When we started talking about getting married I said “We have to get married in Charleston and Chris Smith WILL BE our photographer”.

Needless to say Chris did not disappoint us. We absolutely LOVE our photos.


Thomas Bryson

16 August 2017

We can't say enough good things about Chris! He is absolutely amazing to work with! He goes out of his way to make the experience fun for the whole family (kids, adults, and even pets) and without fail he manages to capture incredible images! He is a natural at what he does and you can tell he truly loves his job! Thanks Chris! More...


Jennifer Polk

30 June 2017

Chris and Cami are exceptional to work with. Chris took our professional staff photo and head shots. The images were wonderful and he was very resourceful and extremely helpful in finding a location and walking us through the process. He listened to our ideas and helped us translate them into the photographs. It was also a joy to work with Cami, she helped us set up a time and they both always responded to our emails and responses in a timely manner. They are professional, kind and very generous, and take high quality photographs. More...


Kim Bible

28 June 2017

My family & I were thrilled with Chris and his work! He kept the attention of my 4 year old nephew & 2 year old niece and had them laughing. Chris had a very easy going manner which kept everyone relaxed. Hampton Park offered multiple backdrops from large trees to a bridge. While he had specific poses in mind, he also allowed us to offer our own ideas as well. The quality of his images was impeccable! I would recommend him to anyone wanting awesome family portraits. More...


Marri Carrow

19 June 2017

Choosing a wedding photographer went hand-in-hand with choosing our wedding date -- Which Saturday was Chris Smith available in 2017.

With all honesty, there is no other person I would trust to fully capture what was one of the best and funnest days of our lives so far. The day went by so fast, but with Chris's photos, we get to endlessly relive all the special moments. Some of my favorite photos are ones of the people I didn't get to spend too much time with (which honestly felt like almost everyone). With his photos, I was able to experience all the special happenings, even when I wasn't in the moment.

My recommendation: Call Chris right away before he gets booked for your special day. I promise, booking with him will be one less thing you will have to feel stressed about. You can relax knowing your investment with Chris will last a lifetime. Good luck!


Shelby Kellerman

6 June 2017

Chris and Cami Photography are the most fun and amazing photographers to work with! This was our third time to use them. My son is 22 months old and does not like to let go of his toy cars. Chris easily convinced him to give the cars to him and made not only my son laugh and smile, but me and my husband as well. The pictures are absolutely amazing! I think all of Chris and Cami's work is the best photography I have ever seen. People always complement our photographs and want to know who our photographers were. I once saw a quote that went something like this; "a picture is not made in the camera but on either side of it." Chris truly makes getting your pictures taken a fun and memorable experience. I give Chris and Cami Photography my highest recommendation!! More...


Victoria Baker

29 March 2017

I just cannot express how wonderful these two are! My organization has worked with Chris and Cami for a number of years and we have had nothing but positive experiences. Chris is upbeat, personable, and professional, and has a unique ability to capture the beauty in any and every situation. As a nonprofit organization, telling our client stories is absolutely key to what we do and Chris' images have transformed the way we convey these stories. Chris has traveled across the state to take photos of our projects, and never fails to make the experience comfortable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Chris and Cami are an organized and responsive team, and consistently produce impressive work. I highly recommend them for your personal and professional photography needs!

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