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Current student at The Open University, studying BA in Business & Management and Accounting.
Looking to gain some hands-on experience during my studies.


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Monthly/yearly bookkeeping records
Maintenance and production of financial statements; income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements

It’s important to hire a great accountant because finances are the blood of a business and they need to be recorded accurately - for keeping a track on purchases, sales etc; and because it is required by law to provide correct information.

I love the problem solving aspect. Numbers make the cogs start turning in my brain and I love a good challenge.
I also enjoy being able to help small and bigger companies alike, in keeping order within their business so they can continue to focus on what matters most.

I don’t have my own registered business as a bookkeeper/accountant yet, however once I complete my degree, that is what I am aiming for.
I’ve always loved mathematics, and I never really thought about accounting as a profession for myself until a couple of years ago.

There are plenty more experience accountants and bookkeepers out there with a lot more skills under their belts, however I don’t discredit the fact that I’m a determined individual, and whatever work I do, I do it to the best of my ability.
Any and all clients I receive can be assured that I will provide accurate and high quality records.