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Jerome R.

11 June 2019

Marshecka is super professional, she goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that each event is a success.  Highly recommended!!!


Haley M.

6 November 2017

You're either reading this because you're just starting out planning your wedding, or you've been planning your wedding and you had no idea how much work it would be. I was in the latter category, and having never participated in the wedding planning process, I had no idea what a wedding coordinator did. I only found Marshecka after I had given serious consideration to cancelling what should have been a low key wedding reception. Simply stated, a wedding coordinator is the person you don't know you need until it really starts to hit the fan. When you're feeling overwhelmed, when your vendors go MIA after you've accepted their bid, when you have no idea how your venue is going to get setup in time for your event, when those you've hired to help aren't getting the job done, and when your significant other doesn't really seem interested in anything wedding related, this is your go to person. Do yourself a favor and hire Marshecka at the initial planning stages. Wedding coordinators may seem expensive, but you'll save yourself time and money if you aren't wedding savvy. My family and friends that came to help setup our venue and deliver the décor had nothing but positive things to say about Marshecka and her team. When they needed something, her response was, "I'm on it." I thought she was a bargain for all of the work she got accomplished, and believe me, with all of the décor and vendors at our reception, she had a lot of work to do. My only regret was not hiring her sooner, because I think she could have made my life much easier. More...


Rebekah J.

6 November 2017

We are a catering company who just worked with Marshecka at a wedding over the weekend! What a great lady, so EASY to work with and the wedding was perfect! We hope to work with her again in the future! More...


Brian H.

21 September 2016

I had to plan my wife's 40th birthday, which was the first time I've ever been solely responsible for throwing any kind of party, let alone a milestone such at the big 4-0. Naturally I was a little stressed and overwhelmed with the responsibility. So after much searching for party planners, I settled on Marshecka due to her awesome reviews on Yelp.At the first meeting with Marshecka I advised her what I had in mind and she instantly understood where I was coming from and confirmed that she saw my vision. She helped by laying out a plan and explained what would be needed. She took into consideration what my budget was and really helped put everything together. She was super quick to answer all questions I had during the process and provided me with great ideas and feedback.She helped me secure music, catering (with specialty drinks to accommodate the Wonder Woman theme of the party), cake and decorations. She was even able to help coordinate getting everything set up in a very small window of time so the party would be a surprise to my wife.During the event she stayed to make sure everything went smoothly, which it absolutely did. The party was a hit with the guests and most importantly my wife. It went far better than I could have ever imagined. I would 100% recommend Marshecka at Chique Weddings and Events to anyone planning on throwing a memorable party. She was able to see my vision and make it a reality. Thanks Marshecka!! More...



3 January 2016

Marshecka from Chique Weddings and Events helped me plan and execute my daughter's Quinceanera on 11/22/2015 in Pleasanton, CA.
I had a very specific budget I was working with but it was very important that the party decorations and ambience didn't reflect anything less than a beautiful, simple and personal ambiance! Marshecka helped me accomplish that and more!!! She was so accommodating to my schedule and made time to meet with me several times before the event. She was available to me via text and email despite her busy schedule.

Marshecka helped secure a vendor to provide up lighting for the entire ballroom. The up lighting was magnificent and added such a chic and classy vibe to the event!! She also helped secure a balloon vendor. It was important to me that the balloons didn't make the ballroom look tacky or conflict with the classy up lighting. Marshecka was able to take my vision and execute it perfectly!

My favorite part of the design and execution from Marshecka and her team was the exquisite backdrop and head table!!! I sent Marshecka a couple photos that each contained aspects of what I was looking for, she was able to take my notes and requests and turn it into a backdrop so perfect for my daughter!! The head table was special and simple and not flashy yet stood out so perfectly!!

I am truly appreciative of Marshecka and her team! She was professional but so friendly and compassionate!
I certainly recommend Marshecka from Chique Weddings and Events!!


Melissa W.

3 January 2016

FIVE STARS!!! If there were more stars I would give more!!  Marshecka was absolutely amazing!! I am so thankful for having met her and having her turn my family's vision into an absolutely dream come true!! I found Marshecka on Yelp. I had searched and searched and even met with a couple other party planners and event specialists.  This business has so many qualified people who can really pull out all the stops.  I was really looking for a genuine connection with the person that I chose to work with for our very special event.  I am so thankful that I was able to find that connection with Marshecka and then some!!The event I was planning was my daughter's Quinceanera. One of the most important days in a young woman's life in the latin culture! It is an event that comes together with the love and support of the entire family (immediate and extended) .  Marschecka was so patient and accommodating as I had constant input and ideas that I was sharing with her.I was working with a budget but wanted the world :-)  Marschecka was absolutely amazing when it came to taking my vision and working within my means!!  She was able to secure a vendor that provided uplighting for the entire ballroom.  WOW!! It was so beautiful! Just the lighting alone added such an amazing touch of class!!  My family and daughter's friends complimented the lighting so much! She also secured a vendor that took care of the balloons for us.  It was very important to us that we have balloons but that the room did not look informal or too childish.  Marshecka and her vendor took our vision and found the perfect way to compliment the ballroom!! My vision was for the entire ballroom to have draping. I saw so many pictures online of events that were just breathtaking because of draping!!  Unfortunately, that amazing decor comes at a very expensive price and I didn't have the budget for it.  Marshecka was able to take the budget I did have and the vision I had and designed an absolutely magnificent backdrop and head table decor!!  It was such a beautiful focal point!!  Marshecka's style and execution was more than I could have imagined!!It was so wonderful to hear family and friends feel like they were at a royal event without it compromising my budget!! Marshecka was has a great heart and compassion!! I recommend her to anyone looking to plan a special event! I feel like she treated me as if I was her family and that allowed me to enjoy my event and not stress about the details.  She had my back the entire time!! More...


Ryan K.

8 July 2015

Great, if you want to not worry and have her plan your wedding you couldn't go wrong here. If you want to plan your wedding and have her help coordinate the day of, she is great for that too. She has a great list of vendors that will fit your wedding needs and is always there for advice. If you can't find items that you want she will help you find it. Had a great time working with Marshecka. More...



6 July 2015

Marshecka is an absolute treasure. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to Marshecka for the work she put into our wedding. Two months before our DIY wedding we decided to hire a “Day-Of” coordinator.

Marshecka blew us away from first contact. She is so professional and courteous and stunned us with her organized nature and professional, warm demeanor. We knew right away we would hire her.

Marshecka kept me on track with all of my planning and preparation. She took over coordinating my other vendors and also came to my house for a final meeting to go over every last detail for the rehearsal and the wedding. She even booked my appointments and put together our wedding favors.

Then, CRISIS! Three weeks before the wedding our caterer quit. Marshecka right away started contacting dozens of caterers and within days she had provided us numerous quotes to review.

On the wedding day itself, she and her assistant were incredible. When I arrived at the venue it looked stunning! Marshecka was amazing at keeping the entire day on schedule. Many of our friends have said it was “the wedding to beat!”


Chrissy M.

6 July 2015

Marshecka is an absolute treasure. Words cannot fully describe how grateful my husband and I are to her and her team for the work they put into our wedding. Two months before our DIY wedding I was really feeling the pressure and stress. My husband and I both work full time and were also taking 3 business courses, so the lack of time was really getting to me, to the point where we actually tossed a coin to decide if we should elope instead. We decided to interview a few "Day-Of" coordinators to get some help, particularly as I was worried about how the actual wedding day itself was going to go.Marshecka blew us away from the first email. She is so professional and courteous. She drove out to us for a meeting at a local coffee shop and stunned us with her organized nature and professional and warm demeanor. We knew right away we would hire her for day-of coordination, which is so much more than just wedding-day coordination. Marshecka immediately sent several questionnaires and to do lists. She kept me on track with all of my planning and preparation (I did pretty much everything myself, including planting all the centerpieces!). About a month before the wedding she took over coordinating with my other vendors and making sure all the friends and family who had special roles knew what they needed to do. She also came to my house for a final meeting to go over every last tiny detail for the rehearsal and the wedding. She even booked my beauty appointments and ordered and put together our wedding favors.Then, CRISIS! Three weeks before the wedding our caterer quit. I was shocked! I felt for sure we would have to get party trays from Costco and have 100 very disgruntled guests. My husband called Marshecka and she instantly jumped on it - she right away started contacting dozens of caterers to obtain quotes from anyone who was still open for our (very popular) date of June 20. Within days she had provided us numerous quotes to review. Crisis averted (and the food was amazing!).At the rehearsal she was fantastic at corralling us and our large wedding party (nine on either side) to rehearse the ceremony 4 times with ease! On the wedding day itself, she and her assistant were incredible. She dropped off some delicious sandwiches to the house where we were getting ready on her way to the venue. She managed all the vendors and setting up the venue, directing the caterer's staff where to place the ceremony chairs, and set all the centerpieces out. When I arrived at the venue it looked stunning - better than I had even envisioned (and it was a pretty personalized event)! Marshecka and her assistant looked lovely and were just amazing at keeping the entire day on schedule. It was a complete dream and it absolutely would not have been so amazing without her! Many of our friends have said it was "the wedding to beat!" More...


Angie S.

5 February 2015

What can I say, Thank you! X2Love this company! The owner Marshecka is super sweet and professional!!! Hired her for our wedding as coordinator, she went beyond for our wedding. Everything was in order and beautiful and made me at eases. Highly recommend CWE!!! More...



7 April 2014

I got way more than what i was expecting. and am very happy with the way my wedding turned out



15 August 2013

MS. Rodgers was very proactive and attentive to my needs! Best service and was worth every penny!



21 October 2012

Chique Wedding and Events helped me organize my destination wedding in Las Vegas. I knew Marshecka from working with her in the past and we kept in touch, so when I moved to Virginia and she began planning events, I knew she would be the perfect person to organize my event and she did not let me down. I was constantly reassured throughout the process which made it totally stress free and worth every penny. I will be using Chique Wedding and Events for ALL of my future events:-) More...



12 October 2012

I was so overwhelmed with my son's graduation. We had a lot of family that was planning to be in attendance for his open house. I called on the help of Chique Weddings & Events and gave all of my stress to their staff. The event turned out to be one of the nicest events that I had ever attended and attention was paid to every minor detail. I had the best time and all that I had to do was show up as the host. More...