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Chill on Park

South Boston


Chill on Park

South Boston


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Natasha V.

23 October 2019

All I can say is wow. The customer service is amazing. I was in the store with my 13 year old son, Ashutosh, and him being a "teen" and all has made him really difficult to deal with in public but the server of our delicious frozen custard, Rudy I believe, was amazing. Ashutosh, being quite a loud little one, asked question after question all of which, Rudy was able to answer. "What If I order ice cream with toe nails on it?", "What if I wanted my ice cream pre melted?", and my favorite, "Do you have Baba ghanoush?" (His favorite Indian dish at home). Rudy was fun about all his ridiculous questions and over all the best ice cream parlor server I have ever encountered here and at home. Chill on Park has won over my heart and my business for years to come. Thank you, Rudy. More...


Jenn L.

7 October 2019

Small ice cream shop that you can easily miss! I came here on a weekday and it was pretty empty inside. The staff is friendly and will let you sample the ice cream before making a decision. The ice cream is a bit on the pricier side, but you should definitely give it a try if you are in the area! More...


Shaquille A.

12 September 2019

I go to this place every once in a while to grab some ice cream when it's cheat day for my diet. The staff here is always very nice and they are super accommodating. You can really try a few flavors with no fuss and they always provide suggestions based on a quick conversation.The ice cream is a little on the expensive side but well worth it. Coffee oreo, oreo, or an ice cream sundae are usually my gotos here.They also have a little play area that is usually full of kids, but you can pop over and beat some kids in connect 4, bop it or whatever game they have. I am currently undefeated in connect 4, so if you come there, lose to me, and ice cream is on you :) More...


Shawn Walker

6 July 2019

This place has all you need and friendly staff...


Ali Milbry

15 June 2019

The ice cream is great, but the staff is amazing and honestly the reason I keep coming back. Customer service is 100%


Susan Mccarthy-Champagne

1 June 2019

Great little icecream place to sit an chill w friends.


Marc S.

26 May 2019

Very nice ice cream!Lots of families here enjoying the place. An added bonus: no one sitting on crates! Just chairs. And stools.


Ellie L.

12 May 2019

Very cute. Will definitely take my daughter here when im in the area. Very homey feel. I love it. Its been a while but i remember the staffs are really nice and personal. They always took the time to made sure i got what i wanted. The shakes are good. The variety of ice cream is just amazing!!! Support local!! More...


Annie S.

3 May 2019

Found this Hidden Jem on a dreary rainy day, when an Ice Cream Sundae was all we wanted. It's so clean & bright inside. The staff were Friendly & pleasant . Got the hot fudge sundaes, they were excellent. Must try is their chocolate peanut butter flavor ! A bug plus to us, was they are 100% involved in this community. More...


Emma H.

29 March 2019

Walking past Chill on Park, it looks like your average ice cream shop. They have many flavors, toppings, and the option of making smoothies. However, this unassuming ice cream shop has some of the best and creative flavors out there. "That's a small?!"When you ask for a small, you think they are making a mistake when they pack it for you. Smoothies are the same way too. We got a bunch of different flavors when I was there. I would say my favorite was Graham Central Station, which was graham cracker ice cream with chocolate chips. I had never had graham cracker ice cream before but I am so glad I did. Delicious! Their cake batter is also a bit different, as their version has a swirl in it. Both flavors were delicious and you can sample as much as you'd like! You can get an old fashioned sundae, pick up some pints, buy a cake, or even buy some Fomu. If you are stuck at home, you can even get a sundae kit delivered! More...


Audrey M.

13 February 2019

This place has such good ice cream and amazing toppings!! I always order delivery from this place and it comes so nicely and is always delicious! Highly recommend!


Debra Compagnone

27 January 2019

Graham Central Ice Cream, also awesome icream for the pups! Always a pleasant experience getting ice cream and other goodies. The kids that work there are always very polite and accommodating, which i find to be very refreshing. More...


Mandy C.

29 November 2018

So my boyfriend got me started on their ice cream flavor Graham Central Station. Literally, AMAZING. Well we Uber Eats this often but today was by far the best batch I've ever had from there. Whoever made it, PROPS! Chocolate graham in almost every single bite. So bomb to the point it forced me to finally remember to write a deserved yelp review. Thanks guys! More...


Stephanie Placeres-Nunez

31 October 2018

awesome ice cream sandwiches great selections I love the strawberry cheesecake and the pistachio


Ally A.

3 October 2018

Just moved to town and finally got to try some of their amazing ice cream!! Hours are perfect and staff is super friendly. Would love to go again or everyday if i could! Highly recommend graham central station More...


Nina P.

23 August 2018

The strawberry cheesecake flavor is amazing!! The staff is very friendly !! Great spot for ice cream !


Janice N.

23 August 2018

Chill on Park is an absolutely wonderful store. Their ice cream is delicious, their staff is friendly, and their mission of hiring local employees is much needed. It's great to see a local hang out spot that also gives back to its community. More...


Jeremy P.

10 August 2018

Great ice cream joint right in the hood yo! Great service and a crazy array of creamy choices. I have the ice cream taco thing on my list to try there next


Sarah E.

26 July 2018

my favorite ice cream in the area. Tastes delicious and fresh. My favorite is the Oreo! It's cute inside and has an area with kids toys and books. Happy a place like this is in the neighborhood :) More...


Kim P.

2 June 2018

I love ice cream, but I'm not willing to eat just anybody's ice cream, though. I have been true to COP since it opened bc the ice cream is good, the serving sizes are generous, and the customer service is excellent. I also like that they are usually playing some amazing slow jams, so you can sing along to Whitney Houston and others as you enjoy your scoops. I am partial to caramel truffle, strawberry cheesecake, the pumpkin Oreo (seasonal), and I'm trying to eventually try the ice cream cake slices in the freezer. There's always next time! I like my ice cream local, so this place works for us. More...


Leandra Seymore

28 May 2018

Great place and atmosphere!


Marty R.

17 May 2018

Not only is the the one and only ice cream place within a 10 minute walk of Field's Corner, but it is also freaking amazing. 1) Portion sizes are VERY generous. I asked for a frappe and I think they gave me a thick 32 oz. Now, let me tell you that I am a frappe FIEND. My frappe ALWAYS get finished. But this time, I just couldn't slurp this one down. My mouth said "Yes" but my tummy said "No." My tummy won this round, but I'm ready for Round 2 in June 2018. 2) The employees here are so nice. Want to sample 14 flavors? Go right ahead. They probably wouldn't even hesitate. We even came back from a biking trip and they let us park our bikes in the store! And you cannot beat the prices! $3.25 for a "small" (which is really two ginormous scoops). What a bargain! More...


Brenda R.

3 April 2018

Great ice cream and service! I had the mint Oreo very delicious and unique combination. A Friendly environment!


Josephine Peralta

18 March 2018

Beat ice cream and even better hot fudge and Carmel!


Aliyya Sakina Sadberry

28 January 2018

I love this place and the owner is such a sweetheart! We look forward to having out events here soon!


Ginnette Powell

27 September 2017

I'm having a smoothie here now it tastes great! and they have WiFi great for a break from the library or work or hanging out!


Philip J. Carver

27 September 2017

Great neighborhood spot.... My family and I love our trips here for delicious ice cream and the friendly staff!! Also, Chill on Park makes it a point to be a positive influence in our community and should be commended for their commitment to making Dorchester the best place to live & work !!!


Katherine C.

26 September 2017

Great ice cream and frappe selection- convenient location, very friendly staff, inside of the store is very clean and decorated nicely, we lucky to have this in the neighborhood!


Mark D.

29 July 2017

This place was great! I had to satisfy my sweet tooth and wanted to try somewhere I hadn't been before. There are so many ice cream choices and they all looked delicious. The strawberry cheesecake grabbed my eye and that's what I got. They told me I could get two flavors. I was not sure what to get but a worker here made a suggestion and it turned out to be an excellent choice. It was the graham central station. Both flavors were good. I actually liked the graham central station the best. The place was nice inside and very clean. I will be back very soon to try more flavors. Make sure you get a rewards card! More...


Jessica Jean-Felix

20 July 2017

I went to catch up with a friend and this was a perfect place. Too cute, saw the owner offer a couple of kids some free goodies and they also had a section for story time. Perfect for anyone at any age ,although a tiny selection for vegans. More...


Shilleah F.

27 June 2017

Amazing ice cream selections :)) love it :)) my favorite ice cream is extreme chocolate;)) They have board games and as a plus it's right next to the library :))


TaLaya C.

20 June 2017

Hands down some of the best coffee I've had in a while! The atmosphere was super cute and cozy and they were playing 90s R&b so.... I'm sold! They have a rewards program, buy 10 get one free. The employees were also really nice! More...


Natasha Mason-Walker

11 June 2017

The BEST sundaes �! I love the "parlor" feel to it.


Bonnie L.

23 May 2017

Loveeeeee their ice cream and coffee!! Story time for the kids is a plus! Awesome place


Liz Jak

19 May 2017

Went up for a frappe and a small cup. Really good and the staff was nice. Bye bye ice cream place on morrissey. Hello chill on park.


Lisa F.

14 April 2017

Great ice cream, atmosphere, and service!!! My children and I would definitely recommend this place!


Corey Furr

12 April 2017

Tables are wobbly, not very comfortable for a two person table


Tricia Osborne

9 March 2017

This place is freakin amazballs!!! I wish i lived closer


Michelle S.

5 February 2017

The ice cream is delicious! As an added bonus, they offer the frequent customer card for folks like me who like to indulge anytime of year and anytime of day. My daughters also enjoy their sweet selection of choice from Chill on Park especially when the shop is visited by Cindy the librarian/storyteller. More...


Tyler D.

18 December 2016

Awesome local ice cream shop. Service is always great and the owner is really nice. Wish they were open later as by the time we're done with the evening commute and dinner (when we'd like ice cream) the shop is closed.


Fluffy Courtney

21 October 2016

I like this place! The vibe was cool, the Atmosphere is Beautiful and the stuff is unique and healthy.


Erica S.

28 September 2016

The Graham Cracker ice cream is absolute HEAVEN. I've never seen that flavor anywhere else and it has these sort of al dente chunks of chocolate-y grahamy stuff  throughout.The staff is always sweet and attentive, the ice cream is great and there's a perfect range of flavor choices. The shakes are great, too.I really appreciate that they sell only local stufff...baked goods from Haley House (which are 100% delicious), the ice cream is made in Roslindale, they sell My Grandma's coffee cake from Hyde Park and they sell some vegan "ice cream" from FoMu in JP, which is actually really good.The decor is modern and it's always clean, with lots of flyers on a table about neighborhood stuff going on. This is a real good local place....my only concern is that it's not more crowded. Let's keep this great ice cream/coffee place in the neighborhood! More...


Giavanna Wilson

22 September 2016

The pumpkin Oreo ice cream is to die for! Awesome atmosphere and fantastic local food.


Nadine B.

11 September 2016

Stopped for icecream and we were not disappointed. Good ice cream, reasonable prices.


Evelyn Fuentes

31 August 2016

This was my 2nd time there n the staff r so friendly n respectful. The got really good coffee plus this enviorment is welcoming. I honestly recommend it to everyone. They have a menu with a great variety. Not only for coffee drinkers. Good family environment. Check it out. I know I found a great spot for when I'm not working. Keep up the great job. More...


Danielle E.

9 August 2016

We came here late, the two employees were really friendly. They allowed us to sample as many as we'd like. I settled on a cone while,My daughter and sister got cups. Even though they closed at 9. When the clock struck 9 they began to clean up but they allowed us to finish out late night treat. The location is very clean, I will definitely be coming here again! More...


Michelle P.

7 July 2016

Really good coffee find! My husband stops in often for an espresso on his bike to work, and I come here for coffee or tea and a bagel during the day to sit and get work done. Free wifi (no outlets though), good music, cheerful staff, super clean and comfortable, and open later than pretty much anything else in the area that welcomes people with laptops. A good selection of ice creams--I especially like a kiddie cup of the Graham Central Station flavor! If they served soups and sandwiches, too, I would probably never leave. More...


Ivan K.

3 July 2016

Great neighborhood spot. Top 3 espresso on Dorchester Ave. as an added bonus. Great ice cream selection, plus the A/C makes it a good laptop room.


Nicholl D.

22 June 2016

I visited Chill On Park for the first time today. Ice cream was good. My friend and I decided to get child sized cups of salted caramel truffle and black raspberry to share since we couldn't decide on flavors. They were both good. The atmosphere was definitely chill. Good place to read or do a little work while enjoying some ice cream or coffee. More...


Jag H.

19 June 2016

Beautiful decor, great cozy spot, and really wonderful staff.  They have an incredible variety of ice cream flavors to choose from and other fun frozen treats.  I'll be back for coffee soon!  Such a wonderful addition to the neighborhood.  A little pricey, but in keeping with the trends of ice cream these days. More...


Zharia Carle

14 June 2016

The first time going there I believe was yesterday. I got the Oreo ice cream and it is officially my favorite. I really love the ice cream The staff member who assisted me was a young lady named Sara, she was really kind, patient, and knew her facts when I asked about the place and ice cream.☺️


Karol G.

23 May 2016

We spent a girls week in Boston and stopped in Chill almost every morning to start our morning with coffee and bagels. Nellie was so sweet and friendly. Greeted us like an old friend by the second day. By the last day we had filled our card for a free coffee, and we felt like we belonged. Just around the corner from the Red Line train stop at Field's Corner. Always meant to try the ice cream, but we were always too full when we returned each evening. Maybe next trip to Boston..... More...


Naeemah S.

8 May 2016

Chill On Park has the best staff.  They are super friendly and always patient with my little ones.  They have a once a month story hour.  During story hour they work with staff from the Fields Corner Library and serve free desserts.  There are plenty of flavors to try and staff to a great job of suggesting new ones too.  The shop is very cute too. More...


Nancy Fedoce Conte

25 March 2016

Finally made it over to try this place, we loved the ice cream! Great location, and friendly staff


Caroline H.

19 March 2016

Got my $8 pint of vegan chocolate pudding today! Looking forward to trying it out soon! Cute place with free wifi too! Right across from the local library! Lots of ice creams to choose from too! More...


Gary A.

6 March 2016

Fields Corner really needed this. I love that it seems to be an independent ice cream parlor. The decor is appealing, it's very clean, the service is friendly & efficient and most of all the ice cream is quite good. It's a great place to relax, listen to the music,  and enjoy your ice cream treat or coffee. More...


Edie K.

2 November 2015

Great local ice cream shop and cafe. They have a large selection of ice cream, and also offer coffee, lattes, and pastries. In the colder months, they serve soups that are perfect for lunch. The shop has a great vibe and it is always pristine. Plenty of seating and would be a great place for larger groups or birthdays.The owner is warm, welcoming, and is always chatting with customers and listening to community feedback. Staff is friendly and accommodating. So glad happy to have this place in the community! More...


Briana J.

1 November 2015

I absolutely love their milkshakes. 6 scoops of whatever flavored you want. It is a little pricey but what isn't in this economy. Anyway, every time I go in, it's always clean and neat. The staff is extremely friendly and knows the inventory well. I haven't tried anything but the milkshakes but as the winter approaches, in sure I'll be getting a latte or something. Also offer loyalty cards. After so many visits you get something free. More...


Jeremy Colon

28 October 2015

It's awesome!


Amber Diaz

3 October 2015

I Love Working Here! Thanks To All Our Supporters You Guys Keep Us Motivated We Love You All


Vinny N.

27 September 2015

Unbelievable chill pace hence the name, it lovely in side and the staff are extremely nice, ice scream is in your face good, I pray to god this stay open as Dorchester needed a place like this


Ashley S.

22 September 2015

Hey-o! Give them an extra star if we can, because now they have their own dedicated parking spots for customers!!! And PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES! Yum.


S E.

31 August 2015

I ran across Chill on my way to the library hoping to do some work in a quiet location. I saw Chill and the kind proprietor welcomed me in. I LOVE this place. The Moosetracks ice cream is delicious. I had the Chai Latte - yum! Clean and nice. They also have a lot of regulars and I enjoyed their familiar conversations I was able to observe. I wish I was living in Boston ... I'd be frequenting this place! Regardless...since they open at 9am, I'll be there for the rest of my stay here! More...


Danitra Abron

14 August 2015

Love their ice cream and everyone who works there. They are so friendly AND they remember you and your favorite order. So glad they are here!:) Thumbs up, most definitely!!:)


Aaron K.

10 August 2015

Definitely a great local spot.  A cute little ice cream shop in the middle of the DOT near Fields Corner. Old school 90s hip hop was playing, the loving kind, not the gangster rap kind. Heavenly Hash was made up of all godly things.  The swirl of marshmallow got my attention, but addition of nuts, chocolate chips, and terrific chocolate ice cream made this a hash of biblical proportions.  Service was mainly no BS and no frills.  I asked what was in the hash and instead of giving me a general description of what was in it (nuts, etc.) the kid behind the counter picked up the whole tub of ice cream and showed me the label which listed about 100 ingredients. If I actually wanted to read all of them it most likely would have melted by the time I was done.  Great ice cream and well worthy of a stop if you're in the area. More...


Nigel Bell

3 August 2015

Excellent service and beautiful icecream.always my favourite place to visit when I'm in the area..


Anne Funk

28 July 2015

Great atmosphere, friendly people, tasty treats! :D


Monroe Lee

11 July 2015

Love, Love, Love, Love , Love them. It's such a friendly a place and the vibes you get a very vibrant, loving and caring. Not to mention the ice cream IS AMAZING


Kaitlyn H.

11 July 2015

Clean, great service, competitive prices and great selection! Nice addition to Fields Corner.


Hazael A.

8 July 2015

I'm gonna play it safe with the rating and see how far this spot improves. I had cookie dough ice cream. They are pretty good. A large enough space for seating. Conveniently a 5 min walk from my place. Staff is friendly, service is good. But interesting enough in the neighborhood of dorchester, fields corner, we got at least a decent enough food attraction here. More...


Susan T.

2 July 2015

Really awesome ice cream, great bakery treats (get the grandma's coffee cake!!!), super friendly service, and prices are very reasonable.  The coffee is really high quality as well, and they can do anything from a regular drip coffee to cappuccino to lattes to espresso.  So happy this place is within walking distance of my office, ice cream for lunch every day! More...


Evan S.

2 July 2015

Awesome ice cream, great flavors, and wonderful staff. I brought some over for desert for a dinner party, everybody thought it was great. Really loved the salted caramel truffle flavor. Keep up the good work! More...


Erik Merksamer

17 June 2015

Phenomenal, friendly service and a super chill atmosphere! We're glad you're here! :-)


Melissa W.

16 June 2015

The ice cream is delish, the place is clean and open, the staff is friendly.  The kids say 5 stars.


Brandon G.

3 June 2015

Cute little ice cream shop in the heart of Fields Corner with friendly staff, plenty of table space, and good quality ice cream.  Welcome to the neighborhood, Chill on Park! More...


Rebecca Shamblin

31 May 2015

I was pleased to find Chill open until 9pm on a Saturday, unlike many local cafes. I brought my laptop and partook of the wifi for several hours while enjoying a delicious ice cream (with a free topping!). The lead employee (possibly an owner?) was friendly and engaging and clearly wanted to make my experience a positive one. I will be back! More...


Alee G.

5 May 2015

Wonderful local neighborhood ice cream spot! I stopped by during the grand opening and grabbed a kitty sized chocolate chip ice cream. It was $3.15. I probably should've gotten a medium size as it was only a dollar more. I'll probably do that next time. The ice cream was fantastic! It was rich, smooth and creamy. Not to mention it had the perfect texture. I can't stand when a place sells hard ice cream that's all melt-y. Ick!! Chill on Park, you got my vote! I'll be back soon. More...